Sunday, February 27, 2005


Rafig Hariri was assassinated a few days ago in Lebanon and most of the politicians point at Syria as the planner and beneficiary of this crime (If I can call it a crime!). The US withdrew his ambassador to Damascus and there was demonstration in Beirut. Everyone blames Syria for that. I really don’t know Hariri very well but know that he was the Prime Minister for a few years and also read that he was a very wealthy man and had good relationship with different sides of the conflict in Middle East.
Today Saddam’s half-brother was handed to American forces by Syria! It’s all clear that they try to calm the Americans down and trade with them. Ten out of fifty five most wanted Iraqis are still at large.
(Photo: Saddam and his regime, mostly comprised of his family and relatives, are known to be responsible for mass murder of the ethnic Kurd. Here a mass grave is found and the remaining are dug up)

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