Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I’m so tired at the moment. Keeping my eyes open is a very difficult task but I want to write because I want to be up when my friend comes back from work. So I’m writing about what happened in the morning.
I rented a damn truck to go to Squamish and get my stuff. I took Highway 1 and it was very busy at that time of the day: rush hour. I was trying to get to Squamish as fast as I could because the rent was only up to 02:00 PM and any time after that would make it more expensive. I didn’t know what the cause is at the beginning. I thought there was an accident or may be cars are exiting the Highway and that made that mess. But it was the regular daily rush hour. And then I told myself: How about lane 3? Why isn’t anybody taking that? May be because people are exiting the highway and the exit road’s busy!
So I turned my signal on and got into lane 3, while I didn’t know that it was HOV! Let me tell you what HOV is. Part of Highway 1 in British Columbia has a third lane which is marked and called HOV. That stands for Highly Occupied Vehicle. Vehicles having two or more passengers can drive in this lane and as you noticed 2 is not highly occupied! There’re stories about people who fraudulently misuse HOV but I didn’t want to be one of them! I looked up and there was a sign: Two vehicles, a sedan and a bus or a truck and a diamond underneath them. I said to myself again: That’s me. The truck’s me! and pushed the gas pedal harder!
I always check my side view mirrors and this time I did too. What I saw was about to gives me a heart attack: A police cruiser, my all time favourite, Crown Victoria! I checked off and on and decided to move back to lane 2 and then 1. The good thing is the cops were not able to see how many passengers are inside. So I decided to slid in lane 2, I turned my left signal and got in! My heart beat gone up! The cruiser got closer and my goodness ... that was a damn cab! I had another narrow escape!

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