Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Old or New?

I found two girls through Orkut and I'm goin' to Toronto for the first time, to date them. As both of them have sent me their phone numbers, I sometimes call them to see what they really are.
I'm in a prejudice process. One of them is a newcomer. She migrated to Canada last July but is very friendly and seems very sociable. The other one has come here almost 1.5 before me, as far as I remember and is much more beautiful, in a higher class and a little tough, I guess. And that's the one who I found first. My feeling is for this one. I don't know. May be it's because she is more experienced in Canada. Her English is very good. When we used to e-mail each other at the beginning, always replied back in perfect English. She also has a job in Telus. The other one as is a newcomer is not as good as should be in English and is a salesperson in a kid clothing store and is studying for TOEFL exam. as she's goin' to school, I guess but once I talked to her on the phone she said that she wonldn't pass the exam as this is her first time writing it!
So basically seems M. M. is a better choice compare to K. There are issues regarding her too. First of all has she been ever married or not? Second of all she's a graduate of Azad University (K.'s B. Sc. is from Sharif) and the last thing is her willingness toward moving to another city, although I have no problem moving to Toronto myself.

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