Monday, February 12, 2018

As Cold as -29℃ (-20.2 ℉)

I woke up around 06:00 hours today to go to work and when I pushed the curtain back, I noticed a thick layer of ice on the window. That's my thermometer! I immediately realized that would be a cold day. On the street, where I park my vehicle, I found it very hard, for the first time ever, to scrape ice form the windshield and windows! It was just not working! Fortunately there was no problem with this fantastic car again. One twists and boom! The engine started. I let it idle, unlike every other day that I have had this vehicle, while I tried harder to remove the thin layer of ice from the windows and windshield. I guess I probably spent 10 min. on the car before I could leave. I checked the car's thermometer and it showed -27 ℃ and considering that my vehicle's thermometer always shows 2 degree warmer than what it actually is, I read the temperature as -29 ℃, the coldest I had ever felt and that was without considering wind-chill of course! 
The roads were not bad. Same traffic and not slippery in a way that you wanted to take extra caution. At work it was different. We had someone who we had to help him outside and it became a little problem. My fingers were frozen and if I had to spend a little longer than I did, I would have gotten frost bite. I ran to restroom and kept my hands under hot, boiling water for 30 sec., maybe.
It was very uncomfortable until around 15:20 hours or so because the gates and doors were opened off and on and left open for minutes. Then it changed and the temperature went up to nearly -7 ℃ (19.4 ℉) around 16:30 which is considered a spring day here in Alberta!
(Photo: I took this picture on the weekend. It was of course not as cold as this morning but it was chilly and as you can see beautiful)

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