Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Narrow Escape

I received this shocking letter from pirates of ICBC about 3 weeks ago, reading " The superintendent of driving has decided to cancel your driver's licence ... bela bela bela! " I realized that they had sent me a medical examination form asking me to see a doctor, having it filled out and mail it back to them but I had forgotten. They then had decided to cancel my class 4 Driver's Licence. I first ignored that. The letter also says that the cancellation takes place immediately after I receive the notice or 14 days of the date of the letter. I simply said that I would keep my licence as long as I can suggesting that I had never received the letter!
Then it came the day that SBCTAPS wanted a copy of my Driver's Licence! Oops! I said that I was not able to send a copy of mt canceled licence. So I went and paid a $31 and had an interim class 5 until the time that I attend my medical examination and get my class 4 back.
Just a few day after that I had a minor accident, no injury, no damage but the asshole traffic cup gave me a ticket and in a situation like that the first thing they demand is the driver' licence. What if I didn't have the valid one at the time!
I'm goin' to dispute the damn ticket regardless but I think I had a narrow escape again. I don't really now how many times it has been so far.

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