Friday, September 29, 2006

Ultimate Stupidity

I’ve been living in this part of the sphere for almost 5 years now and what I have been trying to do so far and will keep doing it, is discovering the Canadian culture and society as much as I could. In order to do that I stay away from my native people so far that I only know a few of them, not even more than 5. I haven't left the country since but I still don’t understand this stupid people of here! The people who were born and grown in this country.
Anyway It has been fucking so hot in past few days. Something between 20˚ C and 25˚ C and that’s what I hate the most, esp. in the fall while these stupid assholes say, everyday on the fucking radio or TV “… It was beautiful today”!
What the fuck is really beautiful? September is over and I don’t remember many rainy days except the Fri. I was driving to the airport to fly to B. C.
Don’t you fucking animals understand that this is one of the many disadvantages of global warming? Are you just fucking stupid animals who only think of filling up their fucking stomach and feeding their genitals or humans?
It was cold for only a few days and that made me go to buy a blanket from Sears. Fortunately sometimes you find nice people here. When I went to the store there was a colour guy, told me then he was from Trinidad, who helped me to find a warm but thin and affordable blanket for almost $48.
So you guys if you like this whether why the fuck don’t you fucking go to live in fucking Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan or any other nut house like that where people bump each other in the public places as it’s so crowded?!
Canadian economy is based on agriculture and dependent industries and if it’s warm like it’s now and there’s no rain what the fuck you morons are you goin’ to do? Begging Americans to send you food up here? You’ll prob. do that ‘cause you’ve been doin’ this for years. So may be that’s fucking why you don’t fucking care. But I suggest you, dickheads, to open your fucking eyes and see the fucking truth. See what you’re doin’ to yourselves. See that you’re turning this country, which used to be the best place in the world to live, to a big shit hole! And you’ll regret. But that would be late. The day you realize what you’ve done to yourselves is the day of point of no return. And that’s not only that. Global warming is not the only issue you’re facing now. You’ve spent $2 Billion on Afghanistan mission so far!!! Do you ever think? That’s just like when you say “… It was beautiful today” And do you know why? Because you only see today. You dickheads and scums are sending your troops to Afghanistan and get them killed over there to prove to Americans that you’re good servants of them! So they keep buying your beef, lumber and grain. You’re so desperate and cheep!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Racism (2)

Ali G. called and showed up just the night before I flew to B. C. and we went to The Cheesecake Cafe. Actually he had asked me before how it was and I have told him that's a nice but expensive place to eat. Surprisingly the restaurant was very busy and most of the tables were occupied so we waited for a few min. to be sited. Ali G. ordered a kind of sandwich and I had a cup of coffee. Then he ordered one slice of lime cheesecake as we went actually there to taste their cheese cake! I've had Safeway's cheese cake several times, even the frozen ones you get from Superstore has been tried by me, but the lime cheesecake we had was totally different. That little slice cost more than $7!
Then we went to the Future Shop nearby to check their sale on laptops. I was introduced by a friend to a Toshiba laptop which was on sale for $799. I went to customer service to apply for a Future Shop credit card so I can pay monthly. There was a gorgeous blond Canadian girl with deep blue eyes who didn't seem friendly at the beginning. I told her what I wanted and she said that in order for being eligible for a card I had to be living in Canada for more than a year!
That was really stupid. So I gave her a good answer. I said: " What are you talking about? I was born here! " She was kind of shocked but she asked: " Have you lived here in past two year? " or some crap like that. I said: Listen, if you really have a problem with my colour or background, I'll simply walk off here. She said: No! I once dated an Iraqi guy! You see? That's what many people think of me here! I told her: I used to kill Iraqis with my own rifle because they invaded my country! I tried not to use coarse language while being as hard as I could. I just give you a summarized version of what happened between us but what I'm saying is you may face rednecks like that one every day here while meeting nice people too. I got the card finally but didn't buy the laptop!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stanley Park

In the afternoon of last Sat. we went to Stanley Park, a very beautiful peninsula in Vancouver comprising different beaches. It has also food bars and a outdoor pool but the pool was closed at the time. There were still people enjoying the sands and sun but there were a very few of them. We had our lunch which was mostly fish and chips and then we went to a kind of stage where live music was goin’ on and people were dancing. Weed was being smelled everywhere! That was a group of Hippie people who were enjoying themselves. Amongst them there were some ordinary people as well. Then we took the trial and headed to English Bay. Roller skaters and bikers were enjoying the last sunny days of Vancouver and also hikers and runners. There were blackberry bushes beside the trail but the ripe ones were out of reach. Painters and craftsmen were presenting their works. This is very common in holidays and weekends in Canada, when you go to the walking streets or street festivals and exhibitions.
We then drove to downtown to try a very expensive but delicious Italian ice cream called Mondo Gelato. There are not many branches around. I know there’s not one in Calgary and prob. not in Toronto, Edmonton and other major cities as well.
Vancouver is just amazing, full of restaurants, parks, luxury shops the brands you prob. don’t see anywhere else or may be seen rarely, luxury cars and all entertainment you might be looking for in North America. You can even compare that to Toronto, forget about Calgary or Edmonton! I have to plan for a longer trip to discover its beauty more and more. But it's expensive. I mean staying and enjoying the outdoor and scenery, restaurants, shopping and prob. adult entertainment which I didn't try this time as I was hosted by a family, should cost a lot.
Anyway we headed home after that and marinated chicken legs, drumsticks and breasts were waiting for us in the fridge. We had a good barbecue chicken dinner, made by my cousin. Her husband made us a kind of alcoholic beverage which I can't recall the name. That was mixed with orange juice and I bet It was really hard to drink it without that. That was strong, prob. as strong as the Vodka, Hodani bought once and I didn't even touch that. You could smell strong alcohol easily. That's a 40% booze! And that was all for our Sat. night.
(Photo: people are playing drums and other instruments in Stanley Park and enjoying themselves. That was so much fun)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Grouse Mountain

we all hopped in the Mazda van of my cousin's family and drove to North Vancouver on Sat. morning. It's a very comfortable and roomy vehicle, ideal for big a family. There were 7 of us including me and we all sat really relaxed. North Vancouver which is considered a different city, of course is a bit far from the city my cousin’s family lives and that's Coquitlam. I guess it's about 30 Km. But it's highway all the way and there was no traffic in that beautiful morning of Sep. We went to Grouse Mountain. It’s actually a combination of a few peaks together and is the highest place in Vancouver. We took the gondola and went up all the way to the only station. This one compare to the one I previously rode is huge. The Banff’s only takes 4 people seated but this one carries about 40 people standing. It’s so smooth and takes about 7 min. to reaches up there. You can see all Vancouver, the harbor, the ocean and everything. It’s very beautiful.
Then up there you see trails which take you to different picks. There’s also a restaurant, a gift shop, a place for renting ski and snowboards in winter. Skiers usu. get up there taking the chair lift but that only operates in winter. There are huge, gigantic wooden statutes all over the place. They have been carved by artist and I guess some of them are the native people of Canada. Then we went for a show called birds in motion. There were two Canadian young women who show us how some birds hunt their food, how fast and how precise they are. Among them were an owl and a falcon. The girls called them raptors. We took a few photos and then I bought some gift from the shop and we took the gondola and headed down.
There’s also a show called lumberjack which the men compete in making wooden crafts or something but we didn't wait for that as one of us didn’t join us and was waiting down all time long(!)
A good plan for Grouse Mountain could include hiking all the way to the highest peak, Crown Mountain and other peaks as well, watching the show I just mentioned, taking hundreds of photos, watching bears swimming in their pool, as we did, eating in beautiful fresh air and many other things depends on what you are interested in. You may bike all the way as there’s bike path even beside the highway. A full day is needed to see every beautiul thing around, including suspension bridge which is on your way to the mountain but we didn't go. May be in my next trip to beautiful B. C. next summer or I don't know!
(Photo: Two enormous wooden statues, a fisher and a hiker. They are three times size of a normal person and as you see are carved very artistically)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Diverse Aftershock

I’m back to Calgary after spending my weekend with my relatives in beautiful British Colombia. I had such a good time and they were all very nice to me. They took me to different places and that was so much fun. I’ll write about them later.
But today I was so depressed. When you spend a few days with the people who like you and you like them, you eat together, you laugh together and you have good time, it’s very hard to go back to your small apartment, lonely.
But a few things were actually kind of very shocking to me. First of all the way my cousin and her family lives was surprising to me. They live in a very big and beautiful house which I have no idea how much it worth but I guarantee it's not less than $800,000, and that's the minimum. It has 4 bedrooms, a den and a big living room, dining room, entertainment room, this room, that room and all the rooms which a luxury, modern house might has. The appliances, furniture and ornamental things I saw over there were not just ordinary ones you might see in every house. My two distant cousins told me that they had traveled to Paris a few months ago and God the younger one, Sammi she's so pretty and sweet now. You see pretty girls from everywhere here but she's really something: Tall, slim, long brunette shiny hair, incredibly beautiful eyes, smooth skin and in a word everything you need in a girl. The father, my cousin's husband, spoil them all and specially the boy. He also bought a brand new luxury Nissan for the other girl, Sunny and they have the things that might be people's dream.
Anyway that's how they live but that's not the point. The point is they are together as a family and even though they might have argument off and on, what makes the life and the hard moments bearable for them is being together as a family not having money and luxury life and not living alone like jerks! I know the more often I see my friends and relatives the happier I am but the more I suffer after that! And I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I forgot my leather jacket, my mobile charger and the souvenirs I bought there!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Early Bird

It's 5 to 06:00 AM now and I didn't sleep well last night. Just got up early to check if anything deposited to my account or not and it is. I checked it late last night but there was nothing there and I was goin' to call payroll today but there's no need for that now.
The damn apartment is cold. It's 2˚ C now and wind chill make it -3˚ C. Fall is here and it started raining the day before and started snowing in Banff and Jasper national parks yesterday. I'm starting early today as I'm flying to B. C. right after work. I'm goin' there to see relatives and freinds, probably.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I was goin’ to join NDP a few days ago, right after I read what Jack Layton has recently said about Canadian Forces mission in fucking Afghanistan. “This is the wrong mission for Canada” Layton said. I truly believe in that. If you look at the history of Canadian Forces involvement in the world’s conflicts, you’ll see that they were there only when there was a peacekeeping mission was in process. They’ve never faced enemy directly especially Barbarians like fucking Taliban and Al-Qaeda who are being supported by fucking Pakistanis and Arabs. When I see the funerals where parents of young Canadian men and women are hugging each other and weeping, I feel really bad. But what surprises me is why none of these people oppose? They, I think don’t know who really fucking Afghans are. They sacrifice their young human sources for people who deserve nothing but death with torture. Those animals started a war in 1979 and are still fucking fighting against each other. Why the fuck do you fucking care? Let them all fucking kill each other. What would really happen to the world if Afghanistan is not there? Is there any scientist, physician, artist, athlete or in one world a human who his or her existence make any difference to the world, in that shithole? Would be the world deprived of anything? What does those animal, nasty, stinky, pieces of crap export to the rest of the world but illness, violence and stupidity? What the US did to Japan should be done to Afghanistan. A few atomic bombs will really heal that part of the world. But the truth is the US and the stupid Canadians are not there to protect fucking Afghans from Taliban and Al-Qaeda or protect Canada from terrorism, as Harper said once. They are there for other purposes as they are in Iraq. They don’t fucking care what’s happening to bunch of filthy, bare-foot people who live in a devastated country by themselves. What they care about is beyond this post and same as the reason behind the collapse of World Trade Centre towers and other similar incidents as well.
Anyhow I'm goin' to study the party and may be join them in near future. One of the other concerns of them is gun registry which I'll write about that later.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Domestic Massacre

All the media across Canada have been covering the 5th anniversary of 9/11 massacre for more than a week and yesterday they reached the climax. The day the world has changed by the real US government.
The good thing is CBC directly mentioned the doubts about who’s really behind that mass murder and referred to the short documentary I mentioned earlier in a post, Loose Change. But the papers I looked at and other TV channels I access to said nothing about the truth. They all want to keep the people fool. I strongly believe that the ones who run the puppets of the US government, the same people who killed John F. Kennedy and the people who really govern that nation, wrote and directed that scenario. They killed innocent people from 151 different nations, including Americans in their own country and blamed Al-Qaeda so they can do whatever they wanna do. This is not the first time that dirty politicians slaughter innocent people for their purposes.
In 1979 Rex movie theatre in city of Abadan, in south west Iran got on fire by Islamic extremists of Motalefe party and tens of innocent people were burned to kill alive. The Iranian government of that time of Pahlavi era was blamed for that murder of course. Obviously the extremists were smart enough to find a perfect time where hatred was goin’ up after what the regime had done so far. No one even thought that Motalefe had done that. Then again the same trick has been used by Americans in Sep.11 of 2001. The American society and the whole world was ready to accept that story and they easily got convinced! And the last but not the most important is I have never supported Islam or any religion, extremism, Al-Qaeda and all that shit. I hate them all with my heart and mind. All I’m saying is the group who really runs the US, fooled their own people and butchered the others for their own purposes.
(Photo: This model shows the Freedom tower which is planned to be built in Grand Zero. After all it's a good business for construction companies. Isn't it?!)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Horrifying Nightmare

Damn! I had a horrible nightmare last night. Ali G. dropped me off as I spent the whole afternoon at his place, helping him with his flooring and all I did was had a bath, talked to a few friends, watched The National, had some fruit and went to bed at about 01:15 AM! And then the damn nightmare hit me and was bothering me all night (Or better to say all day!) long. Every time I had nightmares it’s all about the school, being stressed out, tough instructors, hard exams, the process I was through to be graduated and all that mental pressure I was under! It has happened a few times before but only when I’m very tired or had too much for my dinner. I really don’t know what the reason for this one was!


I and Hodani went to a Superstore Sat. night to get crab for our dinner. It’s an expensive meet but compare to lobster it’s actually half price! You can get them live while their claws are kept tight by elastic bands. The first one Hodani chose was a very big one and about 1.3 Kg and the other one a little more than 930 g. We needed a big pot because the way you cook crab is basically boiling it in a tub. So we headed Wal-Mart to find something that helps. All the kitchen appliances we found over there, were expensive and I would not use them very often. Therefore I bought an oval-shaped container for just over $11.
The easy part of the process is cooking it because all you do is you take the legs and claws off, clean inside the body from guts and put it in the boiling water. It took about 20 min. to be cooked. Then the hard part of the game started. Hodani used a nut-cracker I gave him to break the guard-like skin of the crabs and take the meat out. I fired three eggs and we had pita bread and cans of Kokanee bear (We bought a 6 pack of 473 ml). At the beginning I thought that wouldn’t be enough but we barely finish the whole meal! Hodani was having the meat without bread at the end! And I was completely full. It’s very soft meat like shrimp but the taste is different, of course. You easily can tell it’s not shrimp. And of course shrimp is much easier to have esp. here because all you do is you take the tail off and fry it with spice or any other way you like. But I think there are still people who spend their time on a crab to have a healthy dinner. Otherwise you wouldn’t see those big fish tanks in Superstore and other shops as well.
(Photo: Hodani holds the big crab before it's boiled for dinner. The scale showed it's a little more than 1.3 Kg! Its claws are tied using elastic bands as you see)

Muscle Strain

I kind of overloaded me in the gym with all that jugging, weigh-lifting and power cycling, last week. Then I really felt bad all Fri. and Sat. and decided to see a physician because I thought that’s my heart bothering me. But I also thought: That couldn’t be it because I'm not new to work out and exercise. I've being doin' that for years. But how about aging?
Anyway after hours of lying on the couch I went to 8th and 8th Clinic and there was a very nice Canadian young man, the doctor. He explained to me that two things could have happened:

1- Damage to the heart, which was very unlikely according to the symptoms he found.
2- A muscle strain.

He then ordered one of the nurses to take blood samples from me and he said if there’s something wrong, he’d give me a call at about 08:30 PM. That was almost 18:00 at that time. He already checked the electrocardiograph result and said that he didn't see anything that could be harmful. Then he prescribed a kind of cream to apply to the chest muscle because that’s what he thinks is harmed. I didn’t receive the call from him and I was very relieved and healed Sun. night. I went to a Safeway after gym today (I didn’t worked out too hard!) and the pharmacist girl told me that there’s a $20 fee for that 50 g mixed cream! I didn’t buy it! I thought it’s better to ask if I’m covered or not, first.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Have you ever felt poverty? I mean being really poor. It has happened to me three times so far. And the last time is surprisingly today! The first time was when I was just graduated from the university and was looking for a job. I was completely broke! Thanks to my parents! At least I had somewhere to spend the night in! Luckily I found a job in about 2 months. That was a relief.
The second one was totally different and that was in summer of 2003, I guess. I had a nasal surgery and was on sick leave. In a case like that you would only get paid 60% of your wage (I think it has been increased to 90% recently but not quite sure) and the wage would come to you a little late for a reason that I don’t remember, may be as a result of paperwork. I remember I had almost nothing to eat a day. I went to a kitchen cabinets and found some spaghetti. That one was my roommate’s. I was not kind of a person who live his life based on credit cards on those days, unlike now! So I just boiled them and had them with probably just salt! I can’t recall completely as years has passed. But the money was deposited by the company then and I bought food and paid my share of rent.
Today’s is a completely different version. May be a new generation! I have been working for this company for two weeks now and I was expecting my pay stub today as we are paid bi-weekly. But I received nothing. I went to the sweet Chinese girl, the payroll lady and she told me that they’ve prob. lost my job offer paper and I’d be paid next Fri.! God damn! I’ve put so much on my credit cards. I even booked a ticket to B. C. for next week and I have three bills to pay this week: Shaw, my Esso Visa and Amex. So what I did is I paid my Esso Visa which was more than $90 and left Internet bill and Amex for the next Fri. while I get paid. Shaw’s bill would be past due but what can I do? After that I drove to a Safeway and put another $40 on my Visa. The fridge was almost empty! I got paid by the previous job last Fri. and that was more than $600 but I paid another credit. I transferred $500 and prob. and $140 was left. I paid my Esso VISA as I said and spend more than $40! So I’ll be fine for the week but have to remind them not to postpone my pay next Fri. again esp. I’m goin’ on a trip and will have to pay more bills.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


It’s been five years since those attacks were lunched on the US soil but seems people like to use that in almost everything of their daily life, something as a hobby. You know how some people smoke everyday or booze themselves or - being a little moderate - exercise or read a book. 9/11 and all those fake stories are some peoples’ daily amusement. Everyone now knows that all that has done by the US Government and Al-Qaeda, Taliban and all those motherfucker, Arab, Pakistani and Afghan criminals have been  supported, trained and supplied by Americans.
But in a way some people like to fool themselves and stick to stupid stinky craps like miracle, religion, faith, bible, the Lord (!!) and all that kind of shit which is even less useful than somebody’s poop in toilet.
CBC had a report on 9/11 tonight and in that Peter Mansbridge was interviewing a Canadian guy who’s believed to be one of the few survivors of 9/11 in southern tower of World Trade Centre in New York City.
What the guy was saying was so stupid that I wondered why we still have such a nut here in North America. I mean I know there’re millions of them but this one was really a nasty one. He said that a fellow colleague of him was on the phone in the south tower talking to someone in Chicago when he saw a plane is approaching him!! The plane was about near Liberty Statue he said and a bible was open on the guy’s desk! So what happened is he quickly threw himself on the floor and got beneath the desk and said: “Lord! I’m in your hands!” I was about to vomit when he reached this part of his story! Then the plane crashed a few stories below him and the right wing destroyed his room. He was still alive and managed to escape! This could be used as a joke in a circus.
Then he gave the audiences a short version of his miraculous escape from the tower. He said that after the tower was hit by the plane and blaze and smoke made breathing impossible, he was relaxed because bubbles of air were around him and he simply could breathe and find the exit!!
The only thing that guy deserves is first to be beaten to death and then being diced and used as food for dogs. Because there are na├»ve people who believe that kind of bullshit and that brings up problems in the society. Those fucking morons will then tend to apply a fucking religion to every aspect of life and that’s what fucks up a nation really bad. Something has being happened in Islamic countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Emergency Calls

I always wondered how everyone’s emergency call all around North America, a vast area with a population of more than 300 million can be directed. No matter where you are and what you need, in terms of emergency, you only dial one number and that is 911. So I thought it’s better to find out ‘cause I don’t wanna leave anything unsolved and uncertain for me. I waited until an opportunity popped up and it happened in the previous place where I used to live with a big, noisy family. Once I was at home and I heard them yelling and shouting. It was getting worse and sounded like they were beating on each other! I was really enjoying that because they never cared about their neighbour. Then the kids joined them and they started crying very loudly and they were howling and screaming. Obviously the parents were beating the shit of each other and the kids were worried. So what I did was I just grabbed the phone and dialled 911! I started reporting on them and told what was goin’ on. The guy asked me to hold on so he could direct me to the police. That was where I learnt how emergency line works. Then someone else started asking me questions and also getting personal information from me. I asked him not to tell them I reported and the officer agreed. Only few minutes after my call they were so quiet that you wouldn't believe. It was like standing in a graveyard! That was a good lesson for them! The next time was just prob. a months ago or a little more. I was at home and for a reason I was angry and got out and saw a guy was urinating across the street where there’s a yard-like area of a car dealer. A few girls, all teenagers, I guess was sitting in a car nearby and were joking around. I was hoping mad but I don’t know why I did not rush to him! I might have if that was a girl doing that. I just dialled the number and started talking. The lady told me that she had to transfer me to a non-emergency call as I could not use an emergency line for that. I said: “So you’re saying that everyone can urinate in front of my place and I should say nothing!?” The mistake done by me was that I didn't take those fuckers’ number plate. But you know they were just very young kids and I’d prob. do the same if I was at that age! They were actually afraid when saw me on the phone and stormed towards them ! But I guess they had friends here in this neighbourhood or something. You actually expect everything in rental neighbourhoods! But why I’m telling this story is because people are really afraid of the cops and 911 here. I mean the people who have problem like smoking weed, drinking, violence, divorce, bad relationship, offence and that kind of crap. There was a girl in the unit downstairs, just a single very young cute girl but her friends, her cousins (as she said once) and her boyfriend (as I found out) used to hang out in there, drinking, smoking pot and partying. Once early in the morning, at about 01:00 I heard a noise and woke up. Then I looked though the window and saw people are chasing each other and screaming while one was lying in the middle of the street! Then I saw one of them was running after the other one while holding a camera phone in his hand! Totally nuts! I was gonna call the cops but I thought that could make my file just thicker ‘cause every time you call them, they keep your record. So I just got back to sleep. When I told her a few days later about my decision, the cute girl was afraid! She prob. thought that I’d report on her and she’d be in trouble. Then that was yesterday. I was just got home and was making myself something in the kitchen when I heard someone’s screaming! I looked through the window and saw a big Canadian woman is walking in and out in the front building’s lobby. Then there was a young black girl. I asked her if she heard anything and she said yes she did. I told her that I was gonna call the cops and then the Canadian woman showed up. I asked her if she was OK and she said yes and said that was not her screaming! He then said something to the other girl that couldn't be heard from where I was standing. She called her and said: “This fellow is gonna call the cops” I then stayed there for a few seconds and then rushed back to my building, pretending that I’m calling 911! People who do bad things, illegal things are really afraid ‘cause they now the cruiser shows up in a min. if the right emergency call is put.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


We went to Tequila Sat night. That’s what P. M. wanted. He even paid for me. The admission is $7. And I was actually surprised because he usually avoids spending money in that way. I’m not saying that he’s stingy. He just doesn’t spend money. I think most of the money he earned in summer is saved ‘cause he doesn’t pay rent, has no car and obviously no insurance, gas and maintenance and no other expenses as well.
Anyway I didn’t like the way they treated us at the door. They searched us and the guy was doing that very roughly. But the club is great. It’s basically a club for teenagers. Full of young and sexy girls and of course handsome young guys (I'm not gay!). There were a very load music playing and lights were flashing. It was very exciting. Boys and girls were using buckets and squirt guns and almost everyone got wet. But I was exhausted as I just went there after I had finished in the gym. I stayed for a while, had a beer and as I was tired, I called P. M. and left. He was showing some movements that didn’t seem that he was dancing, esp. because he always makes a very serious face. But chicks usually don’t care. He’s tall and young. Taller and younger than me. And that’s what chicks like. He was busy with a fat one and I didn’t see if he got her or not when I left.
When I was leaving, I said to me: “Let’s disturb these guys!” I mean the bouncers, as I’ve been always a troublemaker! I went to the guy, whom I thought was the one who searched me and told him: “Hey! I really didn’t like the way you searched me!” I was not sure if that was the guy but it really didn’t matter at the time because I knew he wasn’t sure too! I think that was him, tough. He was a handsome guy and well-built but I was not afraid because here as long as you don’t start the fight and know how to talk, you wouldn’t get harmed. The guy seemed he didn’t like it but didn’t argue and turned to the other guy and said: “This guy has a problem!” I was ready for everything and the guy asked what the problem was. I told him that I was going to call the cops and then talk to his manager. He said that he was the manager there but I told him that he was not. I said what I didn’t like. In the meantime the first guy approached us and tried to say something but the second guy sent him back. I was sober but I was in the mood of bugging people. I said that the way the guy searched me was different from the way he searched everyone else! And the guy asked what the difference was!
I finally left while I was still threatening them! The guy told me not to come back again as I wouldn’t be welcomed! I reminded him that the club was not the only one in Calgary and left! I was fine but really wanted to bother those fuckers that night because I had never been treated like that. A few Canadian guys who were around were watching and waiting to see what happens. May be they were waiting for a fight to break out!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


The woman whom I work with in my new job and I’m goin’ take over her job is an Indian lady but unorganized. Her desk is a mess. You can find everything in it: from parts, pen caps and tea paper cups to invoices, item orders and catalogues! The woman is pregnant and is waiting for her twin boys and I wonder if she’s like this at home. She could be ‘cause Indians are not really clean and tidy people. Besides the way you work and behave in your workplace pretty much reflects your character and attributes. So either this is a stupid, dirty and lazy woman or that’s just because her belly is so big and makes her almost incapable of doin’ what a normal person does, that bothers me. The software that is being used is an old one, prob. from the 80s and many of the functions are ineffective or left untouched. The stupid big woman doesn’t even want to contact the company to have the software fixed and updated. So I told me that I change the whole system in a way that you wouldn’t recognize anything after you’re back, you moron! You’ll have big problems getting back on track!
But may be these all hit me because I’m a perfectionist. That makes life sometimes really hard for me. Intolerable! You want to see everything in its place, complete and flawless which is impossible. I got this problem with almost everything. That’s applied to every aspect of life indeed including relationship. I always say this girl is this, that girl lacks this, the other girl did that and so on. So I prob. end up having the worst woman on earth in my life or be single forever if I don’t fix this damn problem soon!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Dinosaur Juice

I read something really catchy in the last issue of Opulence when I was on a bike in Talisman the other day. I started going to gym every other day instead of only weekends which has never been more than 2 days. I’m trying to adjust my weigh, gain more muscle and get to that record of 2.4 Km in less than 11 min. I’m pretty close to that.
But what I found interesting in that magazine was a short article about hybrid automobiles, esp. Prius and how it not only helps you to save lots of money but also helps the environment. The article says North Americans finally listen to what has been concern of the guys across Pacific Ocean. But is the emission really harmful to our planet or is that a trick by them to sell more cars to us?! Al Gore says yes. Our planet is in danger and warns us of global warning as a result of greenhouse gases and we know that the said gases are partially generated by vehicles. But recent studies show that ozone layer is being recovered but of course takes years to be healed completely.
Anyway the article says that Prius got an electric motor and a gas engine, which is known everyone who’s a little in to cars. But the way these two mechanism work together is amazing. When you’re driving it in the city that’s the electrical motor providing energy for your vehicle and the engine is shut down. Then if you need to run faster, for example in a highway, this time it’s the engine that gives you the power. And not only has that but also charges your batteries! That’s how you save money on your monthly dinosaur juice bill. As a matter of fact gas price has been sharply reduced to almost ¢95 per liter which is phenomenal compare to what I used to pay in last 3 months.