Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mountain Baldy (Not Finished)

It seems that every mountain I want to scramble, I should try it at least twice! I went to Highway No. 40 in Kananaskis Country to hike Mountain Baldy. I checked with the information centre and the gentleman over there guided me through although I had obtained information from the web. I parked in the parking lot and simply started going up after crossing the road but was not able to find the damn trail. There was no one around and I walked in snow for about 1.5 to 2 hours with the hope that I may find the trail but it didn't happen. I went up quite high but the forest still didn't finish. The hill was very steep and I had a hard time going up there was too much snow on the ground. All you could see around you were animals' footprints and at times their poop! After going up for a while I guess it was 14:30 or so that I decided to descend. Coming down was even worse and there were points that I was in the snow up to my knees! 
When I finally reached the road I found the trial-head to Baldy Pass which if you followed and go south at a T-junction, according to the material found on the web, would talk you to the top. However another source says you should get the trail where a Falling Rock sign is on the road and go up from there. I checked that one as well and seems that could be a short-cut but I am not sure whether any of them are safe in a weather like this but I will check at least one, once later.
(Photo: This is supposed to be Mountain Baldy if you are reaching from the south side. This is taken from Baldy Pass parking lot)

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