Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gordon Ramsay's Turkey Meal

Everyone, I guess, knows Gordon Ramsay and his obnoxious behavior on TV shows such as Hell's Kitchen. There was another show, that I had not seen before, yesterday by a company called One Potato, Two Potato which in it Gordon and his family were making different meals. 
I watched that for probably up to two hours. The fact that he makes excellent food is undeniable but he consumes too much Sugar, Oil and Butter. He never uses, or at least I never noticed in 10 to 15 meals that he made, Whole Grain or Whole Wheat Flour and he has an excellent kitchen with top of the line equipment which is very hard to get. Gordon Ramsay when he's making food with either of his 3 daughters or his Mom or his soul son, is very different from Gordon Ramsay who swears the hell of the poor people who make stupid mistakes in his kitchen!
Anyways this week we decided to make his Turkey dinner so we got ourselves a medium-size Turkey and other ingredients according to him. I did the preliminary preparation yesterday and let the bird rest in the refrigerator for a day. Here is the list of ingredients in case someone is interested:

1- One medium Turkey.
2- Butter. (1 block of 454 g. Unsalted).
3- Olive Oil. (You figure out how much you will need during preparation).
4- Garlic (3 cloves).
5- Salt.
6- Pepper.
7- Lemon (2 medium or bigger size depending the size of your Turkey).
8- Onion (2 Mediums or large depending the size of your Turkey).
9- Bay Leaves (2 - 3 leaves).
10- Parsley (a handful, preferably ⅓ of a bunch).
11- Bacon (4 to 5 strips).

The ingredients: In this picture you see the medium or maybe the small Turkey after being mostly thawed.  Bay leaves are missing and I forgot to add them! I used ⅔ of the butter you see here and it is a slab of 454 g Unsalted Butter. Gordon uses lemon or orange in almost every meal he makes! That little burgundy spot you see on the turkey is apparently a pop-up device. It pops up when the turkey is fully cooked, The Lady, told me that but she said that to me after I had taken it out! So you could use it! Don't forget onions and bacon that you also don't see them in this photograph. I would use two large onions instead of two medium ones, depending on the size of your turkey.

1- Crush Garlic, and chop Parsley.
2- Mix Butter, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper and add them all to Parsley and Garlic.
3- Grind the zest of the Lemons.
4- Add the juice of Lemons.
5- Mix them all and set aside.
6- Halve the onions and Lemons. (leave the skin of the Onions on).
7- Loosen the skin with fingers and then stuff the bird with Onions, Bay Leaves and Lemons.
8- Slide the paste mix underneath the skin and rub the rest on it.
9- Add some Olive Oil on the top.
10- Put it in the oven over 220 ̊ C for 10 minutes.
11- Take the bird out and bath it.
12- Put the strips of Bacon on the breast.
13- Turn the oven to 180 ̊ C and cook for 2.5 hours or half an hour per kilogram.
14- Bath every so often, if you could.

Paste:After you mix the ingredients, of course excluding the turkey and onions, you will have a paste like this picture. The problem with that would be the squeezed lemon juice. It does not mix with the rest as well as the oil but at the end I pour it over the turkey. I don't think Gordon had this problem!
Ready to go: The turkey before starting its journey in the oven. I did not get good access to the under skin part of the turkey, mainly because, I think, it had not been thawed completely in the core. That is why a fresh turkey is preferred. You can get under the skin easily and apply the paste the way Gordon explains. You cab also see the neck.
The result was awesome, delicious, moist, fully cooked Turkey. I turned the oven off after exactly 2.5 hours and let the bird be inside for another 1 hour. By the time we were ready to eat the meal, it had been cooled down enough. We started from the bacon strips which were so crispy and tasty. Then we got the legs, each for one of us. That was enough meat for the day. Turkey is a very rich meat and we were full after that without having any side items. The rest will be kept in the refrigerator and freezer for the next coming days that we are in the mode of this kind of meat. They are going to be excellent in Turkey Sandwich and also Green Salad with Turkey Chunks.
(Photo, top: The Turkey has been taken out of the oven and ready to be served)

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