Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Bullshit Religion: Polygamy

You probably have talked to those people who say Everybody’s idea, view and belief should be respected or everybody has the right to practice what he or she believes in. Such a bullshit!
Muslims have an idea or order from their holy book about non-Muslims: Become Muslim or pay us! This idea should be respected! They also believe that every man is allowed to marry four women at the time! They believe that a girl is ready to get married at the age of 9!! Respect these ideas and respect the religion! They have the right to practice their own faith!
Other religions are not so good. Polygamy is practiced here in British Columbia (Sorry! Brit”SHIT” Columbia!) in a small community of Christians. They import underage girls from the US and marry them at the age of 16 or under! Bountiful a small town in south western B. C. and close to the border is where they practice their dirty affairs under the name of a religion. And when they are questioned they answer is: That’s nobody else’s business! I have the right to practice my religion according to the Canadian Charter or Rights and Freedom!
So because you think you have a fucking right and you believe in a bullshit, you can do whatever you want to do under the name of a religion! So what if I create a religion like all the others, name me the prophet and say I believe that every single motherfucker stinky person, cocksucker should be beheaded? Ha? That’s what I believe in! And also every motherfucker dope smoker, should be put behind the bar for at least 20 years just because I don’t like the smell of Marijuana! This is what I believe and I should practice it! So stop that fucking bullshit of religion and grow up. Every single problem we have here in this small world has a root in religion. Stop it already!
(Photo: Funny and at the same time, disgusting and shameful cartoon about assholes who think have the right to marry more than one woman at the time)

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