Friday, April 02, 2010

Another Waste of Taxpeyers' Money

The RCMP finally apologized to Robert Dziekanski's mother but looking at the statement clearly shows that the RCMP didn't apologize for killing the guy. The apology is for him not having the chance for a better life in Canada. Here it says: We are deeply sorry that he did not have that opportunity(!).
But what shuts the woman's mouth is not this lame statement. it's a big chunk of money given to her, the money that me, you and all working class citizen have paid as tax. This actually is not the first time that the Government is being generous and won't be the last time until there's a fundamental change in immigration regulation. That piece of crap, Arar, is another example who has every day's party with his friends while people have to struggle with their daily life.


Anonymous said...

How much monday did you lose in this case?

The Tough Guy said...

If you mean how much money I lost in the case then I should say as much as the total money that I'm goin' to pay extra for my transit, Hydro electricity and natural gas in the next coming years as most services fee are goin' up. Not to mention the new HST.