Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Fool and his Money are Soon Parted

It's now 2 weeks that I started this new job and I screwed up a few times already! I was late half an hour because I had forgotten to set the alarm! I blamed it on the snow and road condition. On the 2nd day a Filipino girl asked me something and I said the idea was stupid. The bitch complained about me and said that I called her stupid! That's the problem when you have to work with ignorant fucks! The Loyal used to call them peasant! I don't look down on anyone but if someone is stupid enough not to understand I mean all I can do is just not to talk to them unless it's absolutely necessary.
Then there was, according to the trainer, a number of errors in the last order that we had picked up and I said " we " because it was me and King J., a nickname I gave to a fella worker, who worked on the order together. For that I was not the only one who was criticized. I hope I can work for these asshole as long as I want because the job market is really f*cked up and also I'm tired of going here and there.
With that being said I explain a bit about my new workplace, not that anyone cares and will go to the point of this post. The place's workforce comprises of office people, operations people and floor people. The office people are obviously Caucasians but ... there's a big but here ... there are a number of Orientals alongside them because the owners of the company are Orientals! The operations office is a little bit more diverse but the head is again an Oriental. On the floor, same story, the supervisors and team leads are Oriental and the crew is diverse but the Orientals from the country of the owners have all dominance over other Orientals! 
Tesla Model 3 interior. Everything is done through that screen
Here's where the story begins! There are a number of Filipinos on the floor and I'm not saying this to degrade them or anything. They are all nice and helpful people and I personally as someone who has recently started this job, benefited from their help a lot but there's this young guy who seems to be a little slow. He told me that he had purchased a brand new Toyota Camry in cash! He said that he had paid $47,000! I don't know the price of Camry but I don't think it's that expensive. I didn't mention it to him though. Then I asked him how much he was paying for the vehicle's insurance every one. He told me not to ask him but then said it was something over $450 per month! 
The poor guy comes from a poor country which basically has nothing! I think the main source of The Philippines revenue is the people who work outside the country. Many Filipinos work in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other oil rich countries of Persian Gulf. Many of them here in Canada and I'm not sure about the US. What I'm sure about is the guy had nothing in his life and now that he probably is making up to $2000 a month is so excited and want it all! He also told me that he was planning to buy a house but I guess he also mentioned that he already had purchased two houses(!) for his mother and sister but it sounded so ridiculous that I didn't ask more questions!
This, however, gave me a good idea that I had not considered that: Why don't I purchase my next car in cash?! I mean my current car is good and running. I'm thinking of either a Prius or Tesla. I'm looking for something that I can reduce my fuel car. So why don't I save enough and drive my current vehicle until I have enough to pay for the next car? In that case I wouldn't have to pay interest. I would only be worried about the insurance.
(Photo, top: The interior of a Toyota Prius or Prius Prime. These days most of the new cars you see on the road have a big screen on their dash. Compare it with the other photo which shows Tesla 3's)     

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