Monday, March 31, 2008


One of the biggest issues of the people here in Western societies, I’m speaking specifically about Canada where I have experienced it and seen examples and also the US is instability in life. I give you examples by numbers:
1- Resurrect has been living in Canada for more than 15 years now and has changed his job several times. He served the Canadian Forces in the Navy, Worked for a Pizza Pizza (he claims that he owned it!), he co-owned a small bakery in Calgary and now the last thing I heard about him is he teaches in a UBC branch in Kelowna.
2- Keiv. P. used to have a Canadian roommate back to the time that I was hanging out with him and the guy had so many different licences and certificate, possibly using them each when it’s the time!
3- Dr. S. (Dr. Ass!) who’s got a PH. D. has been living in Canada for more than 6 years now and has no job yet, teaches in different universities and colleges off and on. They used to live in Montreal and now they live in B. C., planning to move to the US! Once I asked him: Doc., What do we have to do, in general to make a life? He said: This is the question that I have been asking me for 30 years!
4- Alfonse got his second M. Sc.(!) from an American university almost 3 years ago and it’s just a little longer than a year that he has a little stable job. Nevertheless he told me last time on the phone that the company that he works for was planning to move the facility to fucking China but he doesn’t think that that affects his job because obviously he’s not on the floor. I should add here that he once got kicked out off his job, was jobless for a quite long time, his visa got expired and he had to leave the country with more than $5000 debt.
5- Ben an American university graduate (I guess he got a Ph. D.) and a high school classmate of mine, had a job in Philadelphia, PA. but moved shortly after the new year to Texas, I guess because he lost his job and, I think found another one there. You can imagine how hard it is to migrate from PA. to TX. And obviously there was a gap in between but I don’t know how long it was.
6- Kamix, a guy who I used to talk to me on the phone and the net and lives in Toronto is a certified data analyst or something like that. He once worked as a mover or something close to that (he never told me what he was doing exactly) and broke his leg! Then worked for a kind of fun fair and when finally got his real job and make really good money, he used to be employed off and on.
Let me know if you want to know more of this shit!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

NHL in the Last Days of Regular

We’re goin’ to know the teams who’ll fight for ’07-’08 Stanley Cup soon. I didn’t spend time on NHL this in this season, mostly because I have Cable TV now and not stuck on CBC and its Hockey Night in Canada. I’m not saying it’s not good. It’s my favourite but I mostly watch comedies, especially Seinfeld. That’s my new discovery. Although the show is old, ended in 97 but still attracts audience.
Anyway there are a few teams in West fighting for Playoffs, as usual. Vancouver, who had a good start in the season, now is in the verge of losing the Playoffs. Good! I always hated Canucks especially that asshole, the fucking goalie. The stupid guy had a trip to Florida where his wife lives. The woman gave birth to their first child and he then flew to Minnesota to play against the Wild. That’s where they got fucked in right in the ass! They lost 0-4 to Minnesota and now are standing in 9th position in Western Conference. There are four games left to be played by them, 2 of them against Calgary including the last game of March, the 30th day of the month, in their home.
The other interesting thing is Todd Bertuzzi who punched Steve Moore in March of 2004 and broke his neck, which was an end to Moore’s NHL career, now blaming the former Canucks coach for his brutal act. He alleges that Crawford urged the players, including Todd, to beat the shit of Moore in revenge of what he had already done to the then captain, Jovanovski! Isn’t that absurd? You almost kill someone, make him paralyzed and hospitalized, push him toward early retirement and your only excuse is you just followed the orders of your coach?!
Anyways there’s not much doubt that neither Moore get anything nor Bertuzzi is innocent. The fact is violence is part of NHL and will be until the officials put a permanent end to it. It was just last week in Quebec Junior Hockey League where son of the hockey legend Patrick Roy got suspended for 7 games. Not to mention that his father received the same kind of punishment, longer or shorter for not be able to controlling his players! The young Roy punched the opponent’s goalie really bad after the two teams got into a brawl and then gave fingers to the crowd!
So I’ll wait to see what will happen and who makes to playoff, Edmonton or Vancouver?
(Photo: The former Colorado player, Moore in a press conference)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 7: The Queen's Palace and Sculpture Museum

This story covers what happens in a Tue. of last Jan., the 22nd day of that month. I didn’t know where to go in that day. Actually I wanted to go to some place (I can’t recall where at the moment) so I was just walking the street when I encountered a kind of old big building with sculptures all around it. I walked in and asked an old man what that building was. He told me that it was a sculpture museum. I got a ticket (for only 50 DKK as far as I remember) and got in. There were too many things to see, mostly sculptures and tombstones from ancient Greece, Roman Empire and Egypt. The museum was not too crowded just a bunch of school kids and a few old Danish couples and me! I spent a considerable amount of time in there until receiving a call from Pejman on Ane’s PDA which had been lent to me. He told me that he would take me to the Queen’s Palace. I was there in a few minutes right before the guard gets changed.
First of all, the streets ending to the square were blocked by police or politi as it’s said in Danish. A few of them were walking around and watching the tourists who surprisingly were not a few. I took out both my regular and digital camera and unluckily both of them got problem! My regular old Kyocera camera was kind of frozen! The shutter didn’t work! And the digital one was out of battery! I did take a few photos and a short clip of the Queen’s guard but then decided to leave the square because the ceremony was long and I didn’t see any reason to stay while I was not capable of doing photography. I walked away and bought 2 couples of Danish AA size battery for the camera and returned to the museum because my ticket was valid for the day. There are too many things to discover in there and I ran out of fuel soon. But it was a good experience studying Greek, Egyptian and Roman history.
(Photo: This is one the two favourite Egyptian gods of mine, Anubis or Jackal-headed god. People in ancient Egypt used to worship this god because they believe he had embalming powers. The other one is Amun who might be the topic of a post later, at least I hope. Egypt and his rich history has been always my interest, especially after I finished the book about the Egyptian physician when I was a 12th grader! The book is called The Egyptian and it's about a royal physician called Sinuheh. I read that a few more times and finally bought it. Egypt is where I'm planning to go with FF if everything goes well and she agrees. I took this photo in sculpture museum. The piece is obviously found in Egypt and has a long history of thousands of years hidden in it. I prefer that to any other photo taken there!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2007 Tax

I went to H & R today to file my 2007 income tax. There was a very old and fat guy who drove me really crazy. The more he was talking the angrier I got but couldn’t say a damn thing!
I got there first yesterday and he noted down my basic information and then today when I got there he opened another file because yesterday’s was missing! Then when he wanted to type something he was really struggling and sometimes squinting to find the key! Once he said: Six ... Where are you? ... There!
I barely listened to his explanation and just nodded! There were 4 tax associates, I believe, in there: Three old men, all in their sixties and after and one extra-heavy woman in her mid-thirties. I was thinking of complaining to the headquarters right after I finished but thought who would listen to me. Isn’t there any tax person who’s willing to work in a small town?
I filed my income tax through Quicktax last year and ’05 but am too mentally tired this year so I preferred going there.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Fri.

It was Good Fri., the last one. I never paid attention to the reason why they call a Fri. in March a Good Fri. This year I just found out. This is the day that Jesus was crucified! So that’s why it’s good! Probably because Jesus was crucified and returned to his father!
And if you think people are crazy in Iran lashing themselves on the back look at these ones! The funny thing is Filipinos, Koreans and South Americans, the people are not originally Christian are more Catholic than Pope! There was news of people in the Philippines or someplace like that where people were being crucified. The TV also showed half-naked young men with bloody backs, lashing themselves with bamboo sticks or something like that! So don’t worry about the jackasses who cut themselves, beat the shit of themselves with whips or lift heavy stuff just to show how mournful and sorry they are for the death or Mohammad’s grandson, Husain. Obviously you never see something like that in Canada, the States or European country. And today is Easter and I don’t know shit about it. But probably will find out but there’s something I know because that’s what I see and that’s snow! Yes! It’s snowing at the moment. It was raining in morning yesterday and was sunny at noon, cloudy in the afternoon and hailing in the evening! As it’s said in Calgary you can see all the seasons in just one day over day and here in Squamish the weather is not much different in March.
(Photo: This picture has nothing to do with Good Fri. I was just trying to get the frightened and cold but very beautiful Blue Jay who was jumping and flying around this morning in the yard)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Norooz (2008)

Thanks that I'm fucking far away from the fucking shithole that I was born in and don't have to fucking attend those stupid Norooz parties or do the stupid Norooz shopping!
Nevertheless I had to call F. F. because we're considered engaged and I did yesterday to say Happy Norooz to her. I send her a text message before that. She asked me to say Happy Norooz to her Mom, brother and sister-in-law, the fucking bitch that I hate the most. I said OK. She also said that she would answer my e-mail as soon as she got home.
Then I checked my e-mail and noticed that she had not said a word about what I had earlier mentioned about Peoples. That drove me crazy. That’s what she always does. She either doesn’t read the mails or reads and doesn’t care. So I didn’t answer back. Today again she e-mailed and asked where I was. I decide not to answer and then give her a good piece of advice. I don’t care if I lose her. I think she loves me but her carelessness makes me angry. I like her a lot and in last 24 hours have changed the tone of e-mail that I’m goin’ to submit to her. But once again I don’t care if I lose her because I have no plan and future and joining her doesn’t help much. That might brings more headaches and she might eventually leaves after a few months or years. I have lost so much valuable things that nothing seems valuable to me anymore, not even F. F. who’s a very pretty, petite, creative, lovely, young and ambitious girl.
I checked my application status with CF Recruiting Centre in Vancouver as I mentioned in one earlier post and I think CF is my only option. If the Navy doesn’t accept me, I'll apply for a job or will volunteer in the Army and will be deployed to fucking Afghanistan. They'll love that! Having the Afghanistan mission extended to 2011, I will either get killed and get rid of this miserable life – which is very possible – or get back here. Either way is fine to me, although the first one is very possible.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 6: Hamlet’s Castle in Holsinger

I woke up on Sun. of Jan.27 and I felt that I needed a little exercise after a few weeks of eating, sleeping and vacationing. I just had one day of gym in Koln. So I went for a little jugging. I went close to the station and came back. That was not easy. I remembered the days I used to go to the nearby gym at least 5 days a week in Calgary. Sweat old days! And me, the idiot, ruined everything and trapped myself in the hands of stupid A. J.! Fuck!
Anyways when I got back I noticed that Pejix and his family were waiting for me to join them for breakfast! I had a good breakfast and then I, Pejix and Anne drove to Holsinger, a city in north of Copenhagen, a coastal city where Kornborg Citadel or castle is located. Kornborg is one of few historic places which is registered within UNESCO and is located, where Hamlet story, by Shakespeare, took place. I wonder why a British playwright and poet should write the story of a Danish prince! I asked Anne but she had no idea!
So we spent an awful amount of time in there. We went room to room and story by story, learning so much about Danish Royal Family! That was a very nice time.
(Photo: Kornborg Citadel on the coast of Denmark just few miles from Sweden)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From Fundamentalism to Capitalism

I and A. J. went to a financial institution in Downtown Vancouver for a loan. We talked to the guys for a few minutes, gave them the documents and left. The office was by the shore and the finance people had a very nice view of harbour, mountains and everything.
A. J. started complaining right after that. He was talking about his big house which has been bought 3 years ago. He explained to me that when someone borrows money from a financial institution or a bank to buy a property, he or she has to pay the interest, firstly and finishes it up and then his real instalment starts! This is actually a very simple presentation of what the banks do to buyers. A. J. said that even he didn’t know the complex mortgage system of the banks after years of construction and dealing with financial institutions and banks!
He said that after 3 years he just had paid off $2000 of his property price! The rest is interest. I guess he and everybody else has a long way to go. Paying $3000 monthly to own a house which is waiting for $450,000 more, takes 12.5 years, if I’m not wrong. I guess he gave me wrong information because his house worth more than $900,000 now but having the mentioned calculation, his path will be much longer than that.
I could buy a house or apartment shortly after I landed in Canada because I was employed in a month but I didn’t because I didn’t like my job and wanted always to get something that I enjoying it. It never happened, not even now and may never happen but my property could have been doubled even tripled by now. On the other hand I never forget the time that I was unemployed. What would happen if it took longer? I could prevent losing the home but it was hard, that’s for sure, even harder than survival with no job or accepting shitty works with low pays and hanging out with idiots and morons.
I never told A. J. that it was made by him but have told him that this is capitalism and this is how the society is ran. They empty your pocket in any possible way that they are able to. We actually are people who ran away from fundamentalism and are in the hands of capitalism now. It’s a little easier to deal with the second one, if you know how to.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Flashback (15): Bear and Girl

As I mentioned before in earlier post I lived in the basement of a fucking Uzbek family, the guy who used to be a principal. I had a several problems with that family because they just did whatever they wanted but there’s no point to mention that time of turmoil here.
We had a very friendly relationship at the beginning but the more we went through, the more complex the situation was. I remember once the guy I call him here W. W. asked me to join him for an afternoon walk. His house is located in a nice neighbourhood by Fish Creek Provincial Park. So he ordered me to drive him to the park that day and I had to obey because after all he was my landlord and besides he was an elder friend whom must be respected and obeyed all the time, in their culture and ours, of course.
Anyhow I was driving down the road and passed a local pub. You know how local bars advertise: ¢10 wings, Happy hour, $1.5 jar of bear and so on. This pub has Bar and Grill written on the window which was read Bear and Girl by W. W.! I felt that he wanted to go to that bar to taste a Western evening and enjoy himself regardless the fact that he was a religious guy – moderate of course – married and has 5 boys!. But I disappointed him by continue on driving and not talking about that even once again.
Tensions gradually escalated which eventually ended to my occupation. What drove him crazy was me not visiting him in a hospital after a serious injury of him which made his right hand almost paralyzed. He got laid off of his job and I don’t think he is ever able to use his right hand again. They bothered me so much that when I heard what had happened to him, I was happy! He was in a physical pain severely and I added spiritual pain to that too. Suffer moron, suffer you piece of crap. You deserve it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 5: Erotic Museum and The Royal Copenhagen

The first day in Copenhagen which I was on my own, Mon. Jan.21, I went to the tourist information today and told the lady over there that I wanted to see the aquarium beside the other attractions in the city centre. She told me that it’s a bit far from the most-seen parts of Copenhagen. It’s funny that I’ve living in B. C. for more than 8 months and never been to Vancouver Aquarium once and wanted to see the Copenhagen’s! So I decided not to go and spend most of my day around. The information lady gave me an illustrated map which spots important buildings of the city, shops, restaurants, attractions, museums, etc. What caught my eye was Erotic Museum in one of the walking streets in Downtown! Downtown in European cities, at least the two ones I spent more than a week in them, Cologne (Köln) and Copenhagen, doesn’t look like a typical Downtown in North America. In a city like Calgary or Toronto you see all the skyscrapers gathered in a few streets located in the centre of the city. You don’t see such a thing in Europe; you actually don’t see many high rises in the cities. European cities are mostly old but beautiful, attractive and historic but at times you see tall buildings, mostly luxury hotels or offices scattered all around the city.
Anyhow I followed the map and found myself in Erotic Museum. I paid 110 DKK as admission! Some $22 Canadian! I was the only one who was visiting the museum at the time! Honestly who the hell in Copenhagen, the city of most beautiful women, spend 110 DKK to see a few posters, sculptures and dildos?! I didn’t know what to expect but whatever was there was not much attractive. As I mentioned, it was all sexual biography of famous people, for instance Adolf Hitler, Carl Marx, world records, sex in nations’ history, photos, and history of pornography and so on. That might not sound so attractive to most of people but it’s OK to me. I once wanted to see the one in New York, now I’ve seen the Danish one first and may see the other one when I go to see Alfa this summer.
Then I was walking in that street till I got to Royal Copenhagen. This super luxury store is a direct seller of a very famous manufacturer of porcelain in Denmark with a great history. The prices are so high that I didn’t even buy the apron I wanted, the cheapest good in the store, probably for almost €25! A. J. had told me that I should do my shopping in Europe and he’s right in a way. But I was out of money! In fact I wanted to have some traveller’s cheque with me but stupid A. J. kept me at job until the morning I flew.
Where were we? I spent almost one hour in there. The main floor is store, so the basement is but in the basement a bit cheaper stuff are sold. The second floor is exhibition. There was a young lady who was doing hand painting. Unless most Danish women who are really pretty and indispensable(!) she was just below average. She told me that the training for this job takes some 4 and a half year! And honestly her work was excellent. Such an amazing work is also be done by Isfahani artists in Iran but no one pays such an extravagant amount of money for their art. The reason is art not admired as it should be Iran. The infrastructure of life is not based properly so not many people appreciate art, literature and so on.
I took a few photos, saw the other parts of the museum, talked to the other women and left the store eventually, without spending money.
(Photo: This single hand-painted plate is priced DKK 12000 which is almost $ 2400!)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mission: Impossible, Extended

I don’t watch CBC that much I used to back to the time I used to live in Calgary because now I have cable TV and different channels so why would I limit myself to the 3 or 4 stations?
Nevertheless last week I was watching The National and it was said that the mission to Afghanistan is extended for two more years. Canadian Forces were supposed to live Afghanistan in Feb. of ’09 but the parliament voted for extension. It’s said that both the Liberals and the Conservatives (the current Government) vote in favour of extension. NATO also was supposed to have a meeting in Bucharest to discuss the Afghanistan mission and the possibility of sending more troops to the conflict region of south, after that but I have no news on that matter. 80 members of Canadian Forces have lost their lives so far in Afghanistan but not much progress has been made.
An Afghan was shown on TV, talking about the mission. He said that the extension was good but the strategy should have been changed which is right I guess. There’s no doubt that CF is only there because the US want them to be and they can’t refuse as a ally of the States but if no change is being made in that country, what’s the point?
After all it’s good news for me because I have CF as one of my opportunities! I don’t care if I get killed. I just don’t want to get disabled, that’s it. I contacted CF recruiting office in Vancouver last week regarding my Navy position application and the officer lady over there said that I had to be patient. She said that it was only a year. “It might take 2 years, 3 years” She added! She said that I could give her a call in 6 months! Who the hell knows what will happen in a year or two? I might not be physically fit to suit the job. But the reality is I can keep myself healthy and fit up to that time if I really want to join the Navy.
I talked to FF in that regard once and she said that while I have to keep position in progress, a separated-married life is not a good one. She’s right. I have to study harder and also work harder in order to be able to find a good career.
(Photo: Caskets of fallen Canadian soldiers waiting to be sent home)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 4-2: I Am Legend in Copenhagen

I know it's too late to write about a movie which was distributed in North America months ago but I'm posting this because I watched the movie during my European trip, in Copenhagen.
I and Pejix were discussing which movie we should go to. He wanted to watch 3:10 to Yuma and I wanted to watch I Am Legend starring Will Smith. 3:10 to Yuma is a Western. Christian Bale and Russell Crow perform in it but I don’t like the first one. His performance in Batman Begins was horrible or maybe the screenplay was so poor that everything else was affected by it. So I said that I would watch I AM Legend and they could go and watch fucking Christian Bale in his stupid Western!
Anne got the tickets and then we went to an Iranian restaurant in Copenhagen. The place probably was originally an old apartment in the second floor of an old building in Downtown. Sasan, one of Pejix’s friends, whom was met by me the first time in that little birthday party and his family, were there too. They serve Iranian cuisine and the buffet also serves the same sort of food.
We all attacked the buffet. Or better to say I did and Pejix and Anne followed me! Unfortunately I did not have any exercise that day so I didn't eat as much as I wanted! The food was good. Sasan had already ordered rice and barbecued-beef (Chelo Kabab) and one more food for his family of four.
We left the restaurant shortly after we finished our dinner to get to the theater on time. The movie was disappointing! It has a good beginning but after 45 minutes or a bit more I started looking at my wrist watch! It was a one-man show for the most part of the movie. Will Smith is a sole physician in the city of New York, a survivor of a huge virus outbreak in the entire world. He tries to find the virus by testing the different ones he make on the mutants whom are usually hunted by them in different corners of the city. The only companion of him is his dog which gets infected and dies. That makes him so upset that commits suicides. He exposes himself to the mutants. But a woman who has heard his radio message, the message he broadcasts every day, saves him. They find shelter in Smiths house but find out that the house is discovered by the mutants. The physician tries to defend the hide out but the numerous mutants finally find their way in. Smith, the woman and her little girl go to the lab and notice that the last mutant whom is under treatment is being recovered! Smith take a small amount of her blood as vaccine and help the woman and her kid to escape the house while detonates himself and all the mutants shortly after they leave.
The woman finds their way to a surviving colony and presents the vaccine and that’s the end of the story! The only good part of the movie is Smith’s performance but this and the models of devastated New York City don’t help much to make it an attractive movie. The story has been told several times. There’s nothing new nothing exiting. May be we should have seen 3:10 TO Yuma.
(Photo: Will Smith in a scene of I AM Legend with his dog [in the movie of course!])

Monday, March 10, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 4-1: AVP-R in Copenhagen

I went to a Cineplex by a shopping centre one station to Copenhagen Central to watch Alien vs. Predator 2. That’s, I guess, what they call it there in Europe or may be just Denmark. The movie originally was in theatres in North America last Christmas Day but I didn’t have a chance to watch it. It’s called Alien vs. Predator Requiem back in the US and Canada but for unknown reason they changed it to the simple one just mentioned.
The plays are so ordinary and so does the screenplay but the scenes involving the Predator and Aliens were original, scary and exciting. The movie was originally being played in English and was subtitled.
I caught it at about 12:15 PM so there were only two other people in theatre!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 3: Sweetie

I’m telling the story of that Black woman, who called herself Sweetie (although she wrote it as Sweety when she gave me her number!) in this post, separately.
When I first got in the train car in Hamburg, there were not many people on board: An old Caucasian lady, an old Caucasian man, a young Caucasian man, an Oriental girl and a Black woman. I decided to sit at the table across from the Black woman’s. She didn't even look at me at the beginning just once I smiled at her and greeted, she smiled back only. I made myself busy with the laptop, listening to music, writing and reading Alien III script, also as I said, took photos and made clips. She was on the damn phone all the time, speaking either in English or an African language. But I noticed that when I’m looking around to look for possible shots, she was looking at me.
I didn't do anything. What could have I done?! Then there was the time that we got in to a ferry, crossed the sea and returned to our seats. I changed my seat before everyone gets in because her voice was so annoying. Then as soon as I started my reading she appeared at my seat and asked if I was doing a business. She was a little drunk I understood and simply said that I was reading a screenplay, the Alien III’s. She obviously didn't understand anything. I invited to sit there and she accepted immediately. She was a bit drunk and was drinking from a can of bear. She asked me to take of little metal plates off her dress just above her tits. I used a knife and took them off. That was a turn on. She told me that she owns a shop in Copenhagen and gave me her number. Then I moved to the other side of the table and sat beside her. We started fooling around saying dirty things. I kissed her little ears and she likes it very much. We kissed on the lips. Her kiss was different. She said that the way a woman lips looks like is the way her labia looks too! I never noticed that! I cursed myself for not having condom on me because she was very willing to get fucked. I actually found a pack of flavoured condoms in the suitcase A. J. lent me(!) but gave it to Cyrus before I left him. I was going to take her to the lavatory but not having a protective tool(!) and my usual low sex drive prevented me. I, though, directed her hand to my crutch and she was robbing my dick for me! I was hard but couldn't take her to the lavatory. Then I took my dick out and gave it to her. She liked it. She held it in her hand and stroked it for me. Here I was sitting in the train by a Black woman who was holding my exposed dick in her hands and we were talking. But that was it. I could ask her to make me cum but didn't. I thought, at the moment, that I would fuck her later in Copenhagen but never called her.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Trip Coverage, Story 2: How did I get lost in Denmark?

This is the second story of my European trip. I don't think I'm able to post them according to the time of occurrence. After all they are not related, so there wouldn't be a bother!
Pejix showed me the train station and bicycle parking yesterday. Hondgie is the closet station to home, some 15 min. ride or 25 min. walk. I rode the old bike to the station, parked and locked it and took the train to Copenhagen.
When I got back to the station in the evening it was almost 06:30 PM. I unlocked the bike and tried to find my way home but was not so successful. And luckily the bicycle’s chain got off! I fixed it a few times but happened again. Now I had my hands smudged and my laptop briefcase was pulling me down. I tried all the routes that I thought may take me to the house but didn’t find it! One hour passed! Once I tried to make a phone call through a bar but I wasn’t welcomed in there. Then I asked an old guy who was jugging but that lead to nothing. I found the school but that was as far as I could go! Two Danish teenagers showed me the way to the school. I eventually called home using a young Kurdish fellow, a high school student. Two of them were riding their bicycles and I asked them if they knew any pay phone in the neighbourhood and one of them lent me his mobile phone.
Anne was at the other side and I told her that I had been lost! He passed the phone to Pejman and he burst in to laughter and said that he would be there in 5 minutes.
(Photo: The neighbourhood is connected via paths like this one. There's no way that a newcomer could say a path from another one, especially at night!)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Trip coverage, Story 1: Excellent Travel Services of Bahn

As my computer was down during the time that I was in Denmark, I decide to publish the stories hereinafter, titled Trip Coverage and subtitled, obviously:

Story 1: Excellent Travel Services of Bahn

I woke up at about 07:30 and looked at my mobile phone and noticed the clock is still set back to PST! So if I have not been woken up by the unknown mysterious sense, I would have missed my train to Hamburg! I grabbed my baggage and left. Cyrus was up possibly just to make sure that I’m leaving! I rushed to the station and was taken to the Cologne Hbf (Central Station). I had quite enough time so first I went to Bahn office and get confirmed that the train will stop at the station Pejix asked me to get off. That’s just one stop before Copenhagen central. He notified me through e-mail yesterday.
Then I made a phone call to let him know that I will be where he wanted me to be. His wife picked up and I told her the story. Then there was a time for a quick breakfast and I got in and the train left at exactly 09:11. Travel services specially the ones which is provided by Bahn are excellent. I sat at a table and opened my notebook. You basically feel no boredom during the trip. You easily can plug your laptop or iPod in, if you have one or any other entertainment devices and make yourself entertained. No beverage or food is served but you can buy from snack service people. I had my salad and orange juice.
I was about to mess everything up at the end of the trip to Hamburg! I looked at the clock and it was almost 13:05 and I saw a Hamburg sign and thought we’re early, we’re there and got off. But I was not sure hundred percent so got in again and asked a woman if that was Hamburg. She said that was Hamburg suburb or Hamburg not Hamburg Hbf where I’m supposed to change my train to Copenhagen! Shit! I was about to have me lost! Then I noticed something else: I had forgotten a bag of souvenir and my runners! So I grabbed them and helped the lady to get her stuff out of the train.
Getting to platform 5b where I got in the train was the easiest thing. I wanted to get something to eat but the same scenario of Euro-Credit Card-Dollar prevented me. I wasn’t hungry though!
Train again started leaving the station at exactly 13:28. Not very long after we left Hamburg, I was able to see the sun after almost a week! I was enjoying the scenic road and making clips while had my earphones on and noticed someone is holding an I. D. card in front of my face! That was the green sign of German Police! He asked for my passport and I gave it to him. He, before that, told me that it would be nice over the bridge. He was talking about the bridge that connects the two sides. He asked a few simple questions and asked if I had anything to declare to German custom. The answer was obviously negative. Then he asked me if I had more than €10,000! I smiled and say no and he let me be after that.
Shortly after that we got in to a ferry. I didn’t notice at the beginning and then I saw the other passengers are packing! I didn’t know what was happening!
(Photo: I took this sunset snapshot, if I may call, while sailing to Danish coast onboard the ferry which was carrying the train. That was my first sea travel, not too long though! Only 45 min.)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Different Feelings

I’m finally returned to Canada after a month and a half. I have totally different feelings at the moment. The bastards searched my entire luggage in the airport! Only, I guess, because I told them I was to Tehran. I was calm all the time. There was an East Indian fellow who also asked a few stupid questions but was nice to me. I have different feelings, as I said: I’m sad because I left Mom and Farzin behind. I feel sad because I left my love behind and I’m sad because I know it’s not going to be easy the next few months: Shitty stupid low-paid job, loneliness, not much to do in free time, struggle with A. J., etc.
But I decide to make this period different: Eat as less carbohydrate, fast food and sugar as possible, finish Project 2007 and have myself fit before I see F. F. my pretty little dove again. I’m optimist about her regardless of the fact that many girls show their real face they get off the plane at this side of the globe. There was a guy from Isfahan whom was met by me once in front of the embassy before my immigration, I call him here S. J.. I again saw him once in Coquitlam in 2003 in an A. J.’s job site. A. J. called him yesterday to ask him about his marriage process. He said that the girl whom was married to him had called him shortly after she had received her visa saying that she would decide whether or not she lives with him after her arrival! And that was after she had already received her visa he understood later. He immediately called the embassy in Tehran to announce that he no longer sponsor her. The embassy called her to say that her visa is cancelled but that was too late. She was already in Vancouver International Airport! The authorities in the airport made her stop and called S. J. They told the girl that her sponsorship is not valid any longer and she only is able to apply for refugee status!! This fucking shit means nothing to me!! A fucking motherfucker piece of crap cheating girl is in Canada illegally and security guys tell her that she could seek refugee!!! What kind of law is this!?
Anyhow the fucking animal cocksucker cheating motherfucker stays with a family for two month while was being visited by S. J. and then leaves Canada after that period! The only unclear part of the story is why the hell the motherfucker animal son of the bitch didn’t stay as a refugee? I should call S. J. and ask him but obviously not in the first place, after I get close enough to him. Who knows? May be she’s done something to start her own file. A. J. asked me if I was worried about my case. I told him that I would never start that even if I was doubtful for 1 fucking percent. I trust F. F. I only hope nothing happens in 6 to 7 months. I hope she still loves me after that time as much as she did when I was there.