Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Getting Worse!

Looks like the amount of my Cooper Test exercises are getting smaller every month! I only was able to finish 3 days in May! There're two reasons obviously: 1- The nights that I have to ride my bike home. There's no sense doing exercise. 2- The other days of the month which I usually am tired and lazy at the same time!
Today I went to the gymnasium to do the first exercise of June but after warming up and a couple of minutes, a short chubby Oriental woman showed up and asked me to leave the damn treadmill! She said that she had signed and I simply left with a smile and tap on her shoulder! Then I spent a few minutes on different machines and left. The gymnasium was busy because of the late hour and also the hot summer. I'm going to increase the number of days in June (the same promise was made last months as well!)
(Photo: I only concluded three days of practice on May. You can see the dates on this month's chart)

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