Wednesday, September 01, 2010

One Year Deferral

I received a letter from the organization that I had applied a job from yesterday. That was after more than a week since I failed the interview. Now I'm deferred for 1 year! I wasn't expecting it to be this long but apparently it is which is not fair to me. It's says that it's a final decision and there won't be any appeal. I now that I didn't do well in the interview but still think that 1 year is too long. It's good that I won't have to write the written test again which is a disaster!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Just passed by your weblog to say hi. Sorry for the job problem. Have you considered taking some time off and go back to your country and see what will be happening over there? I am not trying to be nosie but just wondering why do not you change your situation if you are not making the desired progress esp. at this economic downtime?

By going back to your country, you will get the well-needed support from your family and friends and who knows you may be better off there than in B.C.

I am not trying to send you off, just wondering if that something that you had considered.

Cheers bro!


The Tough Guy said...

Thanks for the comment and advise. Things are more complicated than they appear! I'm in much depper shit that you can see! The situation is not much better over there and I'm not 25 anymore! I can't ask for help at this age! I kind of burnt the bridges behind me. I have to rebuild my life myself. It might never happen but I'm trying. Thanks again and will be waiting to see more comment from you.
T. G.