Monday, February 16, 2009

Life Is So Fragile

I was walking home last night after 10 hours of work and heard sirens. Hearing sirens is not unusual during the day when you live in Downtown because that’s where the response centers are located. As I almost got to the main entrance wondered why the damn noise doesn't stop ‘cause usually it fades as the fire engine or ambulance gets far.
I got inside, took my jacket off, turn the heat back on, took my mobile phone out of my pocket and put it on the desk. I was going to change and that was the moment I heard something like an alarm, one of those old ones. I got and looked in the lobby: Damn it! That was fire alarm!
I got back in, grabbed my jacket and shoes and went down the stairs and out of the building. One big fire truck was there with all its flashing lights and firemen. Many of the residents outside as well! I said to me: That’s great. That’s the only thing I needed! Working for 10 hours straight with no lunch or anything and now this damn fire. What if the entire building burns down?! Where the hell do I go? Where in the hell do I have to go!?
An ambulance and two RCMP cruiser arrived shortly but there was no major danger involved. The crew just got the smoke out of the unit and the fire chief said that it was safe to go back. But I had a very strong feeling for those people, the firemen. These are the people who endanger and risk their lives for the others. They are all strong, well-trained and well-chosen and also fully equipped. It’s a very hard job especially because they have to attend 12 hour shifts.
Anyways we survived this time.

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