Monday, February 14, 2005

Snow Cycling!

P. M. called me yesterday and we went for a ride. I was supposed to meet with him in Dalhousie C-train station but all the pathways were so slippery and it was so cold and windy that I couldn't make it! By the time it was 14:40 I was in SAIT station and he called and then we met at Lions Park. It was not so bad yet. Therefore we decided to go to P. M.'s get the camera, return and have some photos. We took the train to Dalhousie and then rode to his place. We headed back after having a cup of coffee and meeting with his parents but the weather got so crazy I couldn't believe it. We took the train to Lions Park and just spent about 15 min. there, took some photos and split. That was the worst cycling experience I've ever had.
(Photo: P. M. took this one right behind Lions Park Station after the weather turned really ugly and started non-stop heavy snowfall)

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