Saturday, December 02, 2017

A Beautiful Attack!

I came back to the vehicle of mine which I park near work one day around noon and I saw that someone had thrown a cup of coffee at it! The coffee was over the side door and part of the window and the cup was resting on the ground, next to the car, a Tim Horton's
No vehicle was parked in the stall next to mine. There was usually a Toyota Rav and I had seen the guy a few times and I even had a little chat with him once. I guess that was him because I never saw him after that day! 
I guess he either didn't like me parking next to him or didn't like my comment about him smoking! I sarcastically told him that he should have smoked more once! 
I still have that coffee splash at the side of my car and I will most likely won't clean it soon or maybe never! I have no covered parking and parking on the street no only exposes the vehicle to theft (which happened once) but also make it vulnerable for anything else from being scratched or having a part being broken, let alone constant dirtiness from rain, wind, dirt, snow, slush and so on. 
One other theory about this incident (as it's so important to analyse) is perhaps someone forgot his or her coffee on the roof and drove away. The cup then fell and made that mess. It's plausible because the coffee cup (as seen in the picture) is intact. The question remains as: Why the hell that guy has not been seen after the attack?!
(Photo: The cup, from this photo, seems to be full at the time the incident happened. Most of it is on the ground and partially on the front side door but as you can see the cup is solid and strong!)

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