Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Right from YVR

I'm writing this right from YVR. I'm flying to Heathrow tonight and the plane was supposed to leave at 08:30 PM but I checked the website and found out the 30 min. delay. I have not been to many airports but this is the first time that I access Internet free of charge.
This international departure hallway is almost empty and British Airway's flight to London seems the only flight scheduled for tonight from here.
Koln/Bonn, Frankfurt, Berlin, Copenhagen, Lester B. Pearson, Saskatoon, Damascus and Calgary are the airports that I've been to so far but can recall anyone with free Internet access service.
I used Internetcalls and called Mom. She was happy and surprised when I said I would fly in half an hour. My cousin called me before that, to check on me. We spent more than 2 hours today to buy a birthday gift for my fiance. I finally bought a diamond necklace for $499.99 from Peoples. It went up all the way to almost $560. I think I made a mistake and when I told Mom she said that I could give it to her at the time of ceremony. That's supposed to be a birthday gift. I'm always the same kind of guy: Doing something and then regret it.

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