Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Different Feelings

I’m finally returned to Canada after a month and a half. I have totally different feelings at the moment. The bastards searched my entire luggage in the airport! Only, I guess, because I told them I was to Tehran. I was calm all the time. There was an East Indian fellow who also asked a few stupid questions but was nice to me. I have different feelings, as I said: I’m sad because I left Mom and Farzin behind. I feel sad because I left my love behind and I’m sad because I know it’s not going to be easy the next few months: Shitty stupid low-paid job, loneliness, not much to do in free time, struggle with A. J., etc.
But I decide to make this period different: Eat as less carbohydrate, fast food and sugar as possible, finish Project 2007 and have myself fit before I see F. F. my pretty little dove again. I’m optimist about her regardless of the fact that many girls show their real face they get off the plane at this side of the globe. There was a guy from Isfahan whom was met by me once in front of the embassy before my immigration, I call him here S. J.. I again saw him once in Coquitlam in 2003 in an A. J.’s job site. A. J. called him yesterday to ask him about his marriage process. He said that the girl whom was married to him had called him shortly after she had received her visa saying that she would decide whether or not she lives with him after her arrival! And that was after she had already received her visa he understood later. He immediately called the embassy in Tehran to announce that he no longer sponsor her. The embassy called her to say that her visa is cancelled but that was too late. She was already in Vancouver International Airport! The authorities in the airport made her stop and called S. J. They told the girl that her sponsorship is not valid any longer and she only is able to apply for refugee status!! This fucking shit means nothing to me!! A fucking motherfucker piece of crap cheating girl is in Canada illegally and security guys tell her that she could seek refugee!!! What kind of law is this!?
Anyhow the fucking animal cocksucker cheating motherfucker stays with a family for two month while was being visited by S. J. and then leaves Canada after that period! The only unclear part of the story is why the hell the motherfucker animal son of the bitch didn’t stay as a refugee? I should call S. J. and ask him but obviously not in the first place, after I get close enough to him. Who knows? May be she’s done something to start her own file. A. J. asked me if I was worried about my case. I told him that I would never start that even if I was doubtful for 1 fucking percent. I trust F. F. I only hope nothing happens in 6 to 7 months. I hope she still loves me after that time as much as she did when I was there.

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