Sunday, September 28, 2003

A Trouble for Troublemaker!

I was caught by the cops the day after I get my car! I was driving to Anderson C-train Station and noticed that a police car is behind me. I didn't have the registration, my license still has my previous address on it and the serial number of insurance card doesn't match with the serial number of the car! So I'm a potential money maker for the police.
I slowed down and continued to drive while I was looking at my rear-view mirror. When I reached a cross section and it was green I stopped and waited for their reaction while was thinking of my mistake. I didn't find anything wrong with my driving so started driving and passed the cross section. As soon as I did that, the police car turned it's lights on and also a big bright light! I got timid and pulled over immediately while using my signal.
I knew from before that when I'm caught by the police, should not leave the car in any circumstances. So stayed in the car and was waiting for him or her. Actually both. 'cause there are two crew members usu. in a vehicle. One man and one woman. It seemed the police officer was afraid too as it took more than usually to get to me. There was a moustache man who was holding a flashlight and walking toward my car slowly. I asked " Did I do something wrong sir? " He asked for my registration and license. I saw the other one at the other side of the car. A young pretty girl, gazing at me. I gave him my license and insurance card and explained that I'm goin' to get the registration paper today because I didn't register the car and the dealer forgot to gave me the paper. He told me that my tail light is off and I have to turn it on to make it possible for the other motorists to see me from behind. I did that and apologized for what I have done. He didn't noticed that the address on license is different from the address on the insurance card! and asked if I still live at Taraglen and I said Yes! He could give me a ticket, I guess but didn't and let me go!
This is the 4th time that I face the police in Canada! The first time was just a couple of weeks after my arrival. I get off the train and faced two transit police which asked me for the fare. I had an expired one. Showed it and as there are a man and a woman together, the lady was goin' to give me a ticket but the guy stopped her. I explained that I'm new to the country and don't know the rules and regulations, although I knew that rule very good! The lady explained how to use a ticket machine and they let me go! I was lucky 'cause I found out later that the ticket is $150 and it's kept as a record!
The second time is not important to mention but the third time, I get fined for my accident which I wrote before. A $69 ticket. Must be more careful!
One more thing: It's mentioned in my license that I have to use glasses or contact lenses while I'm driving but the police didn't notice that too! How much have I saved!?

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