Sunday, May 11, 2008

Popular, All of a Sudden!

I somehow once got in to this website Searchsex and opened an account. I have being receiving notifications indicating women who are interested in me ever since! That’s very unusual because my profile shouldn’t attract anyone in Canada at all. Just look at the key features:
Height: 5’ 8”
Circumcised: Cut
Hair: Dark Brown
So who needs someone short and his dick is cut in this land full of blond handsome guys with big dicks?! I checked a few profile and they were Asian girls. The profiles are not accessible now. I have to be a member. I decided to be one and pay whatever it takes to just see if it’s fraud or not. I also have a profile – that one as a standard member too – in Adultfriendfinder but never received any attention from anybody. That could be because of the class of the club. I assume that the people who get nothing go to Searchsex!
Anyhow I will write about it if I get any response after I become a member.

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