Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Greater Vancouver Zoo

We visited the Zoo Sun. morning. That was good especially because we started early, around 10:00 then it got really crazy. The stupid thing is they had that Telus Walk or whatever stupid thing it was and there were a huge line for free Hot Dog and stupid free crap! We didn't miss the Big Cats Show. A trainer fed three big lions and a Tiger from behind the fence and that was interesting. The Zoo had no elephant, Crocodile or Snake but there was a big Rhinoceros. Some of the areas allocated to the animals were so vast - and that's how it should be - that you could barely see the herd, group or individual. So taking a binocular is highly recommended.
If you're a photographer then don't forget your camera with a good zoom lens. Tripod would be helpful for distance shots. There's a cafe like everywhere else but since there are pic nick table available everywhere why not having your own food? Want to save more? The road at the north side of the Zoo is a place that you can park for free. The Zoo's parking is $5 for the day.
(Photo: This Lion has been born in the Zoo and has never left it. The trainer said that they never go to the other side of the fence but she bravely fed the big cat to its mouth with a piece of beef)

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