Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Aboriginals' New Gift to Canada

It was in the news that almost 20 major groups or tribes of Aboriginal people from the US and Canada had gathered together and signed  a treaty between themselves to use all of their power and authority to stop any pipeline going through the countries! Great! Thank you all!
The fact that the majority of Aboriginals in Canada do nothing and basically contribute nothing to the society, cannot be denied. They probably cannot get over the fact that Europeans came to their land more than 500 years ago and changed everything! They keep fighting! It's like the dirty and drunkard Native woman who once asked my wife for a change and when she said she didn't have any on her, the Native woman in shabby cloths while barely kept herself stood said: Get out of my country!
I have nothing against Aboriginals and in fact I like them a lot. I had a buddy who was a young Aboriginal boy in my first job. My previous banker was an Aboriginal lady but what can I say. I'm not responsible for the drunkard ones who roam around the streets of Calgary and collect recyclables. These people don't work and don't let the others work as well! I don't say that pipeline have no environmental affects but people have been out of work for months! Revenues are low! Should we just all sit back and look at the sky, counting the clouds going by?! Maybe that's what the Aboriginal like because that what their ancestors used to do more than 600 years ago! 
It's a different world today. I bet the ones who agreed to the new treaty are all the ones who by big pick-up trucks and for themselves without giving a Penny to their tribe members. This was in the news a while ago. The only remaining point here is why they have not opposed to the new pipeline in BC for LNG?! Have they missed it? Is that because the pipeline is for Liquefied Natural Gas and not Crude Oil?! A pipeline harms the environment. Won't' the other one?
(Photo: This map shows the north part of BC where the project will take place, if approved)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Trudeau Stomps on Canadian Values

When it comes to money no one ever prioritize anything over that. These fucking liars who always carry a flag of democracy, human rights and bullshits like that, when see an opportunity to make money, forget about all of them. 
The previous government led by Harper shut down the fucking embassy of the Islamic Murderers Republic of Iran (IMRI) in Sep. 2012 (four great years has passed) now this disgusting, phony government led by Trudeau attempts to reopen the embassy because they see themselves in shit and are trying to sell stuff to Iran to make a few million bucks!  
Another example is the recent trip of Trudeau to China to beg their Premier to let Canola Oil  in. In exchange Canada has to extradite the Chinese who fled the country and made of a story of oppression or similar to use cheques and other facilities that the government provides to these bastards! I guess Trudeau has reached a deal on that. 
One interesting question was asked from the moron foreign minister of the current government, Dion. This idiot barely speaks English and a few years ago was running against Harper. I remember a reporter asked him a question and he didn't even understood it! He's a joke! This time he was asked whether Canada has seen any willingness from their Iranian counterpart to restart relationship. He provided a bullshit answer and added that there are issues with Iran that they consider seriously, such as human rights and bullshits like that! The reporter came back with: Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest human rights violators in the world. Why hasn't Canada never showed concern about that?! The moron obviously provided another nonsense answer with his silly accent!
(Photo: This is what we've seen from Trudeau so far! Photographing himself with others! In this cartoon which I'm bringing here with the permission of its artist, he or she depicts how the big beast of deficit is in all of the photos and he ignores that!)

Friday, September 23, 2016

The CAF Medical Examination

I was medically examined by two CAF officers shortly after the interview, probably less than 2 hours but that's not a routine. It all depends on their schedule. The examination is pretty straightforward and easy. It doesn't take long either. The only important part was that I have Gout and I had to indicate that in my form and I did. For that they gave me a from to give it to a physician. He or she is required to provide information and his professional opinion on that. I, too, was given another form which requires the applicant to undergo three lab tests. This is for people the age of 40! So I guess whoever wanted always to know how old I am, got his or her answer!
I went to a nearby clinic the same afternoon and was visited by a physician. Then the next morning I went to a nearby laboratory and got the tests done. The who process cost me $140
The result was available the next day and the physician filled out both of the forms. I then made a copy of each and gave the originals to the CAF office. 
Now all I have to do is to make myself ready for the Basic Officer Training Qualification, which is a tough one and then wait for them to contact me to go to Quebec. I hope they find me qualified enough and worthy of enrollment.
(Photo: I selected this cartoon just to have something illustrated for the post. It does not resemble my health situation or anything!) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My CAF Interview

I was interviewed by a CAF officer finally after almost a year when I first start my application! The last time I had an application with them it took me nearly 5 years to be invited to the interview! I turned that down because I though the bastards who had hired me, would keep me for a long time. Now I'm out of work for over 11 months!
The interview was easier that I had expected. I had thought that would be a panel interview, officers sitting around, watching me carefully and asking tough questions! It was only one gentleman and the questions were not that tough! Maybe because I have participated in so many interviews and passed many. There were forms to be signed and initialed and I did. At the end I was told I passed but that's just the beginning of the challenge! 
First of all there's no opening for the position until 2017! There is demand for the job but the number is limited and of course there are other applicants. All the people who are interviewed will be scored and of course the one with the highest score is enrolled. 
Secondly there's Basic Officer Training Qualification which is held within a few days after enrollment. This is a really tough one which if the person cannot pass it (imagine how embarrassing it would be!), he or she would be sent for training for up to 90 days. At the end of the period if he cannot pass it again, he or she will be given a ticket home! I don't think it's very tough but it's not easy either. 
If the prospective officer passes the BOTQ, then a contract for 8 years will be signed. I guess if I have a chance, I have to improve it by going back to my weightlifting exercises as there will be a lot for enrollment!
(Photo: Canadian soldiers training their Ukrainian partners. This is not the job that I have applied for. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Ukrainians can be easily distinguished by their Kalashnikov. Photo courtesy of CAF Twitter. I guess Canada's interest in Ukrain goes back to the years of Soviet Union when many of them left the country and came to Canada, I don't know legally or illegally. Not that there's much difference! Wayne Gretzky is originally Ukrainian but I'm sure he's never been there and non of his kids has any interest in that country. They are probably down in the US or somewhere in Ontario! Again, not that there's anything wrong with that!)  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Firearms Safety Course (Non-Restricted)

The job market is so bad these days that even Security Guards and Painters are having a tough time getting hours. I heard that from them in this short course I took: Firearms Safety Course (Non-restricted). I hating hunting. There's not many animals left on the plant. They killed them all. The majority left are the one which they rise for food. I did this job mainly for my application with CBSA, if I ever given the chance. This is a good course particularly for someone such as me who knows nothing about firearms and had never touched one until attending this course. I even didn't know what Non-restricted mean! Now I know there are three main classifications for firearms in Canada:
  • Non-restricted.
  • Restricted
  • Prohibited
Non-restricted is the firearm that you can own, if you pass this course. Restricted is the one that law enforcement people use. Prohibited is the one that as the name suggests is prohibited to have in possession. I think only members of the Forces can use them.
The class was consisted of different people with different backgrounds, mainly Caucasians, mostly with dirty and smudged cloths, slippers, wired haircuts and big bellies! It is obvious that these people have been dealing with firearms for years and got caught a few times and now they decided to get the licence and save their asses of more trouble. Many of them knew most of the things presented in the class. There was disgusting, pot-bellied, ugly woman with her two sons. This creature was probably the nastiest that I had ever seen in any course, even worse than a cockroach! Aggressive, load, rude and I don't judge people based on how they look or dress but disgusting in appearance as well, talking nonsense all the time! 
Others were including an Oriental woman, probably a Chinese, an Indian guy with gelled hair(!) an Italian, a Black guy and a few more. Our instructor, a former CPS officer and a pot-bellied as well was not bad but there were many sections of the book that he said it was not important and then I saw a question from it! Usually courses which take 1 day to a week are useless and the student needs to study. This one is a 2-day course and the cost is by donation only! So you can imagine what the result would be! Obviously these people offer this course with the hope that people come later and use other programs of them, which is not bad but not for me. I was there for something else as I mentioned earlier. 
The exam is at the end of the second day, of course. We sat for an hour for the second part of the course and after that the True/False and Multiple-choice questions, 50 of them were provided. I didn't do well and I thought for a minute that there would even be a chance for me to fail because I had not studied very well but I passed. Then the people were called to separate rooms and the practical exam was held which was not bad actually. You need to be confident and know all these stuff to be able to use firearms safely. I had a few issues, particularly with the shotgun shells but I passed this one as well. Now that I will be soon doing the Restricted course, I know what I should do: Read the damn book from A to Z and master it because unlike they say anything could be a question. They do not prepare the questions. The RCMP does. So you don't want to listen to them on this particular part.
(Photo: A lever action firearm. Now after years of watching Western and War movies I finally know what some of the moves that actors do mean! Photo courtesy of Grizzly custom guns)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Knocked Down LPI Examination

I received the result of LPI examination yesterday. I came a little late from The Chef's place and realized I had an e-mail from them. This is unofficial result. The official result would be sent to the related organizations that I listed them at the time of registration. They no longer require that as they both kicked me in the balls but this shows that I am good at everything they wanted me to be: I'm physically fit and that's why I passed the related test easily, I passed the interview, I got LPI 5 while they only need LPI 4 and I'm quite sure that I would not have had any issue with other requirements and qualification, had I been given the chance. It's OK. Fuck it, I'd say! That was not an easy job and the only reason I decided to do that was this long-term unemployment and lack of enough jobs in the society. After all I've been writing, reading and listening to this language. I bet I would have gotten LPI 6, had I studied a little harder and was not tired before the exam as a result of lack of enough sleep after 12 hours drive!
(Photo: This table show what each level of LPI or Language Proficiency Index mean. Mine is highlighted in yellow)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cornus Mas

The Lady brought me some Cornus Mas when I met here a few weeks ago. I never was a fan of this fruit as it's quite common in the country. It's not sold in fruit shops and supermarkets. It's sold by peddlers and they are not really sanitary! This is mostly consumed as a snack and is common within teenage and school girls, as far as I can remember. I remember seeing it on the street. Never bought and never was bought by my parents! Snacks are consumed differently in the old country. My family was always a sweet tooth! The Lady's sour, tangy and spicy hot. When she brought the little plastic bag of that, it didn't even help to recall when it was the last time that I had tried! 
She said that she and a friend picked them up in the bushes in Vancouver! Interesting because when I read about that I realized that is a plant native to western Asia and parts of eastern Europe. There was no mention of western Canada! So how this plant ended up in there, I have no idea. I tried them and they were good. The Lady had added some salt. The sour and salt mix and make a nice flavour. 
(Photo: Unfortunately I have no better photo of this fruit. This is what The Lady game me and after a few days in the trunk of vehicle and then in the refrigerator doesn't look very good but still tastes great. She said that they can not be kept fresh for a long time)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Admitting the Mistake

All these nonsense that these Oil Sands companies were saying for years when they were being blamed for destroying the nature in northern Alberta, such as, we turn the forest back to what it was, we reclaim the nature,etc., now it is proved that was truly nothing but words that were coming from their behind! Now they admit that they cannot reclaim the nature and if it ever happens, it may take centuries! 
Yes! These idiots fucked up everything and here's the timeline:

1- Destroyed the nature, all the trees, wetlands, lakes, ponds, wildlife habitat, wildlife, everything to extract bitumen and turn it to synthetic oil.  
2- They started their projects and earned billions, probably, but invested millions too!
3- They attracted many to this part of the world from every corner of the world. All poor and hungry, some didn't even have running water, electricity and enough food in their homes. 
4- Those people based their lives on such a fake investment. Bought houses, got married, had children.
5- All of a sudden: Boom! Just like a balloon that you poke it with a needle everything disappeared! The price of oil went down! Now what's left is:
a- The product that there's no market for that because the cost of production is too high! 
b- Equipment which there's no use for them. 
c- People who have no jobs and must resort to food bank to feed themselves and their family.
d- The product which there's no way to transfer that to markets or processing plants (refineries) because none of the disputed pipelines can be built. East, West and South, everywhere they turn they see a big Wrong Way sign in front of them!
e- Houses and condos which there's no customer for! Millions of square feet is left empty and attract dust and bugs all around Alberta and other provinces!
But who is to blame for this mess here? This is the game that these people are very good at. They start it and at the end there's no winner but the losers are clearly known: The people who have lost almost everything as the result of the job loss and the nature which will never be the same. 
(Photo: A worker is walking on a catwalk on a Syncrude leased land in northern Alberta. The smoke is seen on the right side of the picture from the facilities. They have destroyed everything. Photo courtesy of CBC)

Friday, September 09, 2016

Second Attempts Failed

I received an e-mail from the same organization that I had a job application in May and reapplied in Aug, only for a different location, yesterday: A regret letter. Yes! The motherfuckers kicked me in the balls again! The funny thing is the asshole who checked my references this time (as the problem was a reference in the past application) met with me and told me all about how successful I would be on the job, how the training would be held, what benefits I would have and shit like this! I was supposed to attend the second interview in the last week of September but now it is Zip! 
I got upset because this motherfucker said all the bullshit and I had to go there 2 times, once for the fucking interview which I passed and the second time for LPI test which I'm still waiting for its result. At least I hope I pass that test so those bastards know that I am good at everything. Another funny thing is I went to the library yesterday and I was told two of the LPI books that I had put on holds were available! I wanted to study in case I don't get the index of 4 but I guess there would be no need for that unless I find that there are other jobs out there which require this as well. 
This is not the end of the world but I'm pissed at the motherfucker who fucked me and I assume its the same dumb ass motherfucker who did this to me the first time. 
I still have one interview in the last days of this month. I'm going to focus on that and at the same time I start job searching!

Monday, September 05, 2016

LPI Test Tips

I wrote LPI test last Sat. I have no idea how the result would turn out. It's a very tricky test but I'm not hopeless either. The story might be amusing to some. So I bring it here, as well as a few tips which might be helpful for the ones who are planning to write it soon:
I registered to write the test in UBC on a Sat. morning. I suggest if you're not familiar with UBC, to go there the day before and get yourself familiar with the area because it's a huge place with similar roads and very limited parking. Parking is less expensive on weekends but I paid $8 for the time I parked there for the test which was from 08:00 to 12:00. If you were a student, it'd be different but parking workout to be more convenient and cheaper than bus and taxi on weekends. It costs you $5 to get to and from UBC using public transportation while by paying 3 extra dollar you have the convenience of using your car and walking to the test building for 10 minutes only. Taxi should work out up to $60 and that's from North Vancouver were I was staying. 
They say you need to be there half an hour before the exam starts. I was way earlier than that because I was not sure I would be able to get myself there on time and certainly didn't want to miss the test. So I went there when it was at least 1 hour left to the exam. 
A number of young boys and girls, all in their early 20's run the test and I thought there were a little too strict! One of them had positioned her inside the test room and would give directions to every single person as where he or she has to sit! Then a couple of Oriental guys said that they needed to use the restroom but she didn't let them leave the room! It reminded me of those old days in school in the old country where most of teachers were brutal! 
Then they read a few very straightforward instructions and eventually the test was started with 8 minutes delay! The test, as every one knows, comprises of four parts:

1- Multiple Test sections 1.
2- Multiple Test section 2.
3- Summarizing. 
4- Essay.

I, of course, answer them all with not much challenge and then at the end when I had a few minutes left, just like NPP Exam., I did a quick review and was able to make a few corrections, leave the room and get to my vehicle before the parking expires! 
If you're writing the exam in UBC make sure you're planning to stay there for at least the rest of the day to see around because there are so many things to see and as well there must be amazing views of Pacific Ocean, Burrard Inlet and everywhere around. I didn't have that chance! And all of that would be enjoyable in a sunny day!
(Photo: Commercial vessels anchored in Burrard Inlet seem. This of course is not taken from UBC but it's not very bad. I'm sure UBC gives better views and I think I might get a chance to try that one when things get better)

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Job Reference in Canada

When you apply for a government job in Canada, and at times other jobs as well, they require reference. It looks like they are very serious about it because I just lost one job because of an asshole who apparently gave a bad reference about me, the disgusting, repulsive supervisor at the previous job, the Screamer! If you at least say that you would not be a reference, I'll be OK with that. At least it shows that you're not as big as a jerk as someone who agrees to be a references and screws you up! I had problem with references before. The Microbe, the guy that I was a roommate with for a little than a year declined being my reference stating that he did not know me! Fuck you piece of shit! You were the one who came and asked me to join you in your rented townhouse because, according to you, which is a lie by the way, you were not in a very good financial situation! I then trusted you asshole and you acted like a complete jerk in a way that the landlord decided not to renew your lease and that affected me too. I had to find a new place! 
This time it was a little better but still there were disgusting, selfish assholes who acted like a complete motherfuckers and refused to be my reference. Obviously these people have personal issues, otherwise why would they do that? What have I ever done to the disgusting lazy fuck, landlord? I always have been polite and I great as soon as I see anyone from the building. I've always been on time with my rent. You never even hear a peep from our unit. I never litter. What the hell else do you want me to do, you fucking disgusting fat-fuck? 
The other one was another disgusting, selfish asshole, who probably thinks because she had a fucking Ph. D., she's so much better than anyone else and her time is so valuable that she can not talk on the phone for 10 min.! I then acted like her and asked her to remove me from the list of volunteers! This disgusting self-centered pretentious with so many titles she puts after her name when she e-mails you interviewed me and then asked me, and others to attend two 2-hour training session that I was supposed to be a volunteering. I went there and It was mostly a waste of time but I had no chance. All she saying basically implied how pathetic they are to attract more people to their organizations so they can make more money! One session even took half and hour longer and then she said she still had to get approval of the management team for us!! Couldn't you fucking get the approval before the training? This is a volunteer work. People leave everything from work, family and pleasure to do this and you want them to attend and then approve them. What the hell was that interview for? If the interview is important then it must either takes place at the presence of the management team or you, as the interviewer should be able to make the final decision. 
The other people acted like a human being and now I hope this reference check has a positive affect on my profile and pushes me through.