Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back to McDonald’s

My New Year’s resolution was not going to fast food restaurants and also not eating as much as I do esp. because my fiancé mentioned that and yes she’s right. But I haven’t reached my goal. You imagine someone who has no good job, has no car, has no friend, has no money, has no free time and is not welcomed in most of the public places. What would he do? Some people drink. Like Hodani does. I eat. And I eat a lot. Sometimes I watch but at times I start eating like someone who has been banned from any kind of food.
I wrote in one of the recent post about the argument I had with one young girl in Tim Horton’s. I first received a call from their customer service and there was a lady who apologized. Then she said that she would give my number to the store manager. He called me I guess a few days after that and I made the same comment about racism. He denied that very politely and gave me the owner’s number and asked me to give him a call and talk to him. I obviously didn’t call him because the bastard was the one who’s supposed to call me to apologize but he didn’t. So I stopped going there and whenever I need a coffee or a breakfast sandwich I go to McDonald’s. The good thing is I don’t eat that crappy doughnut of Tim Horton’s anymore but at times I miss its coffee and soaps. The coffee is made by me at home most of the time and soap can be obtained from some restaurants. But overall I have to stop eating that much. And finally I have to think to what to do with that motherfucker redneck owner of Tim Horton’s. Fuck him so hard in the ass that cries like crazy. I will find a good piece of advice for him soon. I have to.

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