Monday, June 07, 2010

Prince of Persia

We wanted to watch something last weekend and F. F. suggested to watch Prince of Persia. That was the only movie sounded reasonable to be watched. It was not very bad, not as bad as The Clash of Titans but was a disappointment. I remember playing the game almost 15 years ago, may be more. One of the first PC games of the time and one of the most popular one but the movie has no historical credit. It's about a Persian guy who is accepted to the imperial family and becomes the prince and his name is Dastan. The city where the story begins in is shown with mosques and people are called Nezam, Sheik and they speak Arabic! Such a bullshit! And I don't know why the actors and actress speak with strong British accent which makes it almost impossible to understand when the background music and sound effects are loud! Sir Ben Kingsley is one of the main characters and probably that is him who makes the other ones to follow the British accent. Then they talk about the holy city of Alamut(!!!) I know Alamut Castle and I've been there but then again it was years after the Persian Empire! What a load of crap! Of course for North Americans who know nothing about history the movie doesn't seem wrong but does that mean the producers and directors can concoct everything and sell it as a movie?!
(Photo: This considered an exciting part of the old Prince of Persia game from late 80's and early 90's when you had to fight with a skeleton)

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