Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Second Citizenship(!)

The Lady was eventually given this opportunity to attend the Citizenship Ceremony yesterday and I of course accompanied her and joined other in the same ceremony after more than 7 years. This was held in the same building that I took my Oath but in a bigger room with more people, I guess a total of 100. The judge, a beard short gentleman with a big smile managed the ceremony very well and said very nice things that I for a moment got emotional. He said: ... Many of you escaped from war or corrupt societies ... and I thought of ourselves who came a rich country which its own people destroyed it and still doing it! The people I tried to warn them years before leaving and never listened and now are in a much bigger trouble compare to the days that I was continuously giving them warnings about the danger of a religious government. 
Nevertheless it was a nice ceremony and even a few kids who were crying at times didn't bother me although the judge's assistant had to mention that a few times. The problem with the Oath of Citizenship is the nobody ever believes and commit him or herself to this oath, like many other promises and oaths! Maybe I'm too pessimist! I correct: Not many fell accountable to what they have sworn in at the time of the oath.
(Photo: I took photographs both from the ceremony room but I'm not sure weather publishing other people's photo would be a right thing to do. For that reason I have a photo of a series and Canadian Provinces flags as well as the country's which are hoisted in front of the Government building) 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quebec and Crimea

Two subjects have been the world's topic in the past three weeks: Crimea peninsula in Ukraine and Province of Quebec. Russia said that it was concerned about the welfare of the Russian majority in that southern part of Ukraine and deployed troops. Then there was an election for which the West condemned it and claimed it had been done under the Russian's pressure. Crimea eventually got separated from Ukraine and Russia immediately gave sovereignty to it.
Here in home the Quebec separatist showed concern about the so-called non-Quebec people, mostly the student and said the future of Quebec should not be determined by these people. There is no doubt that Bloc Quebec is an extremist party, in my opinion. Their behavior has shown that since the new leader has been selected. For example a few months ago the Government of that province had this plan to ban the people from wearing religious symbols while they are at work, such as health professionals. Something we know that's impossible to do for example to ask Sikhs to take their turban off or Muslims no to wear head scarf or Jews not to wear their little cap because in this country they have always been told that they were free to practice the religion of their own, not that I'm a religious person or like any religion but you can not shut them down over night! It's just not going to happen. So some people compared the election in Quebec with Crimea. They said Why is the election is Quebec is considered free and democratic bu the one in Crimea is not!? I have no sympathy for the Russians and I know how decisively they took part of my old country through two contracts years ago but I do not agree with the West. Everything that they don't like is either against the human rights or against democracy. They try to convert all of the countries of the world to the allies of themselves and make them consumers of their products! 
Crimea is gone and now the West is threatening Russia with sanctions and here in home I guess people are waiting to see what will happen to Quebec. In my opinion Canada has started with Quebec and Quebec must stay as part of Canada. I was having a little chat with a guy from work. He is from Quebec which is against separation and believes it will not happen. He says the Government keeps this promise as a means to show to the people how it cares about them to get their vote. He also told me one interesting story of his trip to France. He said he had really difficulty to communicate when he was there although it is believed they both speak French! But apparently it's different! 
(Photo: Russia has its Crimea Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol port. It had been leased from Ukraine but now I don't know who gets paid for that!)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Problem of Housing

Housing has become a real problem in Calgary and other nearby communities lately. Chestermere and Okotoks are among them, if not any others each dealing with different issues. I never had this in mind to purchase a property. Many did years ago and I assume they profited. Some might have lost money. The fist apartment that I rented in Calgary, a 1 bedroom with a big storage room, balcony and roofed parking in Downtown area, more specifically 17A St. was $475. I do not think you can rent a place like that, no matter how old even close to double that cost these days! That was back in 2002 I guess and then it was increased to $500 when I moved out. It was not a great place but was OK. 
Today the amount we pay for this dump is incredible but I also now we cannot rent any place cheaper unless we sacrifice something, most important of all the distance to work. 
There was a time that riding a bus or train was not a big issue but now it's just stupid specially if the commute is made to and from Downtown area. My buddy at work who is a real cheapskate used the public transit to come to work and go home for more than 2 years. He eventually gave up and purchased a used reliable car. Now he's paying more but get comfort and time. I know for a fact that he doesn't have to deal with manics who play with electronic devises and pay no attention to their surroundings! And he doesn't have to walk in a chilly and windy day and wait for the bus even it's only 5 minutes. 
We have this plan of moving out of this cold city. When we will be able to execute that plan, I don't know but part of the plan is not to purchase any property here so we won't get stuck! 
(Photo: This Pie Chart with its legend on the right shows that right now almost 74% of our monthly expenses goes to rent!)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rat's Nest Cave

It had been a long time since I wanted to see Rat's Nest Cave near Canmore until it finally happened today morning. I was at there location just before you enter the town at about 09:15 AM and I was the first of small group of 7, including the guide. There was a hike of about half an hour to the entrance to the cave which was not bad although it was a bit cold, almost -13̊ C and not windy. They have a little shelter up there so you can put the helmet and other safety gears on. Inside the cave was pleasant in terms of temperature but breathing was bit hard. It's not so bad that you have difficulty but there's lots of dust in the air and I wonder why. Inside the cave mostly wet and that's what makes it strange to understand the suspended particles in the air. 
You have to crawl or walk with your head down for most of the part and use harness and clip yourself to the ropes which is fairly easy. The fun part starts when you have to rappel yourself down. That was my first experience and the guide set the ropes and clips for me and told me what to do and I really enjoyed down except for the part that I hit my left leg and knee to a rock! Then after a few minutes of walks and downs, crawls and jumps we reached a point that there was a little hole and the guy said that we could go in and crawl to the other side and come back. I looked and it seemed impossible for me to get in and I definitely didn't want to get stuck! So I didn't go to the hole and then we went further down and that was another damn hole, this one like a shaft that I really don't know how the people got in! It goes down vertically and then takes an L shape angle and become horizontal. I didn't take the chance with this one either and unlike the last one the guide didn't stay with me. He joined them and I was all alone. Becoming alone in a cave is probably the scariest thing that someone could experience. Imagine you're there and your battery is out. Unless someone knows where you are, you just go crazy and die! I can't even picture it in my how someone could save himself or herself even with a light because there are different ways, holes and chambers. 
Nevertheless I tried to keep myself busy with the photography until the guide comes and gets me as he had promised. I heard a noise after a few minutes and I realized that was another group but the fella showed up and got. I joined everyone and we reached where there were small ponds and you could hear water streaming down. It was very nice and I was going to get a clip but the crazy guys were too load and at the end I just took a few shots and climbed up. The last challenge was another hole that you would have to crawl in all the way, probably only a few meters and come back the same way. I went only as far as a meter and I saw a rock sticking up from the top and went back! 
The way back to the top of the cave and entrance is different. You come out a spot which is called box and we were shown when we stepped in. We had to use the harnesses to get up. A fall-safe device. I guess it was almost 15:10 or so that we were at the shelter and around 15:35 when we reached the cars. 
Overall it is not a bad experience but not as significant as I originally thought. I had been to a cave only once and there was no crawling and technical challenge and that was back to 2001 and to Rood-Afshan Cave shortly before I left the old country. This differently is more challenging, exciting and appealing but there are disadvantages too. Although it's a once in a life time try, I still believe it is a bit expensive. If you're a little big guy there's no way that you could maneuver between the rock down in there. I'm not a very big guy but the guide noticed the size of my body and mentioned that I might not be able to pass some passages. The atmosphere in the cave is dusty. Someone with a bit of breathing problem could be in trouble easily. Even I felt a bit of discomfort when I inhaled deeply. The guy, the guy is very helpful, patient with the people and a professional. He was also very helpful on the phone when I booked so the staff are great. About the name of the cave I had heard that from them that there were hamsters living in the cave. I personally prefer bats but there was only one at the entrance and the guide used all his effort to get the attention of the rodent if I may call it but I only saw its little head! I would give the whole experience a 3.5 Stars and recommend it to skinny and tiny guys. Have lots of rest the day before the tour and don't worry about water and food. I was neither hungry nor thirsty and only ate after I reached home but I had a light breakfast.
(Photo: This is where it is considered almost the end of the tour but the map I saw at their office showed the tour only covers a much as 1/5 of the entire cave. The rest probably takes much longer, requires training and equipment and causes damages. That was good enough for me!)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Workplace Stories (13): The Cell

One of the issues I have with this damn stupid job of mine is that I have to be sited at the desk for a long time. It didn't use to be like this but the work is a bit slow now and that's what I don't like. I get a chance to get out of the building everyday at noon. I normally have a walk of 15 to 20 minutes if the weather allows. 
The other day I was going to the other floor and there was this little space between the door and the L part of the corridor which is hidden from the main entrance to the floor. I thought to myself that I could walk form where the view is blocked to the wall and come back and repeat this for minutes! There is 6 steps from the corner to the wall. It reminded me of when Papillon was in solitary confinement! He was trying to keep his health so he did push ups and walks. I'm basically in the same situation here: I'm trapped in the company. Haven't found any other jobs and I needs daily exercises! 
(Photo: The distance between where the corridor turns and the end wall seen here is almost 6 steps and a little longer than what Steve McQueen was taking in the 1973 movie, Papillon)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Workplace Stories (12): Food Aroma

Beeps of Microwave machines and aroma of different dishes are the two things you start feeling them between the hours of 11:30 and 01:30 all the working days of the weeks in our workplace. For some, who are as weak and silly of kindergarten kids, if the food is a bit late, I guess, they pass out. Many go out to mostly grab a bit and eat it at their desk. From Subway to Tim Horton's sandwiches and any other ready food sold in the nearby businesses. I usually eat after the crazy rush is over and I never use Microwave as most of the time I have salad or fruit or simply a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate.  
It's hard at times to resist all the good smell; East Indian food with all the aroma, Chinese, Hot Sausage ad all other sorts of the food that the companies know what they have to add to them to make them more attractive and of course deadly! However I most of the time resist. Better to say all the time I resist. The other day I was a bit tempted to get a Chicken Sandwich from the nearby Tim Horton's but because that fucking place is always crowded and there is long line, I turned back. By the time I got to my office my appetite was killed. So I told myself maybe leaving the office shortly before they start their show could be helpful but I can't. I just have to concentrate on something or bring something flavorful. It's amazing the amount of money people spend on their lunches in the local businesses. I wondered what portion of their salary it would be! 
This whole good aroma of food bring a memory from the years when I was in junior high: I once or maybe twice took lunch to the school in one of those old Japanese multiple-compartment lunch boxes and one day the principal caught me. By saying catching me everyone might thing that I had committed something bad like stealing food but the fact was although we had to stay at the school until 14:00 or 14:30, I don't remember exactly we didn't have lunch. We had enough time for fucking Noon Prayer but apparently food was not as important as thanking and pleading to the God!! Kids should have starved but not to forget to thank God for wonderful life they were all had been given. So the Principal came and he was a bald man in his, I would say early 40s, with unshaven partially white beard and a bad smell but an OK guy. Those were The War years and that school was close to a labour neighborhood with all low-income people. He told me not to bring warm food to the school any more because it might disturb people who were not able to have that kind of meal. I immediately put everything back, I guess without even eating and sealed the lunch box. 
Today I think he was right and I also think there were probably kids who had never seen that kind of food in their lives. But I would like to stress that the way he dealt with the issue was very calm and right because we had asshole principals and assistants as well as teachers in the school. 
Speaking of asshole teachers, it reminded me of another occasion that I encounter this gentleman that I still remember his name and surname and even his face after more than probably 30 years and I will say why shortly. I had forgotten to participate in an exam for our Sport & Exercise and I appeared in front of the teacher, I guess shortly after another exam. He was most of an idiot not an asshole. He was simply a fool. He asked me if I had taken the test and of course my answer was no. Slap! I felt my face is burning! I guess it was the sound of the slap that brought the Principal in! He asked if he had hit me and gave him a strange look. I don't know what the teacher's answer was but he started asking questions of the exam shortly after that and here I was there passed the exam. 
A few months later we came to know that the guy, the Principal, had been assassinated! I guess they shot him to death. We, the kids, never knew who killed him and why but as usual it was the MKO. They renamed the school after him: Ghasem Ali Hedayat. Was he a spy of the regime or had done something else? we never know. Was he a bad man or not? I don't know. I only know him from the two encounters that I had with him and to me he handled them both professionally but the truth will never emerge for me. I checked Google Maps to see if the school is there but that was among many detail that I could not see.
(Photo: Iranian dishes have mostly pleasing aroma and great taste but generally fattening and not very healthy because of the excessive usuage of rice, white bread, fatty lamb, sugar and salt. This one made by lady month ago is a traditional Stuffed Vegetables, called Dolme which contains amazing herbs emitting beautiful smell. Haven't had it for a long time)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Crowchild Twin Arenas

We attended the last session of Ice Skating at U of C last week. Overall it was a much better experience compare to two years ago when I first did this course. Although the previous instructor helped me to stay on my feet and learn the basics but she was not as caring, friendly and helpful as the one this year.
We were told that there was another place that we could try to practice and that's how we came to know about the Crowchild Twin Arena, where we spent over an hour yesterday. We arrived a few minutes early to gear up and similar to most places in Canada it didn't seem to be any control. We paid a Townie for the two of us and entered. It was a well-maintained ice. People gradually came and it got busy and busier by minute but it was OK. Lots of Chinese were there and apparently it's close to one of the neighborhoods they accumulate themselves, many kids and to be quite honest I was impressed by the way some of this China people were maneuvering! 
Everything was going really well and we had so much fun. We practiced bubbles, backward, crossover, Hockey stop, as well as regular forward skating. Then I was gliding by The Lady and we were supposed to skate a few last minutes of the term when I asked her to do that fast while I was looking at her on my left side. For some reason I lost the control and she says a kid appeared before me and kind of went backward and to the air, got a height of, if I'm not exaggerating, almost 2 feet and then Boom! hit the ice with ass! I was embarrassed especially because a Caucasian guy caught me falling hard beside I had been maneuvering and going between people without a small issue but I pretended nothing had happened and stood up and continued sliding! Those ones who do skating regularly and has started when they were 3 or younger, like many small Caucasians in the arena, know it was a bad landing and know how painful it is. The Chinese might not know. So we finished and got back to the car with not much problem. The Lady wanted to by a vase of Hyacinth for the upcoming Norooz so we stopped at a Safeway on our way home. When was trying to shut the trunk after getting shopping bags I realized that I had left the damn key in the ignition! Damn! 
That was the second sign that I was tired. I lose concentration and focus when I'm tired and that was why I fell. Now by forgetting the damn key I had to go home to get The Lady's! I was supper lucky that I had both the apartment key and my wallet. Otherwise We would have to call the building manager! So I told The Lady to keep herself busy while I'm taking a bus to home. Unfortunately I was not as lucky as I originally had thought! I had only a credit card with no cash, no debit and ticket for bus and that credit card was the one I had had problem with for a long time! I kept being declined at the time of shopping! 
So I said I would walk home, get the car key and some cash or another credit card and would go back to the supermarket. I wasted a few minutes finding The Lady in the mall ti get the other credit card from her but she was nowhere to be found. Considering all the time wasted I decided to catch a cab while I was almost 1/3 of the way home and ask him to wait for me and take me back to Safeway. That stupid mistake eventually cost me $17.7 and almost 1.5 hour. 
I barely slept last night and was immobilized the entire day. I'm hardly at my desk and just waiting for the dark to shadow the city so I can go to sleep maybe after a few hours. Regardless of all the above it was a fun day and we're definitely going next week!
(Photo: The rink that public skating is usually held at and that is the northern rink, not that this is how they are specified, before the skaters hit the ice. I wonder what the giant Chicago Blackhawks is doing on the wall!?) 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cosco: A Complete Waste of Time

I had been to Cosco in British Columbia a few times but never to an Alberta location until yesterday. Never had membership even back to the British Columbia days and always accompanied someone. After seeing it once I realized what stinking dump it was but The Lady wanted to get something so she borrowed her friend's card and we went there. I guess it had been probably 6 years since the last time I was in a Cosco. The place was packed and even more crowded than my previous experiences. We had to park at the end of the lot. No biggy though, we were let in because the cards are not compared to the holders. Who cares if it's me or my buddy going to the store as long as someone had paid the damn membership fee?!
The store starts with some electronic stuff such as cameras and laptop but seriously who the idiot buys a camera from a whole seller unless he is super knowledgeable about them!? There's no one to answer your questions if you have any. Some of the staff don't even speak English
The customers, as far as I saw are populated families and the ones who specially stuff every sort of garbage down their throats! Chips, Crackers, Hot Dogs, Doughnuts, all sorts of chemically affected trash. Besides that what hobby is better for a poor family with multiple kids on a weekend? They go the place and feed themselves on the sample foods which are always available for free. Get their chow of a months or so off the shelves of the items which was pointed at briefly above and at the end if they are still happen what is better than a $1.5 Hot Dog with a tower of Soda!? At the end they all go home happily and rest the few hours of the day, let the chemicals react in their system! 
Price of most of the items are same as a regular supermarket. That's why I really don't see why someone should go there. The only thing we saw a bit cheaper was a big bag of bread and since we could freeze them we bought it. Everything else and when I say everything, I mean everything, is absolutely the same! Our total purchase was not more than $70, I guess and I truly believe it wasn't worth the drive and time spent there. We wanted to check a small washer but we realized it was not available and probably could only be purchased online. The only thing worth checking. The line was not so bad for someone like me who hates staying in the lines. I guess it didn't take more than 5 minutes. There are two people at every till which speeds the process up. Generally Cosco is not recommended unless you have a restaurant or a big family but similar to many other things in North America their existence is questionable! I don't think I ever go there even someone lends his or her card to me! 
(Photo: Everything is provided in big packages and of course extended shelf-life but seriously who needs a big bottle of Cold-Fx as big as the one in this picture even if he or she regularly is sick?! I have never used one! Just as an example)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Facts about Alberta Oil Sands

There are a few facts about the Oil Sands projects of Alberta that I found them very intriguing and would like to share them here:

1-      First of all Oil Sand is really not oil. I mean if you look at this substance from chemical point of view the formula is different. They modify or technically speaking upgrade it in a processing plant to, I think, be more like or close enough what is called oil or conventional oil in the industry. That is one reason it is called Synthetic Oil. Whether it could be used in the same manner as conventional oil or not, I don’t know that for sure because it is being traded in the market at the moment and the producers are looking to expand their market, although I doubt they can do that, at the same time the price of bitumen is way lower than conventional oil considering the ordinary way of measurement in the industry, barrel. I don’t have the most updated prices in my hands but a 28% difference is what I have noticed while the same report indicates the cost of extraction too high in a way that the operation would not worth at all! There should be more information to conclude a final result.
2-      Bucketwheels were first used to extract and transfer the ore and then they got replaced with heavy haulers, the big trucks. According to the document available through the Oil Sand Discovery Centre the application of this huge machine later was then suspended, mainly due to high maintenance cost, excessive power usage and long downtime during the time the machine is out of order. I really don’t understand how someone could make such a stupid, huge and costly mistake! Using parallel systems is a very basic fact in maintenance of machinery in the industry. By using tens of trucks to transfer the extracted ore from the mine to the crushing plan you basically apply that theory. If one truck is broken or involves in an accident, you would not have to shut down your entire production. They are replaceable at much lower cost compare to a damn Bucketwheel and faster of course. Besides you just decrease your production rate instead of completely stop it. Very easy fact to understand and apply but my guess is whoever was behind manufacturing and application of the giant machines was not present at the time that brains were being distributed.
3-      The production of bitumen shall decrease soon due to several facts in the industry:
a.       There is no agreement on any of the three major pipelines which are supposed to take the crude (or bitumen) to the major refinery and export points.
b.      Production has been increased and is on the rise in different corners of the world. The US has decreased its imports and resorted to produce Shale Oil. Countries such as Iran and Iraq are favorite potentials for the investors because both of the nations are heavily suffering from lack of technology as well as investment.
c.       Only 20% of the resources are able be be extracted through mining. The rest should be obtained via In-Situ or SAGD methods which are more environmentally effective while less costly. 

In a nutshell the future of Oil Sands project does not seem to be very bright and there are challenges. The Government of Canada will fight to keep them up and running because it gas created many jobs and will create many more an will bring lots of revenue. 
(Picture: This photo was taken from the so-called Kearl TV from the time I stayed at the related site for awhile and shows a bucketwheel. This was part of a commercial-like clip but I have no idea why they used that because mining using this giant machines was considered absolute long time before this project)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Old Stuff

I bought my TV in 2003 it was, I guess. I somehow ended up in the a & b Sound in Downtown where the old Bank of Montreal building is located and got a installment deal. I don't remember but I guess it was through a Citi Mastercard that I kept until 2011 or 2012 when Cit transferred all of the accounts to CIBC
As I said I don't remember much about the deal but I guess a brand new 20" SONY Trinitron in those years cost me a bit more than $450 which I paid in 2 or three installments. I remember the night that I was picking up the television I had rented a car and the guys told me to get it from the back door in the alley. So I went there and I saw a television set on the street, without a box or anything! A fucking nasty Black guy was there or I guess I approach him inside and told him that I wanted a new set in a box with everything and he showed surprise and asked if that was I wanted! I don't know to this date what sort of fucking game that was because I never have seen something like that after this experience but I guess that was probably a demo one that he wanted to sell to me so he could take the new one with the price of demo. That's the only explanation. Anyways I managed to get a boxed new one and left. I have been using that TV to this date and have seen several of the kind, even bigger many times beside the streets! No one will ever pay for something like this. In late 2010 once I had an advertisement for it in a public website and I had a very low price. I didn't even get one answer! I didn't know at the time that tube TVs were almost extinct! 
I liked both a & b Sound and my Citi Mastercard. None of them exist today. a & b Sound had three locations in Calgary, at least to my knowledge that I had been to all three and bought amazing stuff, movies that I have them all to this date. The company went out of business in 2006 or so while it was always busy whenever I visited a branch. I've already told the story of Citi Mastercard
I have no intention to purchase a new TV yet. With the job market fucked up and us on the brink of being kicked out, I don't think it's a wise idea to spend a few hundred dollars on a new TV. My monitor provides high definition picture and that's enough for now. 
(Photo: My old SONY television set. We got the TV stand from an old lady next to us when we used to live in White Rock. We got a few other things from the poor lady including a bed. This TV stand and a one drawer chest are the only things left!)

Friday, March 07, 2014

Oscar 2014: The Start of a Very Disturbing Week

I'm happy this damn week is over. It was so cold that even me, who never complains about the weather was frustrated. We only could go out once and that was to the Oval last night and of course an indoor event. The temperature barely went up -15 ºC and that is without windchill! Today it started to warm up and now at this hour has reached -2 ºC so far. The next week is supposed to be pleasant although you never know in Calgary
The only thing we did rather than our skating, which will be ended next week, was watching the Oscars on last Sun. which was good. I normally do not spend time on this but wanted to see what Oscar any of the two movies that I had watched would receive. I watched Captain Philips and Gravity and the second one won a few Oscars but not the major ones. 12 Years A Slave and Dallas Buyers Club swept the major ones. I didn't watch any of them and will probably will not watch them because I don't like the stories. A movie about slavery in the States and another one about the people who are dying of AIDS, no matter whether it's their own fault engaging themselves in homosexuality or something else, should not be pleasant; not for me.
However I would like to see Nebraska, a movie which had Bruce Dern as a nominee for a leading role. I have watched only one movie of him and that is The Driver. He started in that film, one of my favorites, against Ryan O'Neil, years ago when he was much younger, in 70s. He's over 70 now! he didn't win but I still like to watch it. Regardless of that I truly do not believe a movie winning an Oscar is a very good one or better than the one which has not won any.
(Photo: Bruce Dern in Nebraska on the top and The Driver. He delivered a good play in his younger age. I should see how this one is)

Monday, March 03, 2014

Prisoners of the Cold War

It has been extremely cold in the past three days that I could barely go out. I tried to start the engine of the car in the morning of Sat. and for the first time I realizes it had difficulty to run! The temperature has plunged to below -30 º C with windchill at times even close to -40 º C in Calgary and around. It's impossible to walk without proper clothing and actually it's dangerous. I didn't go anywhere on Sat. but on Sun. I walked from 10th Ave. to 8th Ave. and walked toward north and it was unbearable even when I was going back, because of the wind. 
The streets were empty. So were the shopping center. Maybe people don't dare even driving or taking the public transit. They are all the prisoners of this war that we are having with the cold. This is the coldest winter that I've ever experience since 2001. However there are people here who have lived longer an claimed that had seen worse winter. I guess they might have changed their statement after last Fri.! 
The weather will likely remain the same until next Fri. and will increase a bit after that. It might not be as bad as the real Cold War that took the word to the brink of nuclear war a few times but it could be fatal.
(Picture: I took this picture on Memorial Dr. in Calgary at around 07:50 PM. It took me only around 1 minute but I could not feel my left hand's finger after that. I think this was the temperature without considering the windchill)

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Workplace Stories (11): Field of Vision

The amount of work has been decreased significantly since last Dec. and as I explained earlier we're all waiting for a blow to sweep us off all. It's hasn't happened yet but it might happen soon. That's what we're hoping. It becomes really boring at times and I'm in the same state that I was when I started there originally especially yesterday that I had skated the night before and had a little cold so what I did all day long was yawning, sneezing and also gluing my eyes to the screen!
Then I said let's see what a human's field of vision is because from where I'm sitting I need to check at time the two assholes that might step in the office and it will ugly if they find me reading something unrelated to work. That's something I do at times. 
So looking at the above sketch my position in the office is the one on the very left with a dickhead on my right and two assholes across from the narrow corridor. The one on the right is who checks less often but I have to watch more carefully. I know the sketch doesn't seem good but the big rectangles are the desks and the little ones at one corner are the monitors. The big arrows pointing at the screens show how everybody sits so as you can see I am not able to see what the one on my right in the office is up to unless I turn my head. So does he not because we are both out of our own horizontal field of vision. 
In the meantime paying attention to the fact that the normal human beings horizontal field of vision is anything between 94̊ and 104̊, I am able to see the Mumbling Guy and he has the same privilege too because a window is between out offices and the narrow corridor while I'm not able to see the Screamer when I'm at my normal sitting position because a wall is blocking my view. Same for him as well. The curved arrows are the direction of people when they leave their offices and the doors are depicted as a normal property drawing. After people enter the corridor they either go straight or turn right where they pass a glass wall and a all-the-day-locked door. That means that danger is away because they will not come back soon. That leads to the main entrance to the level. At times they go to the other offices on the level but turning right and appearing at the glass wall means that the relief is even bigger than when they just simply enter the corridor. 
In order to extent my vision possibilities when I see any of the hostile forces leaving their offices, I normally turn my eyes all the way to the right and keep receiving light from the moving objects. That allows me to keeps watching with a little twist to the right, all the way to the safe glass wall and locked door. However I can not keep my eyes in that position for a significant amount of time because it's very uncomfortable. But honestly it's not that bad. These idiots are not watching or that assholes is not spying on me but here and there they show themselves and throw a bullshit at me just to say they exist and are in the superior position in the company compare to me, especially the Screamer. I wish I had a better job in which I didn't have to deal with this scums and waste most of my time but hasn't happen yet and I'm stuck. We'll see if any progress occurs.
(Photo: Handmade, using MS Word(!), sketch of part of our office floor and position of different parties)