Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Brand New 2003 Toyota Echo

As I promised, (Did I!?) I'm writing the postponed important events. After my visit to Royal Tyrrell Museum I called Heninger Toyota to talk about a Toyota Echo which I paid for last Feb. Actually I just had paid a little amount as deposit but never went to get the car although they called me and left messages at least 3 times. I made an appointment and talked to the Chinese guy, the sales rep. Although it's a Japanese car but there are many Chinese guys in there.
Anyways I made up an story for them and excused for my 7 months delay! I added two more options (Air Conditioning and power door lock) and get the car after all necessary bureaucracies on Sep.16.03. I asked for a silver one and the second choice was black. So what I got is a black one. It's a regular car and compare to what I have driven after I had my driving license in Canada, is something ordinary. I have driven Chrysler Sebirg, Jeep Grand Chrokee, Chevrolet Malibu, Pontiac Grand Am and Pontiac Firebird. The last one is the car which I had accident with! I crashed a brand new Honda Civic 2003 in my way home in 33 Ave SW. The driver told me that he had bought it 2 weeks ago! It was a really magnificent car. I got a ticket of $69 for that. But fortunately it was a minor and didn't effect my insurance bill.
All cars I used to drive as a rental car were automatic but I bought a standard. It's a bit cheaper and I paid the difference for A/C, 15" tires and power lock, which is a package.