Friday, October 15, 2010

The Amazing Guys of Mark's

If you are not a person who wears fancy cloths or if you ever need working cloths, shoes and accessories I believe Mark's Work Warehouse is a very good place to shop at. I bought a pair of shoes in Aug. from one of Mark's locations in Calgary. It was nice, comfortable and cheap. I realized that does not meet the safety requirements of the new job. So I went to a Mark's location in the neighbourhood and by a pair of Caterpillar for almost $140 and returned the old one. They gave me a gift card for the original price although I had worn the shoe for over a month! Isn't that a fair deal!?
(Photo: The Cat pair of shoes are so comfortable that you can wear them for walking every day)


Anonymous said...

Makes us very happy to hear you had such a great experience with our return policy.

With the Mark's Social Team.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a great shop...I should definately try Mark's!!!

What is your new job?


The Tough Guy said...

Hi Suzzi,
Unfortunately I can't tell you much about this new job of mine. I have to keep some information to myself. Who knows who actually is reading this stuff! Right? Everything you say or write could be used against you one day. I should be very careful. For example all I know about you is that you are located in Calgry at the moment. See what I'm saying?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I understand what you are saying and I live in BC (not saying where I am) and study in Calgary. This is an easy guess from IP no. I also know that you are not in Comox valley and most likely never even visited there! How do I know this, you will never know! Enjoy!


The Tough Guy said...