Monday, July 26, 2021

From Heat to Filth and now Drought

The nasty, dark and suffocating blanket has covered most of Alberta for the past 3 weeks so far, I think. This is the first summer but this one is the worst. It's been the worst as far as I can recall. It was like this 3 years ago but not as bad. Before that it was extreme heat which prevented me from good night sleep. Temperature at night didn't go below 27 degrees Celsius. I could've actually go to the garage(!) and sleep there comfortably but for that I would have needed a comfortable bed in there and there was no way that I can take the damn bed from the second floor to the garage by myself. So I stayed and suffered! I can handle the day heat. It's no problem. It's cool and comfortable at work and then I drive to home. I don't spend much time outside! I don't even go for a walk these days! And after the heat went down, the smoke from freaking Brit" SHIT" Columbia started which still is lingering around. And then the worst is upon us now: Drought. 
This will have serious consequences: Food prices are going to go up, food exports will shrink, wildlife, mostly waterfowl birds will suffer, water shortage will threaten citizens and the price will mostly go up and many more shit that I don't think it's necessary to name. Add all of these on the top of the damn Corona-Virus which has not ended yet! What a pleasant summer!
(Photo: This map of the Province of British Columbia shows the wildfires at different parts. Winds are blowing to east so it's not a surprise that Albertans suffer the most. I had a nap after work yesterday because I start very early on Sundays. When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was the strong smell of burnt wood in the air!) 

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