Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Debt Free

I'm officially debt free starting today. Yesterday the last instalment of my car was automatically withdrawn by the financial company. 5 years! The Lady told me to finance the damn car for only 3 years but I didn't listen at the time. Thought would be tough to pay it off. It's over now. I have reduced its insurance to minimum. That's another good thing. 
I was thinking of a better car but with this shitty economy, unstable job market and the damp we live in, I guess, it would be much better if I could find a better residence for us. 
The car now has a few issues that should be taken car of:

1- Break Pads should be replaced and I guess I have been told about them 6 months ago!

2- There's a rock chip in the windshield and that actually happened when I was going for a hiking on Highway No. 1 last winter. I don't know how much it would cost but it a damn thing. 

3- One of the speakers in the back is out. This really hurts! These guys charge a fortune just to look at the car.

I drove it less than 48,000 Km in 5 years! If I did not have that road trip to British Columbia two years ago and all the hikes and scrambles starting last May, it would not have more than probably 40,000 to 42,000 KM on it by now but it's OK. That's what a car for! 

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