Sunday, September 19, 2010

Running Up and Down the Street

I have to low-paid jobs(!) interview experiences which I have to tell you here:
I had to be at the first interview at 13:00 hours and I was early on a bus. So instead of getting off at 200 Ave. I thought I'd better get off at 198 and walk for a few yards. I said I would get familiar with the neighbourhood and I might get a bite. So I got off the bus but instead of 198 or 199 it was 189(!) My mind was just paying no attention! So I started walking and time was ticking! Seemed like I was not even close. Then I realized that I had to run and started it and thanks to all those running and jugging practices. I wasn't sure where the address was. I ran and ran and then ask a fat guy in shorts and then ask another guy in an oil change shop and ran again. Then I threw me into a cab which was parked in a gas station and that was the time I was at 200 Ave. but didn't know where the address was! I asked the guy to take me to number 7634. He grabbed his pen to write it down and when finished it pointed at a building across from the street said: 7634 is there! I thanked him, jumped out of the cab and crossed the street. When I got there it was almost 12:55 and I had to wait for at least 20 minutes after filling out the form. I passed the interview and was sent to the HR for a bunch of forms to fill out!

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