Monday, February 09, 2009


I’m completely fucked up! You might say: It’s not new. You’re entire life has been fucked up! But it has never been this bad. Regardless of all the shit, including financial and career, I have this new problem that has never been an issue in my whole life, not even in worse situations. Not even in the worst!
I have been always calm, even in the horrible situations. I mean nothing has ever affected my sleep. But this shit almost started in Feb. and I’m suffering. When Tehran was a target for Iraqi surface-to-surface missiles, people mostly, including my family left the city and went to towns and villages. I was the only one left at home and slept tight! Then I came to Canada almost 7 years ago, knowing nobody, having no job and slept well. Then got a crap job which was a very hard on my soul and body, both but never affected my rest. I guess this new job has lots of stress. And stress is one of the causes of Insomnia which could be what I’m suffering from. May be it’s just a little sleep disorder only. I’m not gonna take any medication. Just might alternate my program and meal. The goddamn sleepless affect everything including this blog!
(Photo: Controversial Australian actor, Heath Ledger, who got famed staring in two feature films, Brockback Mountain and The Dark Night [I've watched none of them! I see nothing interesting in a movie about homosexuals and Batman is too boring for me] is said died from sleeping disorder, possibly a sort of insomnia)

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