Friday, October 31, 2008

Oct. Cooper Test Result Chart

I wasn’t feeling good at all yesterday so I didn’t go to my exercises. The reason is not important here. So I went today at about 12:00 and like every time I’m there I started with Cooper Test on a treadmill. It was not easy and I knew that I’m not doing well but didn’t turn so bad eventually.
The chart on the top is the results of this month and they are accurate. If I only am able to keep on practicing for 3 more months, I think I’ll be able to reach the desired goal. As you see I reached the best time in the fourth day and that was when I ran 2301 m. I will put charts and table with more detail for the next month. Let’s hope nothing bad happens in the next two months left to the year. I need to keep this job or get a better one and I work hard for them. These exercises actually are part of them. I should look into POPAT.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disappointing W.

I finally went to a movie theatre in B. C. today after more than year and a half living in this shitty province and watched a movie: W. I went to a Cineplex in Metropolis. This is a huge shopping and professional centre and over-crowded and busy like most of the places in B. C., full of short, ugly, stupid Asian girls from different parts of Far East.
I have to say that the movie is boring and I’m totally disappointed. This is not what I was expecting from Oliver Stone. Great movies like Platoon, JFK and The Doors are the ones which remind me of him. But like every other director he had his up and downs. This is his second based on what I know. Alexander was a total disappointment and that’s why I didn’t catch it.
Anyway the movie lacks a good story. It begins from when George W. Bush was a university student and goes up to the time when he got the governor of Texas, points out that he can’t stay in a job and that his father who always makes telephone calls and is his reference. But Stone doesn’t say how the hell he wins 2001 election. He perhaps doesn’t see the need because it’s been already said by Michael Moore in his 9/11 movie. The rest mostly I knew. The movie doesn’t also say about the time he was in Texas Air National Guard and although says he goes to Harvard but doesn’t cover any of those days.
Actors and actors are OK and they simply resemble the characters. One more stupid thing in the movie that I forgot to mention is 9-11-01 attacks and the Bush administration reaction to that. Stone shows that they are talking about attacking Iraq and Colin Powell opposes but doesn’t show anything about after and before the attacks to the World Trade Centre and other targets in the US. Once again may be because it had already been covered in Fahrenheit 9/11 movie. I wanted to get the DVD of this movie just right after it’s released. Now I believe it’s just a waste of money. I also don’t recommend it. Spend your time somewhere else!
(Photo: Stone, left and Brolin in W.'s premier)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I did my regular Cooper Test exercise in a different way yesterday which led to an amazing result. I did 5 min. of jugging at the rate of 5.5 to 6 miles per hour. Then I had a short pacing, and turned the machine on and quickly increase the speed to 7 miles per hour. I passed the first 6 min. doing that speed and then slowly every 2 min. or so added 0.2 mile per hour to the rate. I gained 1.43 miles at the end and was classified as good for the first time.
I should say it was a quick advance, a breakthrough but got me really tired. I think if I practise this method for a few months, I’ll be fine. I mailed the physician examination which I had gotten from the doctor in Squamish to CF yesterday and they should have it today (It was express mail which cost me a little more than $7 for a 30 KM distance mail!) That was the last thing they needed from me. So I’m hoping to hear from them in a few months to a year.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

National Election '08

I didn’t vote in the recent national election which was last Tue. I received my election card from Elections Canada though. I didn’t vote for several reasons:
1- I haven’t had a good, complete study of the parties, their policies and plans and their views on different issues of the country.
2- I don’t think in a Capitalism society the parties run the country. The companies reign. Not to mention that the parties, each are supported by group of companies, I think. And of course the companies don’t care about anything but increasing their profit, gaining more cheap labour from poor countries around the world and finding ways to reduce the wages and benefits. So what’s the point of voting then?
3- Caucasian Canadians usually treat non-Caucasians like me, very rudely. So I didn’t go to an election station to be humiliated and teased. That’s what they mostly do as soon as they see you have dark hair and a strange name and family name.
4- Economy was perhaps the number one issue for Canadians in this year’s election. So it was for me as well. But I had other problems that would like to hear about the parties’ views on them, which doesn’t look like they are as important as to the Canada-born Canadians and Caucasians. Issues like non-stop flow of refugees to Canada, unemployment, cheap survival jobs, more and more populated cities.
After all the Conservatives won the election and Harper is the Prime Minister again. I don’t know much about their policies and plans for the future of Canada but there are three things that I know about them and would like to share:
1- Harper is going to be tougher on crime. His government is going to jail the criminals instead of letting them walk around. It’ll be very good, if they really do that.
2- Canada’s economy has suffered least from the recent turmoil and that’s because of what Flaherty, the finance minister has done. Also Canadian banks have not many investments on the US mortgages, so it didn’t bother them as much as it did to the Europeans.
3- Canada, no matter what party runs the country, has to be in Afghanistan. The mission has been started when the Liberals had the majority or (minority!) in the Parliament and was carried on when the Conservatives started. Canada is there because the US wanted them there. And Canada has to obey because the two countries are allies and have strong economical ties. I don’t blame Harper’s government for extending the mission to 2011. You lose something to gain something. Or better to say: No pain, No gain.
So anyway this is my partial view on election ’08. I’m trying to get more involved as I become an older Canadian citizen and getting into government and official jobs. I’d like the day that I talk to my MP just to see his or her reaction to a non-Caucasian, foreign-born Canadian who has a role in this country.
One last world: Liberals, it’s said, that they received the least support since the confederation in this year’s election. I think they made a mistake and it’s apparently only my personal opinion: Canadians who are born here might laugh at me but the stupid mistake is putting Dion as the leader of the party. I mean let’s say he’s a great politician, strategist and charismatic person. He’s not able to communicate with people! He doesn’t understand English. John, a partner of mine, at work said that he didn’t understand him! There was a short video on CBC that showed him sitting with an interviewer. He was asked: What would you do if you were the prime minister today? He didn’t understand the question! The guy repeated his question in this way again: What would you do if hypothetically you were the prime minister of Canada? This time he pretended that he didn’t hear the guy! So would you trust such a person to run your country especially in this moment or turmoil? I wouldn’t!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Confusing Economy

I really don’t understand this stupid economics. Now you’re able to buy CND $1.29 for every 1 US dollar you spend. It was vice versa last year, even a few months ago when I was in Europe and Iran. I think nobody understands; not even the economists! I guess if they knew, we wouldn’t have been in this mess now!
Crude oil is down to almost $74 a barrel. Can you believe this crap? Just remember July! That’s probably why Jafar hasn’t called me yet and probably never will. I was goin’ to have a job with Halliburton through one of his friends but I think the whole story was bullshit. It’s a long one but I rather not to mention it here.
Anyway I’ll be doing this crappy job and keep looking till I get a better one and keep up this blog. One of the guys I had contacted once in late Aug. and that’s a lease guy, e-mailed me and asked me if I had bought one. Here’s my answer at the end of this post:


Who would get a car?! I don't even know if I'm hired tomorrow or not!!! May be 2 years after we pass recession successfully
and survive it. Thanks for asking though. I'll pray for you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I need to correct a recent mistake here: I wrote about my progress in Cooper Test and that's not what should be corrected. That's true. I'm doing well but I'm not just in Good class now. I should reach 2300 m. to be in that class and the best I've done so far is 2108 m. which is way far from Good. I should exercise harder. It's still Average.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Better Results or Error?

Either these treadmills are broken and don’t show the correct results or I’m getting better fast! I went to the gym for the second consecutive night today because I was not tired when I came home and I got 1.31 miles in 12 min. which equals to 2108.23 m. and considered good. I did well last night as well but can’t remember what I got.
I have a long way ahead of me to beat 2500 m. and reach Very Good and I’m goin’ to practice and get that. I will try another machine tomorrow or the night after and will compare the results.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Won!

It’s been a little more than a month that I’ve been working in here and I had a few confrontations with the assholes who were trying to make up stories and get away from fines and tickets. A serious one was an asshole who made a big deal out of it. I was a little worried because the guy threatened to call a top manager and the mayor.
Although none of the bullshits could scare me off but I was a bit worried after that. So when I got on the bus the morning after that and saw a Commissionaire sitting and heading the same destination that I’m to, I got really scared! I thought that’s a guy who was goin’ to take over me, without even a warning! I tried to talk to the old man and ask him where he was going to but couldn’t! I excuse myself once and hoped that he heard me but he didn’t! So I sighed when he got off the bus half the way.
A few non-working day passed and I did my first day of this period. My partner noticed a letter from the guy on the desk of the supervisor. He was even more worried. He’s an old guy who has just bought an apartment condo and he’s worried about not being able to pay his mortgages. I had a report on the desk of the supervisor that night; so he knew what had happened. He told us he was happy with our team and added that the guy had a short visit of him. He said that he noticed that the guy was a jerk especially when he said that he wanted to talk to the Operations Manager and the mayor! He said that he had told the guy that there wouldn’t be a need for this conversation if he was going to talk to those guys!
So we won, or better to say that I won. The guy has a ticket which must be paid and costs him at least $30, if is paid in a week, has lost his reputation and can show up in our jurisdiction unless he acts like a real nice person and is obedient.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm Good!

I went to this Guilford Recreation Centre for the second time today. It’s not a bad gym, a little better compare to Coquitlam but the fucking lockers swallow your change! I mean every time you get in you have to put money in and the locker doesn’t give it back to you at the end of the session! I heard that there’s a track and especially when I was told it was upstairs I thought of something like Talisman where I liked it a lot. But ... it was completely disappointing!
So I decided to go do my Cooper Test on a treadmill as usual and today I did 1.29 miles in 12 min. which is 2076.04 m (have more digits!) and considered good. It’s so close to Average which I just got out from but shows that I can easily beat 2500 m and get Very Good after considerable amount of exercises.
(Photo: Dr. Kenneth Cooper who the test is named after his after he designed this physical fitness test. I may write about him later)

Not too Far from the Pick of Success

Having just said how Iranians are being recognized as a civilized and developed nation all around the world not only because of the way the government of Iran presents great Iranian culture but also the way they behave abroad, I would like to present one another way that Iranians express themselves to the world of entertainment, this time: Being an exotic escort in Canada.
Nevertheless this is not the first time Iranian girls are involved in sex trade business. They started it a few years ago in Dubai, UAE but the difference is those poor girls are either from families who suffer from poverty or forced to do so. How about these ones who are all immigrants living in West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Coquitlam and have their noses up in the air all the time?
This is not Ahmadi-Nejad who forces them to be an official highly-paid prostitute in Canada. This is Iranian people who actually keep this religious-fundamentalist–Islamic government on the throne.
(Photo: This small scanned piece is cut from a local free entertainment magazine available in metropolitan Vancouver, called Straight of Georgia, as a resemblances to Strait of Georgia in the south of the province. I didn't erase the number in case someone wants to have fun either with Persian girls or with any other background. Why would I?)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

An Idea

Last week I had to walk all the way from Braid Station to a damn 7-11 store to get the fucking key out of a mailbox belong to that asshole S. J. because the idiot simply didn't ask for extra key while I was there and we also couldn't duplicate it because first of all the key is a large one which is not cut everywhere and second of all a Do Not Duplicate is curved big on it and I don't think it's easy to have a key like that cut anywhere.
So I was walking after 8 hours of work and I was dying on me. I thought what if I pretend that I fainted and fell down! Someone may notice in a few minutes and day call an ambulance. They'll take me to a hospital. They treat me and then they send me home. Furthermore I may feel not too good and spend the night.
On the second thought it's not feasible. They will charge me all the costs: from the ambulance to hospital bed, meals, medicine, tests, etc. especially because I'm not covered by any health plan. But that might works for someone who is covered if s/he plays fine!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Good Example for Teens

Looks like Iranians are far more advanced, decent, nice and civilized than what I originally thought and expressed in last couple of posts.
This time a criminal teaches youth how to stay away from alcohol, drugs, theft, speeding and so on! I should congratulate Canadians on their stupidity! They let such people out and think someone like these changes overnight. Just looking at the way this guy dresses and presents him: sleeveless underwear, chain (it’s leash actually!), tattoos all over. What a sound and safe example for young kids and teens! I think there’s at least one thing that Harper said and I liked a lot and that is keeping young offenders and violators behind the bars for a longer term and that obviously works if their prison is different from adults and the period gets longer every time they repeat the violation.
(Photo: Amir J., the criminal who is being saved by our Lord, Jesus in front of a church! Obviously this kind hearted, well-dressed polite exotic human is a good example for the teens and kids to follow and fill up Canadian jails! That's good in a way. That creates lots of jobs in the society! Imagine the number of cops, Juvenal facility guards, lawyers, judges, etc we'll need all across Canada, coast to coast when creatures like this navigate our society!)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Devastated Nation

I was changing the stations yesterday to find something interesting to watch until I noticed that Not Without my Daughter is being broadcasted. I watched it. The movie is banned in Iran and actually I saw it first when I was in the University. Saeed K. A chemical engineering student from Tehran Pars, a guy I used to know and we used to go home taking the same route, lent that to me.
The movie looked stupid and ridiculous to me on those days and also yesterday but I thought today to me: What made those people making such an insulting and offensive movie to Iranians, their culture and their country?
The answer is simple and easy: Iranians, themselves. Iranians started going down and deep right after the 1979 Revolution and more specifically a few years after 1980-88 War. Now the country is corrupt. Poverty, prostitution, crime, drugs and everything is part of normal daily life.
Rather than that are the Iranians outside their home country who are just another shame, even bigger to their culture and heritage. Here in Coquitlam there’s a Starbucks which in the afternoon these disgusting and shameless people sit, smoke and show their legs or tattoos and basically act like a real jerk. This is all they have learnt from Western culture. And this is a large number of them. Don’t say that there are Iranians who work for NASA or teach in this university or that collage. I know all about that. Even if that is a fact, that doesn’t change anything. Academic education doesn’t help with social and humanitarian attitude. One person could be a Ph. D. Graduate but act like an animal like the one I just mention in the post dated Sep. 25th.
(Photo: This piece of paper scanned from Vancouver Sun shows an Iranian predator animal who is a criminal from the rich community of West Vancouver, where the supporters of fallen King Pahlavi or Iran live! There are many of them here in Canada. Click on the scanned paper and read the story)