Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Nice Catch

I and The Chef were in a Safeway supermarket a few weeks ago when I saw a guy jumped out of the door and grabbed a basket which was being carried out by a man! It was obvious that the man was steeling the food but I don't know what he was thinking taking the basket out! They would stop you even if you paid for the grocery and were walking out with the basket in your hand. I was looking and the thief (or shoplifter) smiled when the Loss Prevention guy caught him! He then simply walked away in bright day light and the catcher did not! I only grasped the story when the Loss Prevention guy walked backed into the store with the basket and I asked him what had happened. The thing is he did nothing after that. I guess this is common practice that when a person is caught shoplifting, they would let him or her ago as long as the item(s) is (are) available. The basket then was delivered to the Customer Service desk and I saw him explaining to the staff. 
However the climax of the story is here: When the basket was grabbed, a few pieces of cooked Chicken Wing was dropped on the ground. The guy collected them and put them back in their container! I bet the person who has bought that basket of food enjoyed that very much!
(Photo: This picture, taken later of course, shows where, approximately, the shoplifter was caught outside the door. It was somewhere near that white square. There still might be signs of that oily Chicken Wing on the ground! For those who may wonder, this photo is uploaded only because I believe a post has better meaning when it comes with a photo. At least for myself!)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Alien: Covenant, Not as Bad as It's Said

I finally got the chance to watch Aline: Covenant. I borrowed the DVD from the library. I was in CFLRS when the movie came out and never got a chance to catch it until this past weekend. The movie is not as bad as it's said. In fact it has new things which were not provided in the previous stories. There are other versions of Xenomorph and they are much scarier! Two synthetic persons, one from the previous story, Prometheus and one a member of terraforming group headed toward a specified destination face each other and eventually got in to physical altercation! That is the unexpected and interesting part but not the physicality of it. What is interesting is what the first robot, David from Prometheus, has done in the past 10 years, prior to the arrival of Covenant and what he has in mind and how he handles the new robot, Walter
In this scene from the movie, a new form of Xenomorph (which literally means something with unusual form) has attacked one of Covenant's crew
The movie has its issues too. The story is quite similar to Alien. Covenant is distracted by an unknown message just the way Nostormo did on its way back to Earth and they get themselves all in trouble. The crew, again, touch and smell suspicious things and get infected, just the way they did in previous movies. The way the story ends, it shows that there will another movie after that. I also have to mention that the end of the story is quite interesting but in order not to spoil it for others, I won't say what happens. This movie should be watched in theater but it is still good on big screen. I watched it on my PC which has a good monitor but it's not as big.  There is also lots of blood and gore and guts pulling out, probably more than previous movies. So if someone has any issue with that, he or she must be aware. I, myself, fast forward that cesarean scene in Prometheus but watch it the first time in a theater, of course! I would recommend the movie but I wouldn't give very high rating. The acting is just OK. I didn't see anyone as sharp as Sigourney Weaver, of course but Michael Fassbender performance is really good and he has two characters as I mentioned above. I would say the movie gets 3.5 out of 5 but I would definitely purchase its DVD. Maybe one day I get the chance to buy a big nice TV and could sit comfortably by my own and enjoy the movie!  
(Photo: Michael Fassbender and the brunet version(!) of Kristin Stewart, Callie Hernandez behind the scene of the movie. The lather has a small role in the film but she's beautiful. That's why this picture is selected for the post!)

Monday, December 04, 2017

Strange Latino Fella

There was this guy in the building gymnasium whom I saw during work-out a few times, last year. We eventually got to talking and exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers to become buddies. Something that rarely happens in Canada or perhaps I'm the one who had not experienced that. He, surprisingly, sounded a very nice guy. In fact too good to be true. We met for a coffee once and then he invited me to his apartment once. We remained friends until I went to Quebec for my training and that was where he helped me with my car issue.
We met once again after I failed finishing(!) the training. I was somehow deterred by his behaviour then. He said he wanted to do some religious program, something that I hate the most and then he had comments in regards to my career indicating that it was dead(!) and then the way he dresses is very displeasing and he goes to Starbucks! Fix your damn cloths and don't dress like a freaking hobo, then go to Starbucks and spend $3 on a coffee! In fact I paid for his coffee the first time we went to that damn unreasonably-priced place and then the second time he just bought himself a beverage and I sat there and watched him drinking it! What a cheap idiot! We talked about having a hike together and then he stated that waking up early and going at 05:00 AM would be hard on him, the same thing that The Hope had said, and that was when I decided to cut him off! I erased his telephone number from my telephone and his profile from LinkedIn and never called him! It might sound a little harsh but that's how I am! 
I bumped to him a few days ago while leaving a local supermarket! I knew he had moved out of the building but he had also told me that he had gotten another apartment in the neighbourhood. So chances that we cross each other is quite large and it happened! He, surprisingly approached me and gave me a hug! We stood there and talked for maybe 15 minutes! It proved to me that I needed him as a friend! I could have said goodbye and ran away quickly but I found that rude. We are supposed to meet again and when I told him that I've lost his number (which is a lie) due to a malfunction to my telephone, he called me on the spot and asked me to save his number! Is there anything wrong with me?! Maybe he's not strange at all. Maybe I'm the strange one!

Saturday, December 02, 2017

A Beautiful Attack!

I came back to the vehicle of mine which I park near work one day around noon and I saw that someone had thrown a cup of coffee at it! The coffee was over the side door and part of the window and the cup was resting on the ground, next to the car, a Tim Horton's
No vehicle was parked in the stall next to mine. There was usually a Toyota Rav and I had seen the guy a few times and I even had a little chat with him once. I guess that was him because I never saw him after that day! 
I guess he either didn't like me parking next to him or didn't like my comment about him smoking! I sarcastically told him that he should have smoked more once! 
I still have that coffee splash at the side of my car and I will most likely won't clean it soon or maybe never! I have no covered parking and parking on the street no only exposes the vehicle to theft (which happened once) but also make it vulnerable for anything else from being scratched or having a part being broken, let alone constant dirtiness from rain, wind, dirt, snow, slush and so on. 
One other theory about this incident (as it's so important to analyse) is perhaps someone forgot his or her coffee on the roof and drove away. The cup then fell and made that mess. It's plausible because the coffee cup (as seen in the picture) is intact. The question remains as: Why the hell that guy has not been seen after the attack?!
(Photo: The cup, from this photo, seems to be full at the time the incident happened. Most of it is on the ground and partially on the front side door but as you can see the cup is solid and strong!)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

16 Years Gone

I'm so freaking tired that I have no intention to write but I wanted to get a few lines done on this specific but not very happy day. 16 years ago a day like this I landed in Canada as an immigrant and now after all those years I was sweeping part of the facility that I've been working in for a little over a month! I was told on Mon. I would have to learn working with a certain machine and to be certified on that if I wanted to stay at the job. Of course I didn't want to but while all of the efforts to get a meaningful and well-paid jobs has gone nowhere so far, what can I do? I have to get that damn certificate to be able to work and then exert more energy and effort to get something better.
My plan for today was to go to a restaurant next to the hotel that I spent my first two days and have something. Instead I stopped by, took a photo and drove to a café to work on my volunteer job as I have to deliver a certain number of items by the end of the month.
Husky House Restaurant at the corner of 32 Ave., NE and Barlow Tr. I remember I visited there at least once the second day I arrived in Calgary and sent a message to a buddy of mine asking him to contact Mom and let her now I was safe! I didn't go in today as I have become a picky eater and careful with money but might check that out later to see what it has become after 16 years and to see if I can recall anything!
It might be embarrassing but my plan also included to visit one of a few adult stores nearby(!) to check to see what they have! The last time I visited an adult store was with K. P. back in 2003 when we used to hand out a lot and that was in 17th Ave., SW. That store closed down many years ago. There was another one just a few steps away and that one was closed as well and now is a restaurant. Although I had no intention to buy anything, as that would probably felt embarrassing as well inside the store, I even didn't go there. After spending probably 2 hours on what I explained above I headed home. Had a little supper and now I'm writing these. Getting ready for bed in about hour and half. Some might celebrate the anniversary of their arrival. I have nothing to celebrate. I just survive! 
(Photo: Super 8 motel at the corner of 32 Ave., NE and Barlow Tr. where I spent the first 2 night of my life in Canada back in 2001. A disgusting Pakistani was the receptionist and when I came back from McDonald's across the street told me that the food was not freaking Halal(!) meaning not prepared and cooked based on Islamic laws. I don't recall what I told him at the time but I certainly remember that I ignored him!)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Reader: A Very Strong Story and Performance

The Reader was amongst a few great movies that I found in Value Village few weeks ago. I don't shop in that dump but their books, CDs and movie collection, at times, give you good value. The Chef likes to go there and most of the time he comes out empty handed or discards the garbage that he has purchased. I will have a separate post for nasty, stinking dumps such as Value Village in a country, which is claimed to be DEVELOPED, part of G7 and one of the best to live in!!
The Lady told me about the movie years ago. It was displayed on his way to Canada, the first time he came, on board Lufthansa. She said that there was an old Iranian woman sitting next to her reacting angrily every time sex scenes were seen! I understand how uncomfortable some people could be but that's part of Western culture. If you don't like it, then fuck off. I might feel uncomfortable during a movie like that, depending with whom I'm watching it but these days you have to expect scenes such as that in every Hollywood movie, regardless of genre!
The movie is great, both in terms of story and acting. A number of German actors and actresses perform in it including the guy who portrayed the heartless German officer who killed prisoners from his balcony. Kate Winslet's performance is superb. She plays a Nazi concentration camp guard. I'm not going to spoil the movie for the ones who have not seen it. It's highly recommended but it's very sad at the end. I came into tears. 4.5 out of 5 stars.
(Photo: David Kross and Kate Winslet played as lovers in the movie. Kate's performance in the movie awarded her OSCAR for the best actress in 2009) 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stupid request by stupid idiots!

I read, as well as heard that in the news that Native people in a reserve near Calgary have suggestions or requests to change the name of a number of places in the province including Calgary, Canmore and I guess a few mountains and so! Have you heard something as stupid as this?!
This country and more specifically its Native people have so many issues and all these idiots think of is changing the names of cities and towns after 150 years!!
A Native (or as the media like to call them here, Indigenous) woman sleeping on public transportation. Would a normal woman sleep like this during the day on a train car? Fix these kind of stupidity and then think of changing the freaking names!
There's no week passing without seeing an Ape-like, filthy, stinking Native guy with shabby cloths walking around looking for an opportunity to rob people or hurt someone. There's barely any week going by without seeing Native people, men and women hanging out around downtown, at times drunk and barely able to balance themselves. The issue of kidnapped and killed Native women is a big one in this country and all these geniuses came up with is changing the names!!
As its said: The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has it's limits! What could you achieve by changing a name? And after 150 years! Change your disgusting attitudes and culture of laziness and being parasite! 
(Photo: I took this photo form the summit of Grotto Mountain looking down the Town of Canmore in Sep. of 2014. It was an amazing ascend reaching the 2706 m. (8877 ft.) summit although it should be mentioned here that the difficulty of an ascend does not solely depend of the elevation of the mountain. Other factors are involved. Native people would like to change the name of this town!)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Not Impressed by Blade Runner: 2049

I finally watched Blade Runner: 2049 but it was so late that the 3D version was no longer available. Now that I watched it I believe that I didn't miss anything and my $13.50 was wasted. I'm not impressed at all and I don't think it worth the wait, time and the money. 
The sound, either in the theater (Scotiabank Chinook) or the production was in a way that many times I had a hard time understanding the dialogue. The sound of waves, cars and other sounds made it difficult to understand parts of the conversations. Harrison Ford has a short role at the end and I didn't even get much of his character! I guess he had coitus (according to Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory) with the Replica, Rachel who appeared in Blade Runner and the story was to find that child, boy or girl and eliminate that! I still don't know how a human being, Deckard (played by Ford) can have sexual intercourse with an android (or as they call it in Blade Runner movies, Replica) and have a child! Maybe I'm mistaken and I didn't get the story right.
I'm not going to rate the movie (not that anyone cares!) because I didn't get much of the story. I perhaps do that after the DVD comes and watch it again.  
(Photo: Ford has a short role in the movie but I guess many decided to watch based on the fact that he would have a major character in the story. He does but his appearance is very short. Gosling, who is originally from Canada has the lead role)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Poor Malcolm Young

AC/DC has always been one of my favorite bands and I always follow their news. I guess it was a few year ago that it was announced that one of the Young brothers, Malcolm had been diagnosed with Dementia. From what I have read about the illness, all that I can say is that's it evil. It appears to be a wide range of symptoms that affect brain. It's associated with decline in memory and thinking skills severe enough to reduce the person's ability to perform every day's abilities. 
Malcolm Young, the co-founder of one of the greatest Rock bands of all time, AC/DC during one of numerous performances of the band. Their performance in Moscow, shortly before collapse of  the USSR is an unforgettable one.
I can imagine what must have happened to poor Malcolm in the past 3 years with that kind of disease, if it could be called disease. He eventually died yesterday at the age of 64 in Sydney, Australia
(Photo, top: Young Malcolm Young. This picture for sure, was taken years after his family migrated to Australia from Scotland)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Canada: Don't Hurt Poor Criminals of ISIS!!

I have stated this several times and I'm saying this here again but unfortunately no one cares: You cannot run a country with laws of 30 and 40 years ago. Canada needs to review a number of laws and brings harsher punishments for crime including bringing Capital Punishment back. 
It is in the news that now ISIS has been driven out of most of Iraq and the defeated insurgents (the term the media likes to use here in North America in addition to terrorist) are going back to their counties of origin!! No one is asking if this group is defeated, how its soldiers are going back home?! Shouldn't they be all either killed, injured or taken prisoners?! That is what being conquered mean!
Captured ISIS Terrorists by Iraqi soldiers in Mosul, Iraq. This is how the killer criminals should be treated
When the Germans were defeated in WWII, the Allies and later Israelis pursued the so-called defeated and run away Germans for decades, found almost all of them, put them in prison or hung them! Here in Canada we accept the terrorist-minded people in the first place (Omar Khader is a good example. He fought against Americans and Canadians in Afghanistan and then was rewarded millions for his patriot acts by the disgusting government of Trudeau!!) and the ones who radicalized later and go to war zones to kill innocent people are accepted with sympathy and love in the country and the Public Safety Minister claims that they would be rehabilitated!! Where were you when they were giving brains to everyone?! Apparently you either were given a rotten one or weren't given at all!
(Photo, top: Many believe and I do too, that Nuremberg trails were not fair because it was not handled by a neutral panel. However many crimes that the Nazis committed were punished reasonably and many were left undetected or unpunished)