Tuesday, June 22, 2010

True Confections

We paid a visit to English Bay on Sun. and as it was almost 17:00 hours most of the businesses were not very busy and street vendors or entertainers were getting ready to leave. However we enjoyed a play of Jazz by a group of four on Denman. True Confections was close by and not very busy unlike the last time were in the neighbourhood. Thus we decided to go in and give it a try. We were shortly sited and a brunette girl with a strange accent appeared at the table to get our orders I asked her a couple of questions and she showed impatience and disrespect which was very rare in downtown businesses. We eventually ended up with ordering two cups of hot drinks, one of them coffee and the other one I don't know what it was plus a small piece of Fruit Trifle. The coffee was the worst I've ever had in my life! It was brought in an old, dirty, scratched, chipped mug! There was not enough brown sugar available and the cream was not as much as I liked. The other beverage was pushed away by F. F. and we just made ourselves busy with the Trifle which was not bad. Then quickly after that the girl who claimed to be from France brought our check while I still wanted to sit. So I said to myself that I should probably give her a good lesson while I knew it was not good for such an ignorant dumb! She gave me the portable machine to pay and you should have seen her face when she noticed I tipped her $0.01! I actually didn't see her face but I sensed rage when she ripped of the receipt and handed it to me!
So don't waste your time and money on such a carp place. I'm sure many just hang out in there because they want to say how cool they are and they want to show off to their girlfriends that they only drink top of the line but the entire cafe, I should truly confess, is a big lie!

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