Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shameless Olympians

The recent Olympic was a total failure and a shame for not only the City of Vancouver but also the Province of Brit"SHIT" Columbia and the country itself. While the country is struggling with so many issues, it's absolutely mindless to spend millions of dollars on Olympics just to sing stupid songs, shout meaningless slogans and gain fake medals.
But what can we do? We live in a country which is called democracy but money has the first and last word in everything. The politicians make laws of their best interests and you have to obey or ousted! They enjoy 3-digit thousands salaries, go to Hawaii and get drunk and you have to spend hours and hours to earn money as much as it feeds you to have enough energy to work the days after.
Now speaking of the Olympics and all those fake medals that Canada stole from other nation's athletes we encounter this fucking pig who won a gold in Paralympics in curling and now is in custody for smuggling counterfeited pills from the States. From my understanding, the older the people get, the more down to earth they are. Some people turn to religion to actually comfort themselves and compensate, which is fine as they naturally become stupid by aging! This fat animal who actually is a bag full of meat and beer apparently is taking advantage of his disability and seniority, like many others in this country. But now is being fucked in the ass. I hope they put him behind the bars for a very long long time and set an example for the shithead who think just because they are old and retired that entitles them to do whatever they feel to do.
One official brought something interesting a few weeks ago, I'm telling you as the last word. He said that many senior must be banned from driving. he mentioned that the roads would be safer. I truly believe that. But this could be another issue that are facing on a daily basis and is left untouched by the government officials.
(Photo: Shameless Paralypian, Jim Armstrong after winning his medal. It must be really funny to see his ugly face after being captured by the officials)

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