Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jan. Result: A Bit Better

I'm usually tired or frustrated these days and although I want to write here about different things but I can't. Today I went to gymnasium and the work out was not bad but I'm tired and the reason is that I can't have a good solid workout program and schedule. The reason for that is that I'm still stuck to that stupid crap job which at most of the time starts at 12:00 and finishes at 20:30 and basically the whole day is fucked up. The second reason for that is lack of vehicle. I waste too much time on my way to work and back and also obviously doing shopping and other stuff which at the same time make me tired.
Regardless of all that shit, Jan. was not so bad in terms of workout but could have been much better both in regards my Cooper Test results and number of days I do my exercises. I was thinking of getting a vehicle especially now that the prices are down and dealers are offering 0% percent financing plans but I'm so uncertain about future.
(Photo: Jan. chart shows that I, again, failed to finish one day's exercise but the number of has been increased to 9 compare to the month before which was only 5)

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