Friday, May 29, 2009

Inturrupted Journey

I've been riding my borrowed(!) bike from work to home for the evening shift works since April. It's not so bad. It's almost 20 KM and there's a big hill that I have to climb up(!) Everything was fine from Mon. to Wed. this week. But disaster showed up last night: I was so confident and feeling good, no sign of tiredness and I was almost halfway and boom(!) got a flat tire in the back! So I simply started walking at probably 02:00 AM in the middle of the city where there was nothing but the main road (152nd Street) and rows of houses at both sides!
There was no public phone and I surely had no intention to get a cab. First of all because it's would be very expensive. Second of all they mostly have no bike rack or something like that. And the last but not the least they don't trust someone at the side of a road at that time of the night. So I kept walking till I reached King George Highway. There's a gas station at the northeast side of the intersection, probably a Petro-Canada. I saw a pay phone by the store. First I noticed that the phone only accepts credit cards(!) and I said to me: ... well that's fine. Then I tried the number 2 times and when I got connected I noticed that there was no microphone on the phone! Everyone has a damn mobile phone these days. So why would the companies invest on pay phones?! especially with all the jackasses around trying to break in to them for a Quarter or so!
So I, again, started walking while swearing and cursing at everything I could, including me! Then at the corner of 104 Street, where there's a ESSO gas station I found another pay phone. I knew it was there. I dialed the number and the automated operator asked me to deposit 10 more cents! Damn! I fortunately had a few. I try to take one out of my pocket and dropped a few on the ground and eventually deposited one. The call was successfully made while I was only 15 min. away from home and it was almost 03:30 AM, almost 1 hour late!


sharareh said...

salam,yek so'al dashtam,omidvaram narahatetan nakonad.deletan be che chize in shahr khosh hast ke in narahati ha ra tahammol mikonid?

The Tough Guy said...

No question makes me upset. You may ask whatever you want any time. To asnwer this question I must say that first of all everywhere you live, there are advantages and disadvantages. Second of all I am a challenger and a Tough Guy anyways. None of these bothers me a lot and last but not the least I have burnt all the bridges behind. I have no way to go back. Many people did and still do. Imagine them going home at that age after years. How do you think they would look?

Anonymous said...

That sucked royally! Sorry about the bike trouble in the middle of the night!
At the bright side, it was not a freezing night :)

Shamkhal Mirza

sharareh said...

ba salam va adab,dar farhange ma yeki az chizaii ke az koodaki tooie zehnemoon kardan,farhange ranj keshidan hast.amma be nazare man havaie khoob va doostane khoob va kare khoob dar harjaie donia ke peida shavad baiad raft va dar hamanja zendegi kard.
zemnan manzooretan ra az jomleie : ((Imagine them going home at that age after years. How do you think they would look?))nafahmidam.

The Tough Guy said...

How I live here is I try to keep the bright side of my past culture and get rid of the nasty things. At the same time am eager to learn the positive things above new society I'm living in at the moment. To answer your question I have to work harder to gain what I need. But and that's a big but I didn't leave the country I was born in for the things you mentioned. I had another reasons. Everyone has his/her plans. And about the part you didn't understand I'm going to explain in a different way: Picture it in your mind, the people who are going back to where they were born, after years. The life is a big challenge. How would it feel if everything was ready and easy?