Saturday, November 23, 2019

A Pakistani Asshole in a Gas Station

I went to a Petro-Canada gas station the other night after work. I was really low. I realized there was a vehicle at every pump. So pulled up behind an SUV and went inside to see if they have gasoline! It's because this location, unlike anywhere else, writes Diesel on every pump, when you look from the street. There was a very polite and nice Punjabi Sikh guy in the store and he said that they had gasoline. I sighed! Then I went outside and there was still a car at the pump with no driver. I waited a little while and went back inside. A guy who was standing at the counter and said " What? " while I was walking to the clerk! I was really surprised because I hadn't said anything to him. He, by the way was behaving, I later on realized was the driver of the vehicle at the pump. I said: I didn't say anything! The Punjabi clerk was looking at him in shock as well! I don't know what his problem was but he said something like I had to wait. I said: " OK. Do you want me to buy you a candy?! " That brought an smile to the Punjabi guy's face and the driver, who I realize was a Pakistani, said: " That would be great ".
Here's the thing in Canada: You can tell who'e from where by the way they talk, they dress and most importantly behave! 
Here's this rube who's wearing a gold ring and a golden bangles(!) with greased black hair, short, aggressive and rude and a real asshole. They say you need to avoid stereotyping but that's usually a Pakistani! Even an educated one! We used to have a guy from Jammu in my previous guy and you couldn't barely talk to the guy or it'd lead to an argument in a few min. He eventually got fired from work and I think I've told his story of calling me and asking to find him a job after almost 3 years that I hadn't seen him! 
Anyways this very vane guy now starts a conversation with the clerk about the car-wash to make me wait more! I'm just standing there patiently, saying nothing because although I'm very tired but I'm in now rush. Besides I don't want to get into an argument or a fight with a miserable creature like that. Meanwhile a Caucasian lady is waiting behind me and the clerk is answering his question while giving me a look and smile in between. The guy eventually decides to leave and while walking to the door. I go: " It was very nice to meet you! " This bring another simile to the clerk's face and the Pakistani guy leaves without saying anything! The clerk quickly processes my purchase and now the woman steps up. She's curious what happened and the clerk tells her that he had asked the Pakistani guy to move his vehicle from the pump and he not only refused but also wanted to start to fight with me! I liked the Punjabi fella very much as he was polite and understating. Unfortunately here I had to used a sort of profanity and told them: " Some people're born assholes and will die assholes! " Then thanked the clerk and left! 
(Photo: A scene from movie JFK where the DA, played by Kevin Costner, takes two of his team member for a tour in Downtown New Orleans and talks to them about the intelligence community of the city. There he uses the expression " Once an ONI, always an ONI "which inspired me[!] to tell what I told the clerk and the woman customer, about the Pakistani fella, before stepping out of the store!)

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