Monday, September 18, 2017

Akward Situation Over the Phone

The Mumbling Guy told me to contact The Screamer last week. he said there would be a position and although temporary, I should contact and indicate my availability. I really didn't want to considering all the shit I had gone through in that disgusting company and its immoral and unethical management. Then I thought to myself that I'm doing a labour job that makes me feel like a corpse(!) at the end of each shift and now that this opportunity is available perhaps I should use it to make a little extra money without injury and agony! 
I was supposed to make the phone call on a Mon. morning and I didn't! There was a conflict inside of me and a dilemma outside! Then Tue. came and I, again, didn't call. Just imagining that repulsive turd behaviour threw me away! However I e-mailed The Mumbling Guy to see what he says. He insisted that I should contact. " ... to see how he can get you back in." he stated in his e-mail response to me. 
I finally contacted in the morning of the next day. He sounded that he had not recognized me first and then he got and asked, for the first time since I've known him, how I was! I told him what I had been told and he went: Then he knows more than me! I was a bit shocked and felt really bad. I explained to him in more detail and then he told me to talk to The Mumbling Guy! I thanked him and said goodbye but the asshole hung up without saying goodbye! 
I talked to the bastard, The Mumbling Guy, a few days after that. He said that he later received a call from him and was questioned for letting me know about the position! He said that there are people available to do that job and the company doesn't need to hire anyone! However he added that The Screamer had said that if anyone was required for the office, he would consider me!
That was the whole stupid story and now I wonder whether The Mumbling Guy does that on purpose to humiliate me or he's so stupid to tell me about the position without even consulting The Screamer who happens to be his boss, first! 
(Photo: It was really a bad feeling after my conversation with that maniac! Perhaps this randomly selected picture from the web could somehow tell my situation after he hung up!)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dunkirk: A Disappointment

I finally decided to catch a movie last week. I usually prefer weekdays because the movie theatres are not very busy. This time I guess there was another reason why the theatre was not packed. Perhaps four reasons:
1. Enough number of weeks had passed since the movie, Dunkirk, was first appeared in theatres.
2. The movie was not such a big deal, despite the actors and director who are all considered superb.
3. It was not a superhero movie! Yes! People in North America, mostly the US, of course, are obsessed with stupid superhero movies and never get tired of them! There's already 682 Spider-Man movies and a few more are coming! Superman fought all criminals and now is facing Batman! They are everywhere and fighting everyone they can and when there's no villain, they fight each other! They even created Antman and the stupid Justice League and Galaxy!
4. There's no girl in the movies and there's no sex scene! Oh! So bad! I'm not gonna waste my hard-earning dollars on this movie! " One would have said "
Dunkirk is where the British's ass was kicked really badly and now Nolan tried to give the escape (or flee) of the British, an honourable vision but he fails! Despite from a few exciting scenes, the movie has got nothing! It's a disappointment.
My guess is this British guy, Nolan, has been trying to sell himself as new Kubrick by making films in different genres but he's nowhere close to Kubrick!
The movie has a slow start and then when it begins all you see is long shots of supposedly French beach where soldiers are awaiting withdrawal. I had difficulty understanding most of the dialogues, partially due to the British accent and somehow because I think the movie theatre's sound system had issues. However I have to add that there's not much conversation in the movie. I started looking at my watch just after 45 min. to the film and I have to admit that I tried really hard not to do that it!
I would give 3 out of 5 stars to this movie but as I've indicated previously it's not a film that I would watch again or buy its DVD. Not recommended at all!
(Photo: For this post the best picture that can depict this movie is what you see above! The movie is all about British and other Allies forces running away from France and not surprisingly has nothing much to offer. Not recommended unless you want to waste your money and time!)

Monday, September 11, 2017

An Unpleasent Encounter with an East Indian

There're two East Indian fellas in this place that I started a job almost 3 weeks ago. East Indian, unfortunately and according to my experience through all the years that I've been living here, and I'm not being racist or biased, are amongst the worst to work with, either directly or indirectly.
They brag about their education, home, family, food, you name it. I was once going to tell one of them that if he thinks everything is the best where he comes from, why doesn't he go back?! Why did he come here in the first place?!
East Indians always team up against non-East Indians in a workplace. They try to ruin their competitors (as they look at everyone who's non-East Indian in the workplace!) so they can be replaced by East Indians, mostly their family members, friends, neighbours and eventually people of their own village or town back in India! Why do they do that? It's simple: They're most comfortable around their own kind. But one thing also is very common within them; They fight and compete with each other a lot. The latter is fine but the fighting shows how immature and uncivilized they are. 
I asked a question from one of them the second day on the job and he said that I had not paid attention to my training! Asshole! And then once I told him why the given instructions are not documented and available for the employees. The piece of stinking shit said documents are for fools! Next time I asked him another question. He said: Don't argue with me!!
Then one day I saw him not sitting with his fella co-worker of East Indian origin! What a surprise! East Indians don't normally don't socialize with others. I realized that something was going one between them! Yes! They had a fight over the job. I saw them then arguing and spending their break time separately! They use lots of hand gestures while talking! Russell Peters actually has referred to a few of them in his stand-up comedy! 
Then the one who said all those stupid above things approached me once while we were going to finish the shift and asked me what I had done before joining. I told him a little bit. He at the end shook my hand and left(!) as a sign of friendship! I knew that he was feeling lonely not being able to hang out with his buddy! So I didn't want to disappoint him! The very same person did not talk to me for several days after I told him that he was the most impatient East Indian I had met! I told him that he should be patient with the one who asks him question and avoids laughing at him(!) and turning his head away! That was exactly what he did! Jerk! I kept the same behaviour of mine toward him after his childish and immature act! I always was polite. Ended my sentences with please and started them with Could you ... or Would you ... and showed him that his behaviour was disgusting but does not change me in a way to go down to the same level that he was. I did that until his was changed but I have to admit that his argument and hostility toward his buddy was a factor here. He just wants to replace him with someone, at least temporarily. I hope you, the reader, never have to work with an East Indian with such attitude or if you're an East Indian try to correct yourself, in case you act like the jerk I explained him here, although it would be extremely hard to be changed! 

Monday, September 04, 2017

Kebab with Traspassing Taste(!)

Different nations are obsessed with different food. Canadians and Americans love Stake and HamburgerOrientals cannot live without Noodle (which I hate the most!), East Indians live for their Rice, Curry and other hot and spicy food and Iranians must eat Kebab off and on!
I'm happy that I have never been accustomed to any kind of food which lack of it might drives me nuts!
With that in mind I have to say that now and then The Chef insists that we should get out of the town for a hike and then make some Kebab! And now that his knee is shattered (As he refers to what happened nearly two years ago) he insists on light hikes only. Our last hike together was to Horsethief Canyon and we enjoyed that. On the way back, as I explained we realized that there was a fire ban for the area. We headed back to Calgary with the hope that we find a place on our way before reaching home! What a bad idea! We checked a few parts in Airdrie and Calgary on the way home and they didn't have fire pit. The I drove to North Glenmore Park where once we tried(!) to make Kebab. Fire ban was in effect there as well! I was losing it! I was so mad at both this freaking idiot who is so much in love with Kebab and myself who listened to him and agreed to pay $50 for the ingredients!
I drove back to The Chef's place then to see what we could do. There he told me to go the house he has recently lost! He and his partner were not able to pay the mortgage, and that was mostly the other guy's fault. The bank sent them a number of warnings and then eventually kicked him out! There while we were approaching his new place, which is a basement near his old house he goes: I've lost this $500,000 (It was actually around 420,000. Even that was overpriced by the damn mortgage broker so he [or she] could make better commission!) house. Can't I just have a Kebab in the back yard?! Of course you can't! I told myself. That house doesn't belong to you. In fact it never belonged to you. The bank owned it and you were paying the bank and they let you occupy it as long as you are paying your mortgage. Now that's you're not, you have no right to step in that property. I explained to him in simpler words but it didn't work! We went there and entered the backyard. As soon as we stepped in and got close to the fire pit I noticed a paper on the window of the basement stating the status of the house and warning about the possible trespassing! That woke me up! If I  don't see the note, I would be able to say that I don't know, if I get caught, although not knowing the law, does not justify breaking it! However the note is there and clearly warns trespassers! I told The Chef about that while he was working on fire and had half of the damn charcoal bag in the pit! I got out and parked the car just away from the house so in case we had to get the hell of there, we would be able to do that easily! As well it drew less attention. In the meantime one of the neighbours showed up in the back alley. It looked like he was putting some garbage away but he could also be checking us! I told that to The Chef and started collecting our stuff. He also, after seeing the guy, got a grip of himself and we got the hell out of the house before we get ourselves with the complicated law of trespassing! It's needless to say that even now that I'm typing these word we could be called and charged with Trespassing! It requires only someone who taped us! I strongly believe the tape could be used as a proof and the judge would charge us both with the crime!
Anyways we went back to the damn house were there already an old barbeque was sitting next to the door. The Chef started using skewers and make the Kebabs ready. I added some charcoal and we had the fire going on after a few minutes but it was a disaster. The Kebab mostly came out raw or burnt! However a few came out nicely and we ate them. It was late and I had to go to work the next work. I left and I guess by the time I reached home it was nearly 23:00 or even after that! I promised me not to involve myself with Kebab making especially when it's dark and after of hiking and tiring drives!
(Photo: This is a nice traditional Iranian restaurant where Kebab and other local cuisine is served. Food and beverages are served on the beds! Customers sit and lay back onto the provided cushions. You can see menu on the middle of one of the beds. However I don't even know where it is located and what the name is. Found it by chance in the web. Anyone with any information please help)

Sunday, September 03, 2017

CFLRS Notes (37): Who Joins CAF, Normally?

I once wrote about the people who join military and how similar they are everywhere in the world. That seemed not enough to understand the situation until I got enrolled into CAF. There after awhile I realized what Charlie Sheen, playing Taylor, really means when he says the following in the beginning of Platoon:
Live up to Grandpa did in WWI and Dad did in WWII.
Well I'm here anonymously
With guys nobody really cares about
Most come from the end of the line
Small towns you never heard of
Pulaski, Tennessee. Brandon, Mississippi. Pork Bend Utah, Wampum, Pennsylvania.
Two years high school, about it.
If they're lucky a job waiting for them in a factory.
Most have got nothing.
They're poor. They're unwanted.
Yet they're fighting for our society and our freedom.
It's weird. Isn't it? At the bottom of the barrel and they know it.

The situation in CFLRS is not very different from that. I bring a number of examples here just to show. I'm not trying to prove anything or demote CFLRS. It specks for itself:
1. A graduate of History joined up to follow a trade in the Royal Canadian Air Force. No doubt his chance of getting a job somewhere is very low. He worked as a security once.
2. A Fitness Trainer joined up said she barely afforded her bills. I asked if she knew anything about her trade. She shook the head in response and looked me in the eyes! She has selected Logistics!
3. A Property Photographer tried to join Royal Canadian Air Force. The job is well-paid he said but it's not stable and permanent. Has many ups and downs, he added.
4- Many people from Atlantic Canada join CAF, mainly because first of all not many jobs are available in that area and there's a major naval base in Halifax. So majority try to settle their life by having a career with Royal Canadian Navy.
5- Many boys and girls come to CFLRS simply because their families are Farmer and they are tired of that life. They don't know that military life is not much easier! 
There are hundreds of these examples but I don't need to provide more. But why am I bringing this up here? It's simple. When you have nothing, it's actually a blessing joining military and the following wouldn't bother you:
1-Unnecessary, countless and useless rules of the school.
2- Mediocre, bland and in a nutshell crapy(!) food
3- Being confined in a prison-like environment.
4- Being shout or cursed at, almost every day.
5- Extremely low hygiene environment. 
6- Limited access to beverage and food outside the three meals a day.
7- High sleep deprivation.
8- Wasting money on unnecessary services and items such as $13 haircut every 2 weeks, purchasing lots of items from Canex, the military store, which actually takes the money that recruits are paid back to CAF! Many of the items are thrown out and never used.  
9- Spending the money received from CAF on Subway sandwiches and other food and snacks from vending machines and Canex and local fast foods and restaurants by feeding them crap food!
10- Bathing and showering in a bathroom as big as old telephone booths!
In a nutshell CAF has advantages and disadvantages. For me it was a huge disadvantage because I hated all the above. As well why would I waste my all life in such a controlling environment? Just because I'm being paid a reasonable pension?! What use does that money have for me when I'm old but paying for my medicine and other basics of life? I would rather being paid a little less or even a lot less but have my freedom! I would rather to have the following freedoms that CAF deprives you of them after being a member:
1- Freedom of going to any physician, dentist and in general any healthcare professional I choose, not the unskilled and inexperienced, mostly, people that military has and want me to see them. 
2- Travel anywhere in the world, any time I want to. Not writing to my superior and asking for permission and giving them a reason for my trip.
3- Living anywhere in Canada or any corner of the world, I desire, any time I want. Not being passed from this base to that base like a baseball! 
4- Eat whatever I want and whatever I cook. Not the disgusting food that CAF's contractors feed me. 
5- Wear whatever I want. Especially I don't have to wear the stupid woolen Beret of CAF ever again although I know most of the recruits don't have to wear the Beret after graduation. However the whole idea is extremely stupid because of the material that it is made of. 
You make your decision based on the above facts.
(Photo: Charlie Sheen, first from left and other main characters of Platoon having a picture taken in front of an armored personnel carrier)

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Ranked Third and Second

I didn't want to do just nothing and sit around most of the day after I came out of the prison! I decided to get whatever job is available in order to not only make a few hundred bucks but also be out of the damn apartment. I went to a recruiting agency and they quickly hooked me up with a labour job! Why? Because not many people would like to do that. Simple as that!
Here, as usual and for the privacy of myself, I don't reveal the name of any of the involved companies but I must say that it's not that bad. I did similar job back in British Columbia for a short time. Only from Sep. to Jan. This one is quite similar with this difference that a more advanced system is used. Does it make the job easier? Yes. Indeed. But not for the poor labourer! It's easier for the office people and of course for the company. Since this is a part-time job, I did it for only 3 days the week before and the interesting thing is I was ranked the 3rd in terms of performance while the week after that I jumped up to the 2nd rank! The Supervisor congratulated me! There were issues during the shift including an urgent machine maintenance, previous station delay and helping others and a few more. Otherwise I would beat the first guy with a huge difference. It means that I have a chance to stay until I find a better position. However something else happened the first time! He called me and indicated to me that I had missed an item! I was surprised because I was sure I did my job correctly but I didn't argue just in the 3rd day of work! It wouldn't have a good impression on him. In the meantime I will ask him that what would happen if it's proved I was wrong?! Am I going to be rewarded for that?! It's because he said that error or mistake would stay in my profile! I need to know what if the mistake is done form their side!
(Photo: For this post I selected a cartoon which refers to a temporary job and mix it with the fact that some of the egg producers, deceivably, call their products free-range! Of course we all know that's a lie just to fool the customer)

Friday, September 01, 2017

Horsethief Canyon

I wanted to have a hike after my return from prison! Once I talked with this guy whom I've associate with recently. He wanted to start at 06:00 while I normally start at 05:00. So we couldn't get to an agreement. Besides I would have been the one who drives, had we been to a hike and I don't like that much although we share the cost of the gasoline.
I eventually saw myself with this crazy guy, The Chef! We decided to go to Drumheller on a weekend and do a light hike, considering his knee was shattered! Our time was set at 06:00 and that was because I would wake up at 05:00 in order to reach his place at 06:00 but the plan was torn apart because of the unusual interview!
I got myself home, changed and rushed to his place after the interview and we headed north to Drumheller. We had a short stop at McDonald's for a beverage and then went to the town's information centre. The place was busy despite the fact that we were there in a weekend. I got map and explanation from a young girl. Our destination was Horsethief Canyon in the northwest side of the town.
Being Horseshoe Canyon two years before that, it seemed that would not be something to consider but we went down and hiked to Red Deer River which took us some 01:15 hours. There were a number of people but no one was in the actual canyon. Everyone, mostly watches from the top, takes a few photos and leaves. We each drank a can of beer by the river and sat there for 10 min., maybe. The result of drinking that beer was not so good! The 8% can, which I don't remember what brand it was, made us both lazy and very slow but we dragged ourselves back to the parking lot! Thanks Heavens that we were not in a real hike! We would have had serious problem! For me it was probably the first alcoholic beverage in 8 months and the first beer in I don't know how long because Beer is in the list of forbidden drinks for me as someone who has Gout.
We headed back to the town after the hike and asked the information ladies if there was somewhere we could make our Kebab. We were advised that fire ban was in effect for the who county. We then decided to head back to Calgary and make our meal which The Chef had made its ingredients the night before, in one of the parks but a disaster happened which is the subject of another post!
(Photo: Unusual and interesting hills of Hosethief Canyon near the town of Muson [actually between Drumheller and Muson]. You can see the same terrain in Horseshoe Canyon and Dinour Provincial Park near Brooks)

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Shortest Interview Ever!

I was called to an interview a few days ago just one day after I applied for the position! It's not a top position but better than being unemployed or doing a labour job. At least it's in my own area of expertise. I had the phone somewhere that I didn't know where it was. So I couldn't pick up on time. The guy, who would interview me left a message. I called him back when I found the phone and told him that I was driving! He set up the time.
This is a sort of factory, of course in the industrial part of the city and it's not too far. I reached there a little early and the old lady, who was at a desk, called the guy. His office was just at the back and seemed shared a few others because there were 2 or 3 others in the room when we sat but they left shortly. When he introduced him to me on the phone his name definitely sounded Hispanic. When I met him he looked Oriental! I know that was the same person. I just don't know why he was called himself that name!
The interview didn't take long. When I sat I noticed there are a few other resumes on his desk! He pulled mine out and started asking question. He pointed at the job that I had mentioned doing in the old country before my last job in Canada! That was the only part of my resume I was able to mention the thing he wanted to read, as a direct experience with the work which is a manufacturing process. He didn't say anything about the salary because it had already been indicated in the job posting. When I told him that I had been laid off from that job, I guess I made a mistake by telling him that I had been contacted by sort of my supervisor, The Mumbling Guy, and let know that there's a chance that I would be hired for a project. I added that I prefer a more stable job. He said that they would select the person by next week and that was it. Sweet and short!
(Photo: This cartoon doesn't have anything to do with my interview but I used it here for this post. It's interesting!)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Problem With the Desktop Again!

I bought this desktop from a Future Shop in Surrey, I think, back in 2009 and it was working fine mostly except for the times that I screwed with it and had to take to a Future Shop (before it is sold) and Best Buy, at least two times. It's a Gateway machine with a big HP monitor.
There were numerous unknown (to me) issues with the machine. I was not even able to update the maps of my Garmin GPS. And then one day adds started popping up in the middle of a website or the machine would kick me out of YAHOO when I was sighed in to read my e-mail.
The first thing I did was downloading, installing and using a sort of software which had been introduced to me by The Brave. Since he's a cheap guy always trying to pay as less as possible, that didn't quite worked! Then I bought a new version ESET NOD anti-virus. I don't even remember when I had bought or downloaded the older version but I paid some $20 and upgraded the system. That helped a bit but not with the popping adds.
The final solution was to reset the computer back to factory setting and I did that! Now the system is fine. I bet the Best Buy guy did the same thing. I have all of my files intact and the system works with no problem at all. You should try the same if your problem's similar to mine. The system is still good after 8 years although not many people use desktops these days. I do have a laptop which I bought in last Jan. and that's wonderful. I will have a separate post for that.
(Photo: One of the Future Shops in Calgary, on MacLeod Tr. shortly after being closed down permanently. This store was actually new. They just had moved from two or three block north of this location! Mr. Hassan Khosroshahi, the Iranian investor, sold Future Shop to Best Buy in 2015)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

First Call after the Return

I received a call from a recruiting agency last week in regards to the position I had applied. That was my first call after I returned home from the damn prison! I was quite optimist although it was a temporary position. The guy asked regular questions such as:
1. Are you currently working?
2. Would you be OK with the nature of the job being temporary?
3. How much are you expecting to be paid?
4. What was your salary on the last job?
I answered them honestly and politically. My answer to the third one was Whatever the norm of the industry is. To the last one I told him the truth. He then told me that he would send me the detail of the job and would expect me to answer the next day. I agreed. The bastard never did!
The next day I send an e-mail to their general e-mail address. They said they had forwarded my e-mail (and the same resume because I had attached it) to the guy and he would contact me. He, of course never did. I assume he simply found someone with less expectations although I never specified my desired salary.
So it means my resume is not bad but there are many people out there. I've come across many positions, many good positions to be exact, in the past two week and I applied for as many as 10 maybe but that was the only answer I received. Tough out there and I have to keep trying. My experience with recruiting agencies has never been good. This, in fact was one of a few that I had been contacted from.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sony's Lithium Battery

I took two extra Sony Lithium Batteries with me when I was going to Quebec with the hope that when I needed to take a photo, I would simply exchange the discharged one but when we went to Chambly Canal National Historic Site, I realized that was a mistake! Or perhaps I can call a trick by Sony! None of the other two batteries work on the camera! The camera would turn on and then the screen would go blank and this message would appear on the screen:
I don't know know what kind of funny game is this that Sony is playing! I have to keep the battery charged until it's ruined and should be thrown out or recycled and so does the camera! 
It's obvious that big companies always try to screw customers to make money. Sony is not the only one. Sony actually has lost a huge market in the past few years. It had Sony stores all around the city and now none of them exist. In Calgary there was a huge Store in 8th St. SW that I was shopped in there and got my Sony Card as well. That big store has been divided to three and none of them sells Sony products. In Market Mall and Chinook Center as well they had stores. I don't know what happened to the fist one but the one in Chinook is part of Shopper's Drug Mart now. 
I normally take my big Canon camera with me when I'm travelling but this trip was unusual and not for fun. So I only took my small Sony camera. I will check with an electronic store soon to see whether they know anything about that or not.
(Photo: Sony Lithium Battery used in small digital cameras)

Friday, August 18, 2017

CFLRS Notes (36): CAC-PAR

The recruits who are to be released from the Forces, without being graduated, are transferred to this section of the school called CAC-PAR. CAC is for the people who have done something against the school rules or are awaiting their situation to be changed and PAR is for the ones who are simply awaiting their release. Some attempt to come back. Some leave for good. PAR stands for People Awaiting Release.
What is that people do during the day? A typical day in the section starts from 08:00 until 11:30 when people leave for lunch. They need to be back to the room by 12:30 hours. Then there is normally another 3 hours. Normally at 15:30 and sometimes wait could be as long as up to 16:00. Then they are on their own. 
I spent quite a long time in this freaking section awaiting my release. However any chance I got, I tried to get the hell out. That would have happened only if someone had been moving to CAC-PAR or going to any sections of the school for his or her release process. I would be volunteer. One major problem in this section is that the PAR candidates are not allowed to participate in PT. So in order to do that I would do squats, push-ups and other simple exercises once in a while. People stay in CAC-PAR for different periods, depending their situation. There are Normal, Immediate and Accelerated release. Mine was Normal. So they kept me there for three freaking weeks! Most of the people make up a story to get the hell out as fast as possible. One example of that is my Fire Team Partner. I saw him once in TRP and asked him what had happened. He said that he had gotten pneumonia and had to leave training. Then he told me one day that he had filed for VR because he had a job offer! They released him quickly! When I called him to ask about VR process he said he wanted to come back and advised me to stay there! I said to myself: What the hell! You said you had a job offer and for that you released yourself immediately! When I asked him about the job he said the pay was not good and the hours were long! That's what every job is here in Canada, especially military jobs!
There were others who claimed that a member of their family was sick. Mostly grandparents! There was no one to ask why everyone's grandma and grandpa is sick or dying at this specific part of training and particular part of the year, all at once! There were freaking idiots who after 1 week and even 2 days had filed for VR! This clearly shows the lack of system in CAF! The recruiting centers just pour people to CFLRS without caring about them and the school as well.
The day I got released was so pleasant and I've already written about it. I think everyone else has the same feeling, with some differences. I also saw people who had been awaiting their release for over a year! It was unbelievable! I never listen to their stories but I knew an old lady from Atlantic Canada who was in TRP for 9 months because an injury! Poor people! However some don't care because they get paid! The money they had never seen in their lives!
(Photo: For this post I've chosen a map of Canada which shows Atlantic provinces where a large number of CAF candidates come from due to poor economy in the region)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

CFLRS Notes (35): The Sword of Allah(!)

This time I'm going to write about a guy whom easily can be called a dickhead! I apologize to any reader if he or she is offended but that what he really is. This fella who is introduced here as Sword of Allah and that is the translation of his name, literally, had issues with almost everyone during the training, even me! He once sees me eating Pork Sausage for breakfast and he goes: This is Pork! And I reply: So?! He goes: This is not Halal, referring to Muslim's restriction for eating any Pig product. I go: It's OK! We later got into an argument in the break room. I didn't want to disappoint him. So I fist said that the other meats he eats are not slaughtered based on Islamic laws. So they are not Halal as well and he should not eat them! The idiot didn't have any answer for that and said something nonsense such as " they are not banned meat! ". I told him that his sin was as bad as mine as long as he eats that kind of meat. Then in the fasting month of Ramadan I saw him eating all three meals of the day! I asked him why he was no fasting. He said that he needed energy! I said to him that it didn't matter if he needed energy or something else. I should have fasted! The freaking hypocrite was not able to provide an answer for that either! Then I brought another point up by saying that there are more important issues within world of Islam which must be focused on instead of eating this or that. I pointed at the problem with extremism, more specifically Taliban which we all know CAF has contributed a lot to eliminate them, dispute being unsuccessful. I asked him whether he believes that Taliban has destroyed the reputation of Islam and must be stopped and eventually eliminated. He responded that he was not sure of that and for that he needed to see their action(!) in Afghanistan to learn for himself and he doesn't have time for that! This is where I decided to talk to someone who has authority so he could give a good piece of advice to this piece of shit but unfortunately I never did that and I regret it to this day! I couldn't believe that someone who does not believe that Taliban is enemy, is becoming a member of CAF! I even talked to The Cheater and he confirmed that I should talk to padre and go from there.
We had a few other awkward conversations and he stayed away from me as much as he did from anyone else. Then he came to me once, and this one I understood that he needed help but he was to proud to ask for that, and told me that he had problem with girls! He added that he could not mix up with these White guy(!), I'm quoting and he added to his previously considered thought that he should quit. There are quite a number of South Asian or East Indian families in the country that they are doing well. I think he was from a well-to-do family and being in CFLRS and hanging out with the people who mostly had problem making their end's meat or pay their basic bills was a problem for him. Anyways he said that a couple of girls had complaint about him and he would have PRB. I gave him a few pieces of advice and answered a few questions of him. The next time I saw the fucking bastard I realized that he not only was a hypocrite but was a big freaking lair! He, this time, said that he had a problem with Sergeant P (Whose story will be told later) over a bottle of water that he kept in his room for using in washroom! Many people with Islamic background do that. So the short version of it is that he got a Serious incident in his profile and told them that they were picking on him because of origin! I don't know what parts of his story was right and what parts were made up but he threatened them that he would file for VR and since that's not good for a platoon's instructors, they tried to stop him. He eventually finished the course. However still had it in his mind that he should quit.
So one day he came to me, and surprisingly, sat at the table! He had a big smile on his face and said that he had finished the course and now he's so happy and relieved! He added that he didn't even have to march anymore! I told him that he was wrong! His trade training would be soon and it would be even harder than the basic training. Besides, I added, that now he's under the total control of military! They would tell him where to go, they would tell him what to wear, they would tell him what to eat and they would tell him where to live! He didn't like that, of course and said that the military would prepare Halal food for him because they had to! I wasn't trying to make him quit. I just wanted to open his eyes because he's so stupid, proud (of nothing that he has) and immature! He said this was his country and he was Canadian and they had to provide to him whatever he wants! Here I went: No! You're not! I know that he had been born here from Pakistani parents but since he's such an asshole that even does not believe that Taliban is an extremist group who kill even their own people, I said that to him! He got mad and he said he would not talk anymore! Then he stood up and went and sat in the nearby desk. There he opened his mouth to say something and as soon as he did that I said you said you wouldn't want to talk anymore. Stop! I don't want to hear anything! He shut up and said nothing. Sat there and then left after a few minutes. That was the last time I saw him!
(Photo: A cartoon I found in the web. It's not intended to offend anyone. I just am trying to depict the guy. An angry and not-understanding, immature fella who would do anything wrong, if he was asked to. The Swiss Knife in his belt is funny!)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chambly Canal National Historic Site

I and guy from New Brunswick hung out for a number of days in the same pod before being released from CAF. He was a little bit crazy but funny guy. The poor fella had some mental issue and for that he got released but it was not too serious to prevent me from spending time with him. The subject of this post is not him but I thought I should refer to him briefly before I go to the main topic. We shared good laughs together and I know he or anyone he knows ever finds out about it. So I'm not worried although I'm not telling anything bad about him. He admitted he had problems in the first week of training.
Anyway we left the school together one Sat. morning and walked all the way to Richelieu River in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu. It's a very nice place. Good for jogging, cycling, fishing and photography of course. While walking on the pathway we reached a small building with Parks Canada logo and people who had the uniform on. We then realized that we had reached Chambly Canal National Historic Site. Basically this is a canal which is made parallel to Richelieu River and it used to be a high-traffic area years ago. They made that, according to the Parks Canada lady, with her strong French accent, because the river is shallow at parts and there are falls at other spots which makes it impossible for boaters to have a safe trip or one at all. So this was built years ago. Nowadays is just used by recreational boaters from the US and Canada. We saw a number from both countries when we were there. The system works similar to the way that Panama Canal works although I have no idea which one is made first but it's easy to find out. The boat arrives and stops before a compartment-like section. The first gate opens and water enters the compartment and its level rises. Then the boat enters and the gate gets closed. Then the second gate gets opened and the boat is let go. The aim is to equalize the level of water at each section and apparently there's a charge for that. 4 Parks Canada employee where seen there and they had a little building. It seemed a little excessive especially knowing that Parks Canada is very careful with hiring people and a few years ago laid a big number off. 
Another interesting about this site is its location. It's located in Province of Quebec that in many ways separates itself from the Federal Government. It would have been a good question both from my buddy from New Brunswick and Park Canada guys but I forgot to ask! 
We watched an American boat passing and saw how the system worked. We hung out a little and walked a bit. I would have been spent much more time in there, if I had been on vacation or something but we had to go back and I was in jeans and shoes. So we headed back after getting a drink from a local McDonald's.
I found this beautiful photo of the Zoroasterian Temple in Isfahan in the internet. I think this photo could be taken in mid-spring or summer when the trees are full of leaves. For more information about travel to Isfahan refer to This place is apparently being protected, of course after years of being ignored and left alone! There is admission to visit and I hope some information is available as well. When I visited, we simply climbed up and although I don't remember much, it didn't seem very good but I hope it's being taken after now.
Here was one a question popped up: There are thousands and thousands of historic sites in the country which are being destroyed over years and no one pays attention to them. Here in Canada with only 150 years of history they try to preserve things as simple and usual as a canal! One of the actual historic sites that I visited in the old country years ago, nearly 20 years ago, was a Zoroastrian temple in Isfahan. On those years I clearly remember that only ruins of that had been left and everyone could go on the top of walls and structures. I'm not Zoroastrian and don't follow any other religion but all of the mosques in Isfahan are considered historic sites and national heritage but no one asks these guys why they don't mention about the Kings who lived in the nearby palaces while they say they overthrew years of kingdom reign in the country. The answer perhaps would be that the Safavid preserved Islam and what we see in the world as Shia Islam is simply because of their efforts.
(Photo: Two boats are approaching from north while people are fishing. It's interesting to me that people prefer the canal for fishing over the river. My experience in fishing is limited to one time years ago in a river which was going to Caspian Sea and that was a disaster which I'm not even going to tell it here! So I'm no expert to say why they have that preference!)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Disaster of Going Back Home

This time I'm writing from Ottawa International Airport because I'm stuck here! I booked my flight to Calgary through Ottawa and I realized that there was 01:55 hour delay! The flight from Montreal to Ottawa was very easy, short and comfortable. I was given a seat next to emergency exit with no one next to me. However when I got to Ottawa I learnt that my flight had already left! 
One lady from Air Canada tried for minutes to get me another ticket. Meanwhile I realized that my plastic bag containing my laptop and all the related is not with me! I was nervous and a little bit disoriented as a result of missing my flight and even now that I'm writing this I have a light headache, something I barely get in years. I remembered, after a few minutes of thinking that I had left my bag in the cart when I was rushing up to the check-in section!
The lady eventually was able to get me a flight to Vancouver and then Calgary and offered me a hotel room in Downtown Ottawa, some 20 min. drive. I refused and I said I would stay in the airport and here I am! I then went to Lost & Found and luckily someone had handed in my bag and I'm writing using my Chromebook
I finally ate after almost 12 hours! I went to Tim Horton's and garbed a Chicken Salad Sandwich for $5.30 which was not bad. The last time I had eaten was yesterday around noon when I had a cup of Coffee and a Walnut Brownie in a small cafe in Montreal Airport. I guess that cost some $6 or even more. People here don't care about the price of things they buy! I later saw a small sandwich, similar to the ones that you get them in Safeway for around $4.5 for more than $10!! I probably have to eat three of the damn thing for my meal. Then here in Ottawa I paid $3.25 for a bottle of 591 ml Dasani water! 
My flight is at about 06:20 and I don't know where the damn headache came from! Internet in Ottawa Airport is much easier to use. No sign in or bullshit like Montreal Airport. Just accept the terms and conditions! I didn't have a very bad sleep the night before my flight. So it's hard for me to understand what the cause of this headache is.
(Photo: The Bombardier Air Canada plane when parked at the designated gate)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Free, After All

I'm writing this from Pierre E. Trudeau International Airport in Montreal. I finally was released from CFLRS without any problem this morning. I was a little bit nervous because you never know what might happen to keep you for a very long time! In fact something silly did happen(!) but it was a stupidity which I will write about it separately but generally it was easier than I had thought. 
My room was not inspected although I had cleaned it and put everything in place. I had returned all my military stuff and had done all of my paperwork. The only thing left was to return the room key and my Exacta Card which I did after that and went to the office and reported. 
The lady who was responsible for the section, a Master Seaman, even helped me to get a cab and gave me the metro and bus maps. However I only got a cab to the bus terminal in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu which cost me $13.15 only. I got the bus to Bonaventure metro station in Montreal from there which cost $10. I was supposed to get to metro and a bus to the airport but I said no way! I got a cab to the airport and I don't know how much he had to charge me but he said $40 flat and I accepted. It was so comfortable and easy compare to the damn metro and bus, of course. He was a nice guy who spoke English with his French accent and here I'm now! It cost me a total of $63.15 compare to $115 that a cab would have charged. A saving of little more than $50 for now that I will be unpaid for I don't know how long!
I tried to get to an earlier flight and although one of Air Canada ladies said two flights had empty seats, when I went to the counter I was told that nothing was available. I just got my boarding pass and am waiting now.    
I've written enough about CFLRS and I will have more posts. Everyone who's planning to join can refer to my posts or sends me questions but I think it's different from person to person. I will never go back again and I didn't like it at all. Some might do. 
(Photo: An early picture of Free, the band. These guys have a number of greatest Rock songs of the all time. This post doesn't have anything with the band and I don't know why they called themselves Free but since the post is about freedom I thought I should use their photo here. From left Paul Rogers, Simon Kirke, Andy Fraser [passed away recently] and Paul Kossoff [passed away in the early years of Free of overdose)

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

CFLRS Notes (34): Summary Trail

One of the staff, a P. O. (Stands for Petty Officer, a ranking in RCN, in case you didn't know and that could be P. O. 1 or 2 but they are only addressed as P. O.) approached me and a few others once and asked us if we would be doing anything the coming Mon.. The answer was no and he ordered us to attend a Summary Trail at a certain hour on the day. From the name of the event I knew someone was in trouble and would be punished.
At the specified date and time, people almost filled the room and a Major and his aid walked in. The accused was then ordered to enter. He was marched in by one of the aids while escorted by two recruits. They were ordered to stand in front of the judge, the Major, all three of them.
The story was an idiot had a bottle of Red Wine on him when he returned from leave and it was found in his closet in a plastic bag! The guy said it was a gift from his grand mother(!) and added he never drank! The Major as a judge indicated that he had to prove the following four:
1- The identity of accused as the person who committed the unlawful act.
2- The date act was performed.
3- The location, and
4- The act itself.
He made a telephone call to the person who had found the bottle and played that for everyone. The person, a Warrant Officer working in another base named another person and then he was called to the room and after a three way conversation it was proved that the guy who was standing in front of the Major was the one who had the bottle within his personal stuff on that specific day and in the specific quarter of the school. The concept of having alcoholic beverages was found in contradiction with one specific order of either CAF or the school, I don't recall.
The witness who was called to the room was a Quebecois and after putting his hand on the Good Book (as it's said in The Shawshank Redemption!) told that he didn't speck English. So the Major asked the accused if he trusted him translating the witness and the accused accepted. Then words were exchanged between the Major and the witness and it was confirmed that the accused was the one that the alcoholic beverage bottle had been found in his quarter.
Here was the funny part. One of the escorts, a tall blonde girl extended her arm as a sign of excusing herself to ask a question and requested to be seated! I understand that some people are not strong enough to stand on their feet for a long time but that just showed the stupidity of selecting her as an escort in the Summary Trail. People here in Canada, in different levels of society and especially politicians have been trying to say men and women are equal and they don't want to be Sexist by selecting only males. They ignore the fact that simply selecting a female to show you support women (perhaps to get their vote in the next election!), regardless of the fact that she might not be qualified, is extremely stupid! 
The girl first sat and then left the room, accompanied with another girl! The session was continued with the point by the Major indicating he had gathered all the facts and he was about to come to the conclusion. The accused was found guilty and he was fined $150. However he was told that he would have a chance for appeal. 
The point here, as the Major indicated that, was to have a message to the rest of the recruits. They have to understand that there are rules to follow. They are in military and they have to give up their stupidity for the time they are under training and after that as well. I personally don't think many get the message but sessions such as that is required. There's no doubt for that. However I expected CAF to be more harsh in punishment. This guy was let to continue his training. I think he should have been suspended until the Summary Trial day and then, would be send back to training when possible after a much bigger fine. That's how they can stop stupid people like that in CAF.
This is another example that shows how Canadian society is soft on people who do unlawful things. It's quite similar to DUI. If harder punishment is available, the amount of crime or unlawful act will be decreased. I will probably have to separate posts about this topic and the equality of men and women. 
(Photo: A member is standing in front of an officer or NCM as part of a Summary Trail in a tent. Picture was randomly selected from Internet. Hope I have not violated any military rules. No name is revealed here and the face of accused is not seen. I assume I should be good)

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Dime in the Public Phone

One of the things I noticed here in Canada is lack of respect(!) for small coins! When a person drops or finds a Nickle, a Dime or used to drop a Penny, they don 't bother bending and picking it up. My understanding is they are too rich to care about that much of money! I think it doesn't matter whether your rich or not. You need to pick that up. If you don't need it, drop in a tip jar or a donation box. Is that too hard to do? Don't act like a ignorant, selfish, fool. 
I remember in the old country once my Aunt was back form a trip to Canada and had some change on her and gave them all to me! Although I was not a little kid, that amount of change, for me who had not been abroad at the time, was a treasure! I kept a number and then used the Dimes, mostly, on a public phone! There was no mobile phone available on those days. We didn't even had landline for years and I don't quite remember the year. I don't recall whether we had landline back then or not but I remember I used to use a public telephone at a corner often. It could even be avoiding others in the family to listen to my conversation. I don't quite remember the situation but I do remember that Dimes would work on the phone easily. It was even hard to find coin for public phones on those years so I would have been more than happy to use a Dime or any other coin, regardless of it's value when exchanged, to make a call. I wonder what the person who empties the coin box would feel every time he saw a Dime! Today's machines, at least in Canada, are designed in a way that if you put a wrong coin in, they would spit it out. The last time I was in the old country most of the public phones, or would be better to say all of them, were card operated and not many would use them. Every freaking person has a mobile phone there just like everywhere in the world. Some even have two! 
(Photo: A pile of Canadian Dime. I guess the government had a plan of eventually eliminate coins and banknotes just the way they took Penny out and turned paper money to sort of plastic one) 

Friday, August 04, 2017

Flashback (34): Mohammad of Allah(!)

I haven't written under Flashbacks for awhile. Something came to mind which reminded me of this guy and his story back to 15 years ago. There were a number of guys from Afghanistan in the apartment where I moved to after I left The Brave's I guess in June or July of 2002. One of them was this guy named Mohammad of Allah (literal meaning!) from Afghanistan who lived right in the unit below ours with a roommate. I had a roommate from Afghanistan as well and he worked night shift while I worked day shift. I remember one night a bunch of us went to this strip club in Downtown. It does not exist any more. It was called French Maid. I guess they either transferred the business somewhere else or shut it completely. 
There were a couple of strippers that we watched and then we took a break. I saw this great Muslim(!) playing pool with one of the girls who was clothed in shorts and T-shirt! I didn't know at the time that strippers, maybe not all of them, hang out in the club to find a customer for the night. I was so naive! I don't know if they agreed on a price or not but I doubt that! 
Then this great Muslim(!) who is so devoted to his religion that carries his prophet's name, I heard one day that had left the country for Afghanistan to find himself a good wife, a virgin girl, who cooks, sews, cleans and takes care of her husband. That's what a good wife means in Afghanistan and the neighbouring countries. He didn't show up for months and when once, out of curiosity only, I asked my friend about him he said that Muhammad of Allah had found his bride but because he was so young(!) or as it's called in Canada Underage, he was not allowed back to the country. He decided to stay there and enjoy her young wife (who could have been as young as 13!) until she was 18 and could be brought to Canada! I never heard of him or his story but would like to know if he has come back with his family or not. Perhaps I should check with my friend. I wonder if the strip-club Muslim patron is doing well or not! 
(Photo: Under-age marriage is common in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran and as far as I know some Persian Gulf states and Arabic-speaking countries. This image was randomly selected from Internet shows the age gap between a bride and groom in Afghanistan and other countries. It's quite common. Some families do that just to release a member so they don't have to feed her and provide other services)

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Where Racism Is The Worst?

A bunch of disgusting assholes broke into Indigenous people's peaceful campaign in last Canada Day in Halifax. Soon it appeared that they were CAF members, to be specific Navy guys! I was not surprised, to be honest. CAF members, not all of them of course, have racism issues. This problem actually exists all around the country but has more intensity within environments which Canadians think that solely belongs to them. Perhaps they are right!
NHL is majority Caucasian. A number of Blacks. One person plays for The Maple Leafs with his roots in Lebanon. They call him a joke! CAF itself is majority Caucasian. Chinese sit in the second. Filipino is next and at a few Blacks. Almost anyone else, they would have issue with! 
I don't know these guys wanted but it's said that they would be disciplined. The problem is everyone forgets about that in a week and two! No one really knows if they are punished or not! The interesting thing in this incident was the Minister of Defense's reaction. He obviously condemn the act but I'm not sure if anyone has talked about the disgusting behaviour of Sikhs in Surrey or not! 
This world map, from 2013 classifies the intolerance of different nations toward others. My experience is quite equal to this! Today's world political situation and conflicts, I assume, is not considered when creating this map!

Does racism has deeper roots in West or it has in East. A map I have here indicates that people from where Mr. Sajjan comes have the least tolerance for people of other races! This I truly have experienced in Canada! I've seen with Chinese, Iranians and Russians as well. The latter is probably the worst although I've not experienced anything but I've read about people of Asian and African origin who have been killed by Russians in that country while there as students or workers. Tell me about your experiences. 
(Photo: Navy guys in Halifax, NS are shown here confronting Native people who had a spiritual dance session or something similar to that. It's interesting that asshole's face reveal them easily and quickly! Look at the guy whose hands are crossed!)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

U-Boat Commander

Submarines have always been my interest. The first time I found myself a fan of them was when, years ago, the movie Das Boot was shown on TV in the old country as a series! The movie is a bit longer than 02:00 hours. Then when I joined CAF and of course I never finished my Basic Training(!), I selected a trade in the RCN that would have made me eligible  to even work in submarines but soon after starting Basic Training I found I'm the man of freedom, nature and mountains and I would be confined neither in a ship nor in a submarine! 
This, however, did not prevent me from enjoying books and movies about submarines or as it's said in German, Unterseeboot
One of the books that I've recently found and started reading is called U-Boat Commander. It's apparently written by one of a few German submarine commanders who survived WWII. The book is of course translated to English by a British guy but despite the fact that the book is very interesting, the translation sucks! It's horrible! The funny thing is the guy, named Lawrence Wilson, sounds like a British person or at least I could easily say that he's from an English-speaking country although I don't know much about Anthropology. The mistakes are so stupid and obvious that even me, who English is not his first language, notices them. Here are a few examples:

1) The first thing that comes to mind is that the book is about one specific submarine commander, Peter Cremer. So it must be titled The U-Boat Commander. First obvious and stupid mistake. 

2- Then the term U-boot, which is pronounced oo-boot in German is short for Unterseeboot. So we don't have any thing as U-Boat neither in English nor in German! So the book is titled incorrectly. At the best it should be called The Submarine Commander or Das UBoot Kommandant, the first one being a pure English title and the second one an only-German title.

3- Page 24 of the book, the Naval Institute Press edition, goes, as the story is narrated by the commander: My crew comprised 25 men, including ... . He, for whatever reason is not a fan of prepositions.

4- He calls a submarine fleet, U-Boat arm!! I don't know what type of English he studied!

I'm sure there're plenty more mistakes but I don't want to ruin the book! I also have to mention that the above is found in the first two chapters, 15 pages only.
I checked the accuracy of a number of characters which are introduced in the book and found them all correct. For that I have to say that the book is recommended for the ones who are interested history of WWII or navy, ships and submarines. I probably will have another post about the book later when I finish it.
(Photo: The cover of the book, perhaps the original publish)

Monday, July 24, 2017

CFLRS Note (33): Assignments

The recruits at times are given assignments during their course, mostly as a sort of punishment. If a recruit does something which isn't considered a serious incident, he or she normally gets a Note to File and an assignment in format of essay is given to him or her. This normally should be prepared in 500 words. The following was assigned to me:
1) The importance of following orders.
2) The importance of revealing medical conditions.
3) Duty, Loyalty, Courage and Integrity.
It means for each of the above I did something wrong and I had to show that I understand that concept. It's needless to say that in all cases the staff at CFLRS, as usual, never bothered to listen my side of story or accepted it. It would be interesting if one of them read this post! 
In addition to the above an assignment was once given to all the members of the platoon in the format of speech. In that one members had to select a topic, with the approval of staff and present that in a 5 min. time frame to group of recruits and staff. 
I didn't have any issue with any of them because I'm good at both writing and speaking but the last one was a little problem because I had a problem with understanding what Integrity was! In fact I forgot its meaning completely! I referred to the available library, took a dictionary out and started looking up for Integrity. Damn! There was not such a word in the dictionary! Why? Because the related page did not simply exist! Pages 502 to 529 of the dictionary had been torn apart and taken by obviously a sick-minded individual! 
What do I do now? There was another dictionary there but it was not clear, or at least I didn't understand what it was for! French-English, English-French?! I looked up the word and it helped a little. To be hundred percent sure that I got the right definition and also to make sure that I'm at least closing to 500 words, I checked a fella who was around and honestly he helped and I got the right definition eventually. When I handed it to the staff, he was surprised as how neat it was but I never got any feedback from him because at that stage it didn't matter, I guess.
(Photo: I used my laptop to do part of the assignments on and off although we had a number of PCs available to us)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

CFLRS Notes (32): Code of Conducts Rules

I liked a number of subjects that were taught in CFLRS. Truly interesting. Code of Conducts Rules was one of them. A combination of 11 rules. One of them which caught my attention in the class was Rule #6. This is what the rule states:

Treat all of the prisoners of war and detainees humanly in accordance with the standard set by the Third Geneva Convention; any abuse, including torture is prohibited. 

The point here is the difference between POW and detainee. The POW, when is captured, of course, is the individual who is in the uniform of enemy while a detainee is someone such as a Vietcong or a Taliban who engages in battle, ambush or any other harmful action against the forces in civilian cloths. The rule does not specify how differently they should be treated in other terms such as interrogation, imprisonment and handing them to other authorities, for example international courts or other forces. One case was capturing members of Taliban by CAF members and handing them to Afghan police or other officials. The captured members, of course, were beaten and tortured by the Afghan officials and then the then Prime Minister, Harper and his Defense Minister were questioned by the MPs. I don't know what happened after that but that was not the PMs and the CAF's responsibility to protect Taliban after they were turned over to Afghans! I guess the MPs were just looking for any subject to show their opposition to PM and his party! 
(Photo: Canadian soldiers directing a number of Afghans in their traditional dress to detention. Any of them could be either a Taliban fighter or simply a civilian)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

CFLRS Notes (31): Dress Code

Every environment has its dress code, either official or unofficial. Work-place, mechanic shop, retail store, pharmacy, you name it. They all have their own uniforms or dress codes. Schools, mostly have their uniforms. I remember when I was a kid most of the school, until junior high required students or pupils to wear a uniform. It changed a little bit after the so-called Islamic Revolution. The uniforms kind of disappeared because they didn't want to create extra cost to families. 
CFLRS has its dress code. Being a military school, recruits must have their Combats on all the time during the training. After hours, and if its after induct and if their performance has been good(!) during the week, they can be in civilian cloths.
The problem is as people have lived in such open and relaxed society such as Canada's, they forget where they are when they get to CFLRS! Low cut shirts, mini skirts, mini shirts, straight jeans, all sorts of cloths which shows all their curves. 
Staff, most of the times, approach them and warn them. This usually does not lead to a Note to File₁ or something harder than that because the girls normally follow after they are warned. 
One day I was having lunch in the mass hall and two girls, who I knew, came walking while they had their trays in their hands. They both had mini-shorts on and they both had beautiful legs! Really beautiful! I admire a girl who works on her legs! I had seen one of them in the gymnasium earlier and had a little talk with her. She, though, was not the one with the more beautiful legs! One of the staff approached them and although I could not hear what they were saying, I know they were asked to go and put something on! They both put their trays down and went to their quarters to get dressed! Although it deprived me, and possibly others, from looking at beautiful legs of them (I'm obsessed with them!), I liked what the staff did! They came back after 10 minutes! They didn't look happy. The food is usually disgusting and I remember on that day it truly was awful and bland and they had to eat the cold version of it.
1) A Note to File is an indication of an undesirable action to a recruit's file. It remains with him or her as long as the file is active and is referred to. It does not have direct impact though)
(Photo: Possibly a volleyball player. The girls shorts was as short as this one and they were both kicked out of mess hall! People need to understand what to wear and where to wear it)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

In Enemy Hands

One of the good things in TRP (Training Reintegration Platoon) is the library they have. They have both in English and French. I found a number of good books in English section, of course. I know there are good ones in other section but I know no French. In Enemy Hands is one of them.
The book is about the Canadian servicemen during the WWII who were captured as POW by the enemy forces. As sad as it could be, the stories are interesting at the same time. It shows what those poor guys went through. Hunger, cold, discomfort, stress, injury, sickness, you name it. 
Of course everyone knows what the feelings of a POW might be but reading what they have narrated gives you a better understanding of that. 
The worst of them would be the invasion of Dieppe where Canadians were slaughtered. A large number of them were captured by Germans. The thing about Westerners is if they are defeated they admit that and document it. In East something like this never happens. Iran had a number of disastrous operations during the 8-year Iran-Iraq War which led to losing thousands of troops, mainly volunteers called Basiji but they never admitted the loss and to this day they have never been a true number of casualties of the devastating war. 
This post is not about Iran-Iraq War but I would like to bring an example where Iranians were defeated, unfortunately, due to lack of good leadership, most likely and possibly lack of support as well. Operation Dawn 1 took place in 1983 in eastern Al-Amarah and the human waves of Revolutionary Guards were massacred by Iraqi forces. 
Going back to In Enemy Hands here are two short storied told by Canadians about what happened to them: 

Major Allen Glenn, Calgary Tank Regiment:

This is one of the comments I do remember one of the Germans made: If we knew there were so many of you coming, we would be prepared!
The French nurses at the hospital at Dieppe told us that had been getting up at 4 AM for the last four or five days. They were expecting us.

This, above, shows how unprepared and disorganized Canadians were. Their plan was know days, maybe weeks before it was put in to practice.  I leave it to you to read the rest of the book and decide for yourself whether book is good or not by I recommend that.
(Photo: This map shows the location of town of Dieppe in France. Whether it had any strategic importance or not, I don't know but seems it might have. Otherwise why they would sent troops to there. Just to be humiliated, killed and captured?! I don't think so. I guess one reason was that the Canadians were looking for some action in the war to prove themselves and this opportunity were given to them but as it was under other's command and they lacked air and naval support, they destroyed themselves)

Monday, July 17, 2017

CFLRS Notes (30): Disgusting Fucking Lair(!)

There was this girl that once we had a short conversation with and then we kept that a few more times when we were in the same platoon. She was not so good looking but we have a proverb which goes: Even an old shoe is a property when you find it in desert! So I decided to go with it and even invited her to a coffee outside. I didn't happened but because of her strange accent (she was not Caucasian) I asked her once if she spoke any other language. She replied by saying that she did not. I grew up in Canada, she added. Although it was a bullshit answer, I let it go because you could grew up in Canada and speak any other language rather than English
A few days later I saw her with a bag with Hebrew writing on it! Of course it meant she was Jewish and then it was then I realized that she was a stinking piece of shit, disgusting lair! I asked her if she speaks Hebrew and she admitted that. We exchanged a few e-mails mostly in regard to material she wanted and never received(!) because I had no intention to have the smallest relationship with such a freaking, disgusting lair! I even called her once and left her a message as she didn't pick up and stated that she was busy. She also indicated a few times that a friend had come and picked her up and they went for a weekend time-spending. I assume that was her service provider(!) and she was looking for a better option at the time specially when I told her that I would be going to Halifax because she said that she would be going there too and that was when she gave me her e-mail address and telephone number because she said she wanted to have the same discussions with me (We had short political discussions a few times).
Time passed and I didn't see her until one day I was having supper with a few and she came and sat at the table on the only empty seat, next to me. I paid no attention and then I realized that she was talking to someone in French! This was another proof that she was a nasty lair but I didn't say a word. Then after a few minutes she turned to me and said something about going to platoon or similar which was totally untrue (and is unrelated here) and I response said: No! You're delusional. It was not that! She shut the fucked up and said nothing! Perhaps didn't even hear me! 
Then the next morning she was sitting by herself, as she did mostly and I guess that is because almost everyone knew how disgusting she was(!), I saw her and passed by and sat at another table in a way that that she saw me. I even deleted her e-mail address and telephone number from my telephone address book. Simply disgusting!
(Photo: Hillary Clinton, wife of the former president, Bill Clinton, who also was a disgusting and awful lair, was accused of lying during the last presidential campaign against, mainly Trump, here is shown in a funny picture being fed a medicine of truth! Something which probably should be done to that ugly awful girl, although I doubt it works on her!)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

CFLRS Notes (29): Playing Chess

You got plenty of free time while on training in CFLRS at times because the training method here is Run ... Run ... Run ... and then Wait ... Wait ... Wait! Unfortunately you cannot use the time you have the way you want and most of it wasted. In TRP (Training Reintegration Platoon) though, at times, you can use this time the way you want. In fact many use it for different thing including volunteering, OJT (On-job Training), etc. Some play cards, read books or simply hang out and talk. I mostly played chess when I had time. At first there was a set which one of the guys had purchased from a local Wal-Mart. Then another fella bought a nice set from a store in town for some $100. And then there was one in the office that guys used. So there were 3 or even 4 sets on the tables and people were playing! It was amazing! Even one of the staff came a few times and he was interested. One of our Sergeants!
I enjoyed that a lot and slaughtered everyone who played against me! In fact there were only two or three that I had to put extra effort. The rest vaporized after a few minutes. The Sergeant then suggested me to start a tournament(!) and it was shortly after I was sent back to regular training.
I continued playing in the platoon although we didn't have same amount of time. I played against a few and beat them of course and then when we came out of our induct, I continued playing through internet sites, mainly Lichess as no one was interested! Normally everyone goes out during the weekend. They go to bars, strip clubs, restaurants, hotels (to have sex with their new partners), etc.
When I sent back to TRP again, as a result of being re-coursed, it was not that much action but I gave it a little push and beat everyone again except for this Oriental girl whom I played against two times. The first time I resigned because I knew I didn't have any chance and I decided to quit honorably(!) instead of being defeated and shamed! The second time our game was interrupted and we abandoned it. She was good.
Chess is a very good game but similar to anything else that could become addiction, this could be an addiction as well. This concept is very well explained in movie The Chess Players by Satyajit Ray. I still think it's better than playing cards or hanging out and bull-shiting each other!
(Photo: An interesting chess set! It looks like a skiff but it's longer. It certainly is not a ship but it's just for fun! The four cannons at the corners look excessive though!)