Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Positive Signs

I feel a little silly writing this but I guess everyone in my position would do that, probably! The employer just hired a new lady a few weeks back and I happen to have a good start with her! I'm putting serious efforts to have a good relationship. Now that I see good signs from this lady, it's not I'm excited or carrying myself ahead of me but it proves that my encounter and behaviour had done well. After a short discussion we had last week and then she came back to me for a follow-up, she approached me today and said Hi and said my name. So it means she remembers my name just after a couple of weeks working and we don't interact. 
We talked a little bit and then I told The Raven, I'd like to call her here,  that I had brought some Banana Bread and asked he if she would like to try some next time I'm bringing, since it was gone and she said yes and touched me on the arm, like the other times she had done. I'm not shallow but I take that as positive sign. 
Later in the breakroom the Blue-eyed Lady came and we exchanged pleasantries. I asked he if she would like some Banana Bread despite the fact I knew she was careful about the calories she was taking. She said she would try some. I started to tell her about the ingredients but she didn't like it and she said she knew how Banana Bread was made! But when I told her about my ingredients her reaction was changed. I eventually cut her a little piece and she left after I told her that I would have like her feedback. Isn't this a good sign as well? Which lady should I go for, considering I'm not a Polygamist?!
(Photo: Polygamy is considered a crime in Canada. There was, or perhaps still is, a community of polygamists in British Columbia whom where the subject of RCMP)

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