Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Guide to Grocery Shopping in Calgary

If you're new to Calgary or don't know much about where to shop your groceries, this post may help you. However this is not all about bargins! This is about where you can see the most beautiful women and the least attractive and repulsive ones! But stop right there! I'm not a pervert. Everyone is attracted by neatness, cleanness, beauty and such. Maybe not everyone. I am. So here I'm going to have ranking of grocery stores and supermarkets of Calgary here. Go through and absorb the information, if you're interested. If you're not please leave without making crude comments:

1) Grocery shopping combined with sighseeing of some of the most beautiful women in the world is offered by Calgary Co-op, Midtown Market! You should mainly go on weekends but weekdays after 16:30 MST also offers good samples. Nevertheless I don't know how the word " Some " could be used for women which actually is a countable term! However you need to keep this in mind that Co-op is generally considered expensive store. It times they have sales which eases of the pain of the shoppers and that's mostly, similar to the other stores, during the weekend. The other thing that I would like to mention is that their membership is a joke. I was member for nearly 9 years and I never got a single Penny back from them! Eventually when my card was broken, I didn't even bother to get a new one! 

2) If you like to see strangely-dressed and styled boys and girls and the same time do a little grocery shopping or have a light meal, I would recommend to check Community Natural Foods on 10th Avenue, SW. You, without a doubt, would see really beautiful girls and women, again and I can tell you that competes with the above store! There in that store you mostly pay for what you get but a number of their items could be found in other stores either at the same price or even a little less but It's not recommended to stay away. They have nice items. I haven't tried their café yet because I normally don't eat outside but it's most of the time packed until they run out of food but then you know if that is packed, that does not necessarily mean it's a good food. Most of McDonald's are packed at noon as well. What does that imply? It means that the majority of the population, even in a country which is considered DEVELOPED don't know sh*t about good food and the right way to eat.

3) Most of Safeway supermarkets, especially these days that the price of almost everything has gone up, provide reasonable prices compare to other stores. There was a time that I only went to Safeway for grocery shopping but know at times I have to check cheaper store, by travelling longer, to find a deal but that's not the case most of the time. Perhaps only 1 out of 10 shopping. Most of the customers of Safeway, in most locations, are the people who either have no other grocery store nearby or don't care about what they pay for whatever they get but there's no doubt that Safeway is most of the time less expensive compare to Co-op. 

4) Now we arrive at The Canadian Super"asshole", one of the most disgusting firms on the face of the earth. People so cheap and nasty that I wish someone could do something catastrophic to the company  that they cannot stand on their feet again! These cheap bastards didn't even have a website when I first came to Canada and I'm not here even for 20 years! Not to mention the disgusting behaviour of them over bread price-fixing! They later offered a $25 gift card but led to more controversy! They needed personal information of the people, I guess including SIN(!) and some refused to provide and I don't know what happened eventually! 
Nevertheless Super"asshole" is a good place for buying fruit, seafood, olives and a number of other items but at the same time a number of items are as disgusting as cat poop! To name, and I'm serious and suggest you to stay the hell as far as you can: Bread and everything in their bakery, most of the meat, particularly Ground Meat of different type, all of the canned food, mostly the stupid brand of No Name®, most of dried fruits, they are from cheap sources where they use all sorts of chemicals to dry the fruit, as well they use low-quality ingredients, anything in their sandwich and deli department and a number of brands of Cheese
Do keep that in mind that Super"asshole"'s locations are different. Going to the one in Sunridge or Westwind is equal to going to a corner store in Mogadishu, Somalia, during years of civil war or going to a shop in Amritsar, India! Dirty and nasty floors, customers who have not showered for days and use handmade cheap clones(!) to make themselves good-smelling! It's possible to get yelled at or get hit buy a shopping cart! When you park in the lot, you subject your vehicle and whatever is inside to a big risk but that is everywhere but the risk is a little higher in there. Customer service is even lower than 0! There are places that you go and they don't have customer service. In Super"asshole" the people who are supposed to help you, particularly in those two locations, in fact disturb you rather than helping by their lack of knowledge, skill and understanding of English and that applies to the majority of workers there. Once it took me three people to make them understand what I was looking for and they eventually were not able to help! 

5) And the last but not the least the nastiest, most disgusting, dirtiest and lest appealing grocery store in the entire Northern Hemisphere: Wal-Nasty-Mart! Everything I wrote about Super"asshole" is true and you multiplied that by 1000 and you get the review for Wal-Nasty-Mart. Beside if you go to Westbrook and Marlborough locations you will see the most hideous and horrendous creature that they ever existed in Canada: Extremely obese Aboriginals who have at times half of their tribe with them making strange noises and going from isle to isle, African kids who ride disabled people's motorized cart between the isle and they don't care if they hit you, all sorts of crooks and bandits who just come in to shoplift, you name it. Once I even saw a man who was dressed like Bin Laden and I'm not exaggerating! Seeing these unpleasant people, floors, at time covered in grime and dirt, careless employees and issue such as these made me not to go there any more.

Final Note: I don't consider CASCO even as a store to go into. Let alone shopping in that. So I have no review for that but saying that is a big goose egg!

I hope this rating helps the shoppers. If you like it then you like it. If you don't then you're someone who fools him/herself because that's all based on personal experience and all true. And I'm no cheap man to purchase disgusting, chemically infused, artificial food!
(Photo: For this post I am using a quite different picture! This was taken last week in a Punjabi store in the northeastern part of the city where these people live. It used to be a FutureShop! The store is not as bad as it should be and the prices are good but I didn't buy anything at the time. It's only good for daily shopping if you live in the neighbouring area. For me who lives just by himself and at time is too tired to wash fruits and vegetables, that would be a mistake to shop here) 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

An Invitation

When your ass is kicked over and over for the past 2 years and every door you're going to get through shuts on you, even the slightest pleasing means a lot to you! Of course by " YOU " I mean myself in the sentence! Sometimes it's even an smile from a salesperson or an e-mail from a friend.
This time it's an invitation to join a 2-day summit in the city for the V-Work I have started more than 2 years ago. Since I'm in the process of getting a position which for that I will soon need to leave the province and be away for the time this summit is held, I'm not sure if I could attend but the good thing is both the prospective employer and the organisation which has invited me, would cover my travel expenses. The latter though, I'm not sure whether would cover the air fair of that much since I would be flying from somewhere in the east. It's not good to daydream but I was hoping to save that ticket to go somewhere in the US, perhaps going to visit The Little Pika(!) particularly because it would be cold around that time in Canada and a trip to that part of the US would be pleasing and relaxing! It might not be easy to convince them to pay for the ticket but if I get the training and go, I will request that. I'm glad that I have kept the V-Work because despite my failure(!) in the past two months, I have something positive to do with my time.
(Photo: We all are so much used to e-mail and instant messaging and similar electronic services that we cannot imagine how the world looked like nearly 30 years ago when for instance invitations use to go by mail)

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Reading and Books in Canada

Electronic devices have replaced books and magazines in North America these days but books are still popular. One thing that I like very much about Canadians is the amount of time they spend on reading and I hope that will not be reduced and replaced by looking at stupid social media profiles of him and her!
Librarirs and bookstore are usually busy although boostores are monopolized similar to many other industries in North America and books are mostly sold by Chapters owned by a siminngly Jewish woman who banned selling of Mein Kampf in her(!) stores. This is the country which freedom of speach is indicated in The Canadian Charter or Rights and Freedom
I was in a Chapters a few months ago, looking at the titles. There are many good books that I would like to buy and read but I haven't. First of all because I don't have a stable life, a nice place that I can put my bookcase and also don't have a quite and nice leaving room that I can simply sit and enjoy a book. Second of all books are mostly expensive. And not to mention that I've been living in sh*t in the past 2 years, not being able to get a real job and cover my expenses.
A copy of the official Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom which was introduced in 1982 and signed by Queen Elizabeth II in the same year
Nevertheless I contacted my friend S. G. in the old country and asked him what he thought of turning these notes to a book and sell them. He is a very good friend of mine whom I know her since Grade 5 but his answer was very disappoiting! He said that he did not think that the current government lasts another years and he was somehow confident there would just be chaos the time the book is worked on to be translated and publish and most likely no eraders! 
I contacted two other friends, The Little Pika and M. E. and their answers were quite similar. I also checked the news on that part of the world and realized that things looked pretty hairy. I concluded that he could be right. 
I will be writing these notes despite what S. G. mentioned. The origianl reason for this weblog was not turn it to a book but if an opportunity presents itself, I will.
(Photo: I found this book in a Chapters about an obese woman who climbed Mt. Kilanjarou! I really don't know who would pay, prehaps $20 to read it. I know that I wouldn't!)

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The Second Month of Disappointment

The result of V. Work came out last week and I, again, lost the result to another volunteer for the second consecutive month. That is a quite disappointment and parhaps that's why I was not very successful the past weekend and despite plenty of free hours, I was not able to work much. I knew my contributions were not significant but I had a little hope but apparently that was an empty one! 
I sat at the damn, disgusting library, which resembles a bar in terms of noise more than a library(!), and couldn't do much! I did even worse at home because unless it's winter it's very hard to sit at home for hours and hours without doing much. I had promoised myself that this month I would contribute as much as needed to be able to win the monthly recognition award but I failed. It's evident that the other person had worked harder than I did. I already am discouraged for this month but will I be able to compensate and rob the award from him/her?
I guess there're three reasons for not being to work as hard as I want on this matter:
  1. Being tired such as a dead man most of the time, particulalrly weekdays
  2. Lack of a significant reward
  3. Laziness
In a way reason number 1 stems from reason number 2! And the reason number 3 stems from having a job which although is not well-paid but it covers most of the expenses.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Going to Work on Bike?

Last Fri. was Bike to Work day but I drove because the weather looked scary! The weather always, maybe not always, most of the time looks that way but the fact is if you have an easy job, something quite similar to what I used to do, it's easy to bike to work but if you have to move continuously, push, pull and lift and at times consume more than 2500 Calories a day, then it would not be as easy to ride a bike to work. 
Nevertheless I decided to try it, for the second time, yesterday. This time, tough, unlike what Google Map suggested I took a different path and instead of 48 min. it took me only 39 min.! It's obvious that 9 min. in cycling is a huge difference. That reminded me of another time that a route was suggested to me by this website and I found out later that it was not the best! I think Google Maps calculated that time based on an average cyclist with a normal bicycle. I rode fast at points and I have my old Steve Bauer bike which still does not have good brakes but have a new front tire and is as fast as hell! 
Here is a problem that I might face on my way to work: There was a railroad crossing and although I caught up with the train, by the time I got there the arms were down, the light were flashing and the bell was ringing! I had to wait for nearly 6 min. for the train and then cross. That could be a problem on a working day but since I'm 9 minutes ahead of the calculated time by Google Maps, I guess that 6 minutes could be easily ignored. There's an alternative to the path which bypasses the crossing but that gets me to a major highly-congested road while this way it's all pathway except the last 5 minutes. It took me 5 minutes less to get home when I was returning, nearly 35 min. only, considering there's 51 m. elevation difference. I have to see whether I will be able to do that for the rest of the time that I work this disgusting job, at least every other day.
(Photo: Canadian Pacific train that I had to wait for at the crossing)

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Income Tax 2017

The deadline for filing the 2017 Income Tax was yesterday and I did mine nearly 10 days earlier. I tried to decrease my taxes as neither 2017 nore 2016 were good years for me. 2016 was , without a doubt worse with being unemployed the entire freaking year! Then 2017 was a notch better! I went to Quebec and failed there and came back to Alberta and after a try I was given a job which I still work it. It, most of the time, is a mental tourment but I don'yt have choices. 
Nevertheless this year I looked at the questions and read them carefully and a few of them sounded interesting to me that I would like to bring them to the attention of potential readers here:

1) Did you spend time in a prison or similar facility?

I was going to respond to this question with a big YES and mentioning CFLRS! I don't know what the response would have been or if I would have been eligible for any refund! 

2) Former Spouses information.

The former spouse was sick of me and although she wasn't able to make her mind, eventually left me. She then regreted after finding out that I was heading to CFLRS and said that he would have to go back to the old country since British Columbia (the province that that she had moved to) was very expensive and obviouly she wouldn't be able to live comfortably there by herself. I would probably have to have a post about that but it's, I guess, wouldn't be a plasant story to narrate. 

3) Membership with a registered Canadian amateur organisations.

Another funny part of income tax! You have to pay some $600 annually to be part of an amateur organisation and most likely hang out with a bunch of wimps who doen't even like you because you're a forigner although most of them can barely reach you! In that case, and I only assume the Government pays you something back, probably becuase they want to encourage people to be active, I think! Or some other reason that I have no idea about.

4) The damn courses.

I paid nearly $2400 for a damn course in late 2017 and I haven't finished it yet! I asked the organization to tempororily hold it. I wanted to see what the fate of my job application becomes and then when I have time, I will focus on the damn course and will finish it, will get my certificate which I have planned (without the detail yet) to use it as a second job of mine once I'm hired for that full-time position. I'm trying to find out whether I would be able to get refun for that course as well. According to The Brave I would be iligible for a refund but when I entered it to my H&R Block profile the deduction was only $500! I

5) Contribution to RRSP.

That's where my major screw-up is! If there's a good amoungt of money contributed to RRSP account, there's a good eligibility for refund. I used to do that when The Lady was wtching me but now that she's gone my life is nothing but a pile of stinking shit! 

At the end I was able to eliminate what I would have owed the Government and claim some refund! The system indicated that there is a little chance that I would be audited. Fine! CRA can audit me anytime they want and I'd more than happy to cooporate. What is that they can find in a guy's file who was kicked out of a job he was good at, was unemployed for more than a freaking year and eventually got a job which is nothing but daily torment and he's not even making half, not even half, of whay he used to make!
(Photo: According to Canada Revenue Agency, headquartered in Ottawa, Billions of dollars are lost every year due tax evasion! And that is not because of the totally screwed-up peopel such as me who after years of living in this country, they still are struggling. That's because of smart asses who know how to defraud the Government)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Never Normal Weather of Alberta

The cold season was ended nearly 10 days ago and now we're about to start May, the wind, rain and hail season starts. It was a little warm last night. Therefore I decided to leave the window open and sleep. I heard a noise which clearly sounded like an aluminum can being kicked on the street. First I thought it was a homeless who was collecting recyclables but the sound kept going. It felt like the guy was kicking the can from one end of the ally to the other end! Then when the curtain started flying to the ceiling I realized that it was a strong wind! I shut the window down and went back to sleep. 
The next morning when I went out the signs of strong wind could be seen everywhere and the rain was non-stop! It rained all day long to this moment that I'm writing! I wanted to call The Brave to go to his place on bike so we could go to see the King together but I decided not to since going to his place in such a day that it's been pissing since the morning, would be a soak for sure decision! Almost one hour on a bike and then you would feel that you just came out of shower after you reach there!
So I decided to stay home and spend my time on the V Work, planning my upcoming trip and watch a few things here and there. 
(Photo: There's this so-called park in Downtown Calgary which actually is a hangout for the addicted, homeless, drunkards and Natives [practically the latter automatically comprises of all the three mentioned groups! So I would have had to just say Natives but decided to give complete info for the ones who don't have enough information!], and they started renovating it. The surrounding is fenced and the wind was so strong that the fence is down as you can see in the picture)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mi Amigo (My friend)

I finally got together with this guy, a Hispanic fella, who used to live in the same dump(!) that I'm currently living, after a long time. I call him Amigo here which, as many know, means friend in Spanish and is a common term to refer to people from South America here in North America! 
We went to Jameson's Irish Bar on 17th Ave., SW, based on his, I would say, request. That was my first time in there. From the beginning you could say that it was a nice and clean bar which offers both a little outdoor area, stools, tables and booth. My favourite, is always booth and when I entered he was waiting for me there. There are so many things about this fella which are all strange to me. That's probably why I'm staying friends with him. Before getting to the bar and the odd things about this guy, I would like to mention that I once decided to eliminate him from my life! I deleted his telephone number from my address book, removed him from my connections in LinkedIn and even ignored his calls. Then I remembered what my Dad told me years ago: " One thousand friends is not too many, one enemy is more than enough ". I have not been able to stick to this policy in the past few years very restrictively but I've tried my best. This is the literal translation from Persian which I'm sure makes not much sense to Westerners. He also used to say " You say Hi to someone and there'll be thousands of benefits ". He didn't, of course, mean financial benefits or what they call it here " friends with benefits "! What he meant was in regards to knowledge, behaviour and social interaction, of course.
Going back to the main subject, the bar is clean and nice with mostly pretty waitresses and of course male bartender(s). When I arrived this idiot had a glass of beer in front of him and without offering anything sat there like an asshole and started the conversation. I should mention that he, when I approached, stood and opened his arms and gave me a hug(!), something that a Caucasian guy and even an Iranian guy would not do unless the latter is a very close friend whom has not seen you for years! 
I joined and a waitress appeared at the table. I asked for a Beer and asked her if they had anything with a little sweetness to it. She named a few and I ordered a Raspberry Beer. This fool then ordered a plate of Pork Tacos and when it arrived started eating like an African who has recently fled drought and famine in the continent and didn't even offer me shit! I told myself what a disgusting fool but didn't say anything to the dolt! I understand the difference between cultures. The Beer, nevertheless was good. When the pig(!) finished his meal, and believe me he was eating like a pig! pieces and liquid was falling from its(!) mouth while chewing. Then the waitress showed up again. She asked if we wanted something else. I usually don't eat outside but it's a business. Not a freaking public library. So I ordered the second Beer of the same kind and the fool ordered a glass of water! Here if you have at least a few live cells in your brain, you know that you shouldn't drink a big glass of water, like a Mule does after a hard working day(!), when you finish your food because the water simply dilutes the stomach's acid and messes up your digestion but I guess if you're a fool, then you'll act like a Mule! The second Beer was good and got into me. I could order a few more but these days I'm watching my pocket. We talked a little bit more and then we left. 
I would go to this bar if any opportunity presents itself. Their Beer is good. The place is nice and clean and it has a convenient location. I don't know how much that f**king idiot paid for his Tacos but my two Beers cost me nearly $13 and of course I paid her $15.
Now a few things about this guy whom I found him strange. I must add that I would not reveal his nationality as it's my policy on this web-log to provide as less information as possible about my subjects. Not that anyone cares!:
1) He's marries to a Caucasian girl from northern Europe. I haven't seen the girl though. I'm not going to reveal the girl's nationality but by giving this tip you'd be probably figuring it out, if you're interested. According to Mom (as she knows him) they're good matches because she's coming from a background, no offence to anyone, which the people are known as cheap, for centuries!
2) He invited me to his apartment just after perhaps one or two meetings once nearly two years ago. Apparently it was supposed to be a small party with a friend of his whom was moving out of the province. I ditched the party and made an excuse! I'm not going to anyone's party just after meeting him or her once or twice! That's insane! 
3) He gives me a hug every time he sees me! I know I mentioned that above but what the hell does that mean! I know he's not homosexual and he know neither I am! 
4) This guy is young but he's been to many places that when I was his age, I only could dream of that! He's coming from obviously a not rich family. So how he has done that, I have no clue! By living cheap and saving money, perhaps! Every time I've seen him he has dressed like a hobo who has just been given used cloths from a charity! He indicated that they (he and his wife) have a plan to go to either Central America or Europe this summer for vacation! I can only dream of something like that! I guess that's his wife who is the breadwinner because I know that he hasn't been working for a long time and studies at the moment.
5) I don't know about his education but I know, as he's told me, he is working on his Masters. The field of study that he has selected is interesting: Religion! The funny thing is, and I hope I didn't misheard that, he said he was not religious! I mean he has told me that he's Catholic but not one who regularly practises! I have to find out about this!
6) I've said everything odd and stupid (in my view) about this guy and now one good thing which I should not ignore: He helped me with my car when I was in Quebec last summer and he's very friendly and polite but it's his cheapness and stinginess which bothers me. Mom appreciated his help with food. Something which based on his reaction, when Mom gave him the food, had not been tasted by him and his wife in their entire life: Once Olivier Salad and the other time Beef Cutlet. They both tatsed so good to them that he mentions that every time he sees me.
(Photo: This is a very delicious Taco that The Lady made once and we both enjoyed. I believed despite a few differences that every couple has, we generally had a good life and it was getting better until I lost my job. She left me shortly after that and then decided not to live with me any more. This is a completely different story that I don't think anyone would like to say or hear that. I miss her so much at times and feel free and released at others! It's such a mixed feeling. I think she has or at least had similar feelings)

Friday, April 20, 2018

Passed through the Second Major Gate

I received a message from my prospective employer a few days ago indicating that I've passed the Test/Interview! While I was quite confident and comfortable during the test and I anticipated that I most likely would pass, I was not sure about the interview because there's no way that you can trick an experienced professional. 
This was a major obstacle and while I still have many more to pass, I feel a little releaved and for the first time after a long time, happy. Here is the list of the steps that one would have to pass to get the position, permanently. And by using that adverb I mean it would be a permanent position, unless a really bad mistake is done by the employee:





Psychological Evaluation


Security Clearance

Medical Examination

Online Course

Campus Training

for nearly 4 months
On-the-job Training

for 1 year

I addition to that when I called my buddy, A. F. to seek his opinion on the way I shall handle reference check, he told me there would be one more step, most likely as part of number 7, a security interview, which I would have to pass as well. I assume step 7 would be the longest because I have done fingerprinting and completed related forms. I think they are working on it but I know I don't have any issue and I'm confident I will pass this step. My only worry now before going to teh designated province for training is references and only one of them who is the current supervisor of this damn job. I'm going to contact all the other ones and let them know that they would probably be contacted for the job I already have started its application.
If what the Afghan guy said during the Test/Interview day, the training would not start until August! This means that I would have 3 miserable months on the wagon! I probably have to find a better job for myself. In this case I not only get less tired, but also I can make enough money as I wouldn't get paid for the 4 months of training. 
(Photo: I would like to use photos form old Tehran, my nice beautiful city which is now almost destroyed, like the rests of the country, by the murderers of Islamic Murderers of Republic of Iran. This was Doulat Gate many years ago. Doulat has two meaning in Persian: 1) Wealth 2) Government. In the old county and almost everywhere in the region all of the wealth is accumulated within the government and whoever is on the top of its pyramid. So no wonder why these two terms mean almost the same! Here people are seen passing through. The gates used to be gurded and the guards, like anywhere else in the old world, would misuse passerbys to rob them. I don't know which one would be harder: Passing throug the old gates of the old country or passing through all the 12 gates to get a permanent well-paid job)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The White Boy

I was going to start a supplement(!) under the category of Cargill Stories but then I though since a few of the stories were posted years ago, at the time I was employed by the company, it would probably not be such a very good idea, Then I thought it could be done despite that fact and I haven't made my mind yet!
I worked for the company for a little more than 5 years and to this day I regret the fact that I did not get myself together to get the hell out of the plant sooner. I will write more details about the place and work but this one, which goes back to more than 12 years ago is about a very beautiful fight between a fat, disgusting, pig-like Lebanese guy and a Caucasian one. 
The fat f*ck was a long-time employee and the Caucasian guy had recently joined at the time of this incident. I remember that the two had arguments a few times and the Lebanese guy would call him White Boy(!) every time they spoke. I really don't know what  the argument was about but I do know that Lebanese have been living in Canada for decades now. In fact that fat, disgusting, animal could have been born in the country. Many poor nations Indians (of Punjabi origin, Sikhs), Chinese, Caribbean craps, you name it have roots in Canada basically because they all had hard time in their original country: Not much food, no electricity, no well-paid job, no security, etc. While Iranian destroyed their own country by their own hands and minds and started to flow to Canada in late 90's!
Tyson versus Berbick in 22-Nov-1986. On this day, the young Tyson, whom this post could not have been completed(!) without a photograph of him, destroyed the Jamaican-born boxer Trevor Berbick and won the world title. Berbick whom years later was murdered in his country of origin by a family member, had recently defeated Mohammad Ali and was very confident but lost the bout in round 2!
Anyways one day in the locker room I saw those two again and this time it was different. I, again, don't remember what triggered them to go at it but I clearly remember that the Caucasian guy made a fist, pulled his arm back and throw a nice jab (I hope I'm correct in terms of the technical term. Boxers, please help!) at the fat, disgusting Lebanese! The guy lost his balance and was thrown at least 3 feet back! At this moment the crowed, which I forgot to mention that had gathered nearby, stormed to the two to separate them! That was an unforgettable and beautiful scene and that's why I still remember that after all these years! I have watched many boxing bouts, more specifically the ones that my all-time favourite boxer, Mike Tyson, is one of the fighters but I have to admit that the punch that the Caucasian guy threw has been, even to this day, one of the most beautiful ones that I have ever seen!
The companies usually have zero tolerance for fights. They normally fire at the least one, the one who starts the fight, obviously and depending on the situation suspend the second one. I, again, don't recall what their fate was but that what the policy is.
(Photo: Carcasses are hung where the temperature is slightly above freezing. If they're not chilled, working on them would be very difficult for labourers. This picture is from another Cargill facility, down in the US and I hope Cargill doesn't mind it that I'm using it for my web-log. I actually worked in this part of the facility briefly and since it was a long time ago I don't recall what it was that I had to do[!] but possibly just pushing the carcasses out and to the fabrication floor)