Thursday, January 07, 2021

Disappointed more than any Time!

I was excited that I'd get a good chuck of money at the end of the year as the year's end bonus was supposed to be deposited to our account. I was thinking of anything between $2500 and $3000, at least, considering that:
1- I worked year 2020 very hard
2- I never missed a day, never called in sick
3- I did hours of overtime, and
The supervisor was generally happy with my performance and he mentioned it in the annual performance review meeting with me.
When I saw the amount, it was a total disappointment, beyond belief: Only $1128! When I talked to a senior member of the team I realized that is considered a good amount due to the fact that we have at least 30 employees who are paid year-end bonus and the amount the company has put aside was divided to that number! What can I do rather working the same shit job and keep looking? Nothing!
(Photo: Even this picture cannot depict my disappointment and frustration!)

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