Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prostitute Blog

I always wondered whether or not prostitutes enjoy sex but never had a chance to ask. I think I didn’t dare asking if there was a chance, actually! When I had few minutes with that Oriental girl a few days ago which I wrote the whole story, I thought she enjoyed her time. It looked she did, to me. Or the similar situation I had last year with a Filipino girl and again I thought she enjoyed as well. I even think they were ready for more. But they are different as they are not full-time prostitutes! They are parlours. It’s different from a street whore. I haven’t had any experience in that regard yet!
I found this blog on the web by accident. It's called prostitute blog. It’s quite interesting. Although there’re grammatical errors and comments function is not working. The girl has stories of her clients and seems she enjoys her time a lot. It’s recommended for both guys and gals as there are good sex tips presented by the writer. Hopefully she is notified somehow and activates her blog’s comment part. Prostitution is illegal in Canada but I don't know about the charges for the girls whom are called sex trade worker by officials. I'll write about this later as prostitution has always been a concern in Canada.

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