Thursday, December 04, 2014

The US Sanctions

The US has economic sanction in Iran and a few other countries for years. I don't care about the other countries but would like to write a few lines about the Iran's. Has it been hard on Iran in the past 30 years and so that the US has started them? Yes. Without a doubt. The country has probably lost billions of dollars to that. No one is actually able to calculate it but it's a lot. This is one example:
A few weeks a buddy of mine contacted my and wanted me to get a quote from an engineering company that he had already found on the Web in regards to an equipment that they are to fabricate after the bid they have won. He explained to me a bit and I e-mailed the guys. They requested a few detailed drawings of the items. My buddy sent a bunch and I asked her to get rid of the logos, any name or in general anything that associates with Iran. He said he did and sent me a few files both in DWG and PDF formats. There were a few times of corrections and a few revisions and after so many e-mail exchanges the guys came back to me with this short e-mail that since the equipment would be installed and operated in Iran, they could not provide any service to us!
I of course didn't mind that and kind of had anticipated that. I just forwarded the message to my buddy. He now says that since most of the calculations had been done, it won't affect their project that much! So I don't know but I guess he could have been smarter and sent clear drawings. I'm not doing anything illegal here and that piece of machinery was nothing but a solid structure sitting somewhere like a platform and he just wanted them to calculate the side forces of wind on the structure but he screwed it up. I hope he will be OK! 
(Photo: This cartoon, I hope it is OK by its artists that I am showing it here, depicts different US sanctions on different nations. Cuba is another country which has been under such sanctions for the past 50 years or so. North Korea and a few others one should also be added to the list)

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