Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Flashback (5): Filipinos

There’s a very large community of Filipinos here in Calgary as well as, I guess, other cities of Canada. Most of them are nice and easygoing people whether male or female. The Philippines is series of island and a very poor country. Many Filipino women work as maids and nannies in Persian Gulf states. The pretty ones of course work as dancers, models, escorts and prostitutes in Far East countries. I have had experiences with so many of them and as it’s interesting to me, I’m telling their story:
1- Carlos: He was my classmate in SAIT, A pot-bellied nasty guy but very easygoing and nice. I, first, thought he was South American, according to his name. Then found out that you almost find every kind of name in Filipino people. He told me that he was a Quality Manager in a company and if I remember he even gave me his card but when a few months after graduation I asked him if I could use him as a reference he said he’s back to the floor and has no longer that job! He used to burp in the class or put his feet up a chair!
2- Ching: She owns a hair saloon in Downtown and that’s where I met most of Filipino gals. When I first went there for a haircut, shortly after I sat on the chair, she started talking to me while rubbing her belly to my body! I didn’t get the point and didn’t do anything. I later learnt that she was single and hungry for a cock!
She used to give me massage at the beginning but then she turned to be the Madam! I sucked and kissed her a few times and asked her to have sex but she refused. Once I sat on the bed and told her: I know it's not very big (pointing at my penis!) but it's OK! Let's do this. I don't know why she didn't. But I know her boyfriend (if he was that Vietnamese or from any other Oriental country) don't have anything bigger than that for sure! Also once I made her really horny but that didn't work either. I guess everybody else could do that! Sucking her big nipples and kissing her neck was a turn on for her. She said that she used to breast feed her kids and that's why she got big nipples! One of her daughters used to be around and she was a very sweet pussy but has gone long time ago. Probably sleeping with a pervert habitually! the other time I asked her to get naked before she starts the massage and she did and has really pretty body. She has done a boob job but her body is perfect. Although she's 40 or 41, she doesn't look older than 28! Then she gave me a hand job and she was trying hard and I guess her triceps was hurt! When I was ready to cum I asked her: Where do you want it? And she said: No where. Just there. She meant on my own body. And I told her my ex-gf was begging for it! Anyway I was too close. May be try her later!
3- Rose: I met here in Ching’s hair studio and took her to dinner once. We had dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant in downtown. She introduced it to me. I never called her again and never met with her again. I didn’t like her. She was also a nanny for a wealthy Filipino family.
4- Leonora: She was (and I think still is!) a student in SAIT and a classmate of Keiv. Petite but with big eyes and that’s why Keiv. Used to call her Bart Simpson! I saw her once last year in Heritage Hall while were waiting for P. M. and we went for a coffee after that. P. M. didn’t like that at all. So we left him and went to a Pizza Hut for a salad and then I drove her home, where she lives with her brother’s family and his mother-in-law. That’s a poor community in north east of Calgary where mostly Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Afghans and other poor people live. I then noticed that she spends lots of time in the lib. and she told me that it’s because of her nephew. I tried to get close to her ‘cause I knew no one likes her not even Keiv. and P. M. but all I cared about was not her feature. That was her tight pussy, small ass and long smooth, shiny hair. So I suggested her to join us as I used to live in a townhouse with Resurrect. She was willing but I never knew that why she didn’t come over. She just came over once and we watched a movie together and drank tea. In the meanwhile I tried to get something from her but she said that we were only friends! Then when the movie was over she said that she was hungry (!) I knew that was her problem and I didn’t know how she afforded her expenses but I didn’t feed her and drove her to a LRT station. I only went out one more time with her and that was the time she called me and we went to Chinook Centre for window shopping. She bought her own food and I drank a cup of coffee and we spent a few hours while she was talking nonsense mostly. I only saw her once again in the library and then Pouya told me that she was seen working as a cashier in a mall and once in the school again but she acted like she didn’t see him! My guess is she was just an stupid bitch who came to study and then stay here but didn’t know that it’s hard to live here. She screwed up and didn’t even finished school!
4- Sherry: She gave me a massage in that hair and massage studio. She was horny on the time and I made her totally naked and laid on the bed and sucked and kissed her a lot and then even fingered her pussy but when I asked if she has a condom. She replied she was not going to do that! But I didn’t take the risk and avoid screwing her. She only gave me a hand job and then I left. I called her once and she was busy playing cards and then I didn’t see her even the next time I went there.
5- Rose (The second!). I met her at work and she took my number and then gave hers and we talked a few times but she was looking for a business man (!) and shortly after she quit. As she once told me that she’s a hair stylist too, I thought she might work in the same hair saloon and then when I was there once and asked them, I was told that a girl with the signs I mentioned works there but she was out to a casino as they’re very busy Fri. nights. She was ugly and short but sexy and horny.
6- Another girl (Forgot her fake name!). That was the last girl I saw so far, petite and cute. She told me that her boyfriend, a Canadian guy works in Fort McMurray but she doesn’t like her ‘cause he spends most of his time in bars when he’s back to Calgary. Before we go to the room I heard that Ching told her something in their native language and later in the room learnt that she had indicated that I’m interested in hand job and urged her to do that and get money. But when she suggested that after a short bad massage I said no and asked about a blow job and she said: No way! Then I asked her out and she said that she and Ching would go out with me but Ching told her that they were not closing on that time and I also found out that Ching is single. I thought her boyfriend was the Pizza 73 guy in a small shopping centre across the street. She was begging for money as tip or any other way and when I refused she left!

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