Monday, October 11, 2010

A Different Attitude

I started this new job which I don't know how long I'm goin' to keep(!) just a few days ago and I'm starting it with a completely different attitude. I don't want to be the same troublemaker who gets written up off and on and gets booted out. I'll be the Troublemaker though! But honestly I'm sick and tired of running around and also these f**king bills which get piled up every month. Not that this job pays better or is easier but I will try hard until I get something else. I have to re-do my medical with CF in the first week of Nov. and may be after that I'll be interviewed and move on. There're a few other options available which I'm hoping for. But that's all I'm goin' to be a good employee. Actually I start all of the job, well most of the jobs very calmly, I listen to sups and everything and as soon as I get good at it, I turn to a completely different person. I'm hoping that something kicks in in a short time but if it doesn't then I will have to remain a good boy!

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