Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Bourne Series

I always believed, and that was based on facts, that whatever is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq and other conflicted areas is made by the US just to sell its airplanes, missiles and other guns and ammunition to earn billions. It's clearly stated in movies like JFK, Fahrenheit 9/11 and others as well and can be concluded with a little effort if a good thinking is given.
Watching the Bourne movie series practically proves how the US is capable of observing and monitoring everybody's moves and makes it impossible to believe that bunch of illiterate, non-trained Arabs could establish an organization which infiltrate high-tech American spy and control monitoring systems! There are also documentaries available on Youtube that you can refer to and see how the US makes up and name imaginary hostile organization and builds fear in Americans' mind so can benefit from that.
Anyways it was just a reconfirmation(!) to what I believe and also to say that if you like spy-action movies The Bourne Series are good ones especially the first and the last. Enjoy!
(Photo: Matt Demon as Jason Bourne in the first movie of three called The Bourne Identity)

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