Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Eve (2)

It's New Year'e Eve and I'm sitting at my desk writing this. I just finished housekeeping. I'm off today and did basically nothing. Just read a few e-mails from friends including one from Alfred my Armenian friend from Polytechnic days, such a nice guy. He's doing his Masters in the States. Actually he went there to do a Ph. D. but as wrote me once there was no fund left and he has to to another Master degree as he did once in Iran! Don't remember what school and I haven't had a mail from him for about 2 years, I guess. I replied immediately and asked him to write me where he lives and what he does.
Ray (I'm gonna call him Resurrect ever since!) left home about an hour ago. He asked me to go out with him but I made fun of him. The guy needs to be resurrected!
M. Tanha sent me a message to my mobile phone and said Happy New Year. I gotta call him tomorrow or may be later. He's a true friend too. Keiv called me last night when I was in Downtown's Tim Horton's reading a book and I didn't answer the phone for the 15th time, I guess. F**king stupid potbellied had a good lesson! That all for tonight.
I hope the year 2005 is a better year for me. I don't know. I'm totally f**ked up. I don't care about anything. I don't care what happens. The only thing I care about is I save some money write the damn CQE exam again, get Canadian passport and apply for Mom's and Farzin's residency. I'm frustrated so much. Every girl I step forward for, will be gone immediately! Victoria, Denise (I'll write about her), Renay, ... and recently I asked a Canadian young girl out, Kelly. She took my phone number and after that ... just disappeared! I knew she was sick and went on leave of absence. May not come back again.
I was also supposed to go Edmonton and see my sweetheart, Renay but I'm here. Who can drive in this weather? It's -25º C. Besides that I have to save money and traveling to Edmonton to see someone who says: My heart belongs to my ex-boyfriend and I won't ever marry. It will cost me at least $600, may be more . I know she just says that. She's young and lives with her family and studies in U of A. When she gets old, she'll find out what she said is just bull!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Careless Driving

I went to Great Clips for my hair cut last Mon. and while I was heading home, in 19 Ave. SE, I guess, and 44 St., there's a short slope. I slipped and lost the control of my car. You have to push the brake pedal very slightly in situations like that but it was inevitable and I pushed it as hard as I could! The car slipped and turned around. I was so lucky that I didn't crash to a parked car. I stopped in less than 3 feet away from it. I was so scared. That was the third time in this winter that happened. The first time I hit the curb and I have to take the car to the dealer to have it checked. The second time was not serious and the third one I had a narrow scape as I just mentioned.
I like driving in icy and snowy roads esp. when I'm listening to my favorite rock songs! But I have to be more careful.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

What Is Really Wrong!?

Victoria called me for another presentation last Wed. and I attended but I think I messed up everything because she withdrew her invitation for today! Obviously not by calling me. Only by not calling me back! We were supposed to meet and go to a party but ... God damn me!
I didn't do anything. Just said that this business is not gonna work. I said it's like the one I attended last year with Al. The way I left her was nice and she asked me to call her again.
So I did call her today in the morning but she didn't answer. I went for a ride and saw her in Bow River Pathway, walking with a guy! God! I'm sure she recognized me too 'cause no idiot go for cycling in -2 ºC where everywhere is icy and slippery in Calgary! I guess I lost her, like every gal I've been with. She didn't return my call and I don't think I'm gonna call her again. May be when I finish my second box of coffee sachets. What a nice Christmas day!
By the way my ride took about 01:44:05 and was a good one and I enjoyed it.

Monday, December 20, 2004


Resurrect brought few sachets of instant beverages, couple of weeks ago, coffee and hot chocolate. But a special one. It has Ganoderma in it, made in Malaysia. I tried the coffee and that was so good. I've tried different coffees here: Tim Horton's is awful most of the time and I wonder how people drink it. Its decaf is tolerable. I like McDonald's. Second Cup and Starbucks are good both but I haven't tried them very much. Besides they are expensive compare to the other ones I mentioned earlier.
So I asked Resurrect to tell his friend, a Chinese-Malaysian girl to bring more and I bought 2 boxes. Last Sun. she called me and she asked whether or not I'm interested in getting in to the business of Ganoderma products and she said that there would be a presentation on Mon. about that. I told her that I love the coffee and I'll be there.
I went there and ... God! that girl, Victoria, is marvelous. I actually like Orientals and that's the extreme, in my view: Tall, slim, with a very nice smile, smart, lovely, amiable and more. We talked and finally I helped her to take her stuff to her apartment, a penthouse in level 25 of a tower in Downtown! We talked a little bit more and as it was late and she was tired I asked her out and we'll meet the coming Sat. besides that she invited me to a party, in the house of a couple who attended the presentation and are already in the business, on Sat. evening. That's so great. She's 29 and in Feb (I guess 14th, I don't remember, have to ask her again) she'll turn 30. This is the great opportunity for me.
(Photo: A sachet of Ganoderma instant coffee)

Monday, December 13, 2004


I called Renay last night and found out she was waiting for me. That's so pleasing! But you know girls ...They're all unpredictable and moody! Once they like you ... The other time don't even look at you. So I decide to go and I will, for sure.
I'm also trying to convince my mechanic friend, A. Palani to go to Edmonton together. If he agrees, he'll drive me all the way to the city. If he doesn't, I'll fly and then rent a car in there.
I called him last night too and we went to a bar for the first time in our friendship which has been for almost 3 years! He insisted to have something and ordered beer and wings.
Good Lord! I was so dizzy after drinking almost 4 mugs that I was not able to walk like a normal guy! And my stomach was full of meat and beer! I don't know how I drove home after A. dropped me at Marlborough Mall! I didn't sleep more than 1 hour and it was about 04:30 AM that I was sober and lucid. But my stomach was hurt until a min. ago that I used washroom for the 5th time today!

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Resurrect took me to auction today (actually yesterday 'cause it's 12:30 AM now!) that was new for me. The stuff was almost average quality but mostly cheap. I bought something. A bike rack for house, a machete, a backpack and a few other things. Everything was for sale there, from a mattress to welding machine! Resurrect bought more stuff. The way the guy presents the things and bids is really funny and I wish I could put it here.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Awful Feeling

I went to a massage studio last night to relax. That was a new one for me, I'm not goin' to write the name here but will issue the complete list later. Just after a few minutes she offered me what some girls do and is known as massage parlor. She is very pretty, young, petite girl, with very smooth skin, beautiful eyes and shiny brunette hair.
I felt really bad. Why does she have to do that? That's not good at all. She should have a husband, a good job, family and a normal life. Why? Of course she's an immigrant but I didn't realize her nationality. I didn't hear any special accent. She claims she's Spanish (not Hispanic) and said her name is Selina but I don't believe her. I know Spanish-speakers' accent. May be she's been living enough here to be able to change her accent.
...Whatever. Once I met a very nice girl in Downtown Sears. Her name is Serina, originally from a country in South America and was born in Manitoba. She's a Marathon runner. Beautiful, strong body, nice. I lost her like many others I did. So stupid! It shows that she's lied!
It's cold now. -15 ˚C. And the streets are so slippery. I slided a few times last night while I was driving and hit the curb once but gained control immediately. I have to buy insurance for my car as soon as possible. If I get into an accident, I'll be f**ked up! No insurance and no registration! God knows what will happen! I'll be in the world of shit, for sure!