Saturday, June 27, 2009


I was at work on Thu. when F. F. called me and said about Michael Jackson's death. I was surprised and shocked. It was very unexpected! He looked fine just a little more than a month ago on TV when he was talking about his concerts, This Is It, in London, England.

Now he's dead at the age of only 50! I really felt bad for him when I heard that. He was in so much mental and physical pain in his last years of life. It seems nobody ever believed him. I remember when he was being tried for child molestation I saw his pictures on the net showing him ill and exhausted and said: What a liar! He's playing to get away from the punishment! Now I see that the poor guy was really sick.

I also remember the years of his Thriller album and the excitement in the society and the young. The clash between the police and his fans who would dress like him and listen to his songs, the principal of the school trying to ban the fanatic students, us getting his album on cassette, pining his photos on the wall!
He's gone. I believe there will ever be someone as good as him in the world of entertainment. He'll be always in my mind and heart as a legend.
(Photo: A short history of Michael Jackson's success. A legend never dies)

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