Monday, February 14, 2005

Saint Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's day today and I'm sitting at my desk, studying, eating occasionally(!) and wasting my time! I sent Valentine e-cards to the girls I like: M. T., N. N. (I'll write about her later), and Denise. I also sent one to Z. B., the girl from Kashan, my new friend Leonara (The Filipino girl) and F. J., the one I'm gonna start talking about a future life. I wrote Denise and also the other girls that I wish I could have given the roses to them with my own hands and Denise e-mailed me back and wrote:

... the day will come when you get to give it to me personally ...

But I'm not very optimist. How can I? She's one of the sweetest girl that I've ever seen in my entire life. All of them mean to me and if one day I have to choose one of them I know It'll be very hard.
I think I have to do something to my life very soon. That's enough of behaving crazy. (I just did one of the craziest things in my life yesterday!)
N. N., the girl from Polytechnic days, who lives in Montreal now, e-mailed me a very nice song with a rose.
I really miss Renay now. What kind of stupid am I? I bothered her a lot for my own favour. I never forgive me for that. Victoria, also could be the girl that I have been looking in my life. But she's gone forever. Although she's the closest one to me, in terms of distance.
God forgive me for all I've done in my life, which is a lot!

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